40 thoughts on “Mick Potts’ New Nazi Australian Flag Design

  1. Wow, this guy is just a kid. He messaged all sorts of threats to me like he was a real man. Supposedly, he’s going to come to my house and beat me up. His language is immature, and his mind is obviously worm-eaten, too…

  2. Looking at the photo that shows someone with a disability,

    Micky is using a photo of a family member or friend, as he is too scare to use his own of a adult that hasn’t grown up?

    Or is if it is the real Mick Potts of a young person, then someone else must be forcing him to do this especially to wear the t-shirt?

  3. But if Mick is doing all by himself, then his support worker or a family member or friend needs to sit him down and tell him this is not right and should be STOPPED.

  4. Yep. That is a disabled guy. I guess little micky is too scared to show who he really is. I just went through and reported every racist photo he’s ever posted on Facebook. Hopefully, the site will just remove him.

  5. I question the appropriateness of Mick Potts being “exposed” in this forum. This forum claims to name and shame racist internet-commandos. However, Mick does not state a racist opinion as such. He merely expresses solidarity with the right and a distaste for the left. As such he is simply expressing an opinion; very much on the same level as when one might say ” I couldn’t possibly stomach another three years of Gillard’s North Korea; time I gave that cracking Abbott fellow a go”. So come on everyone, in the spirit of the festive season let’s all allow Mick the opportunity to express his opinion. It possibly being different from those of others in this forum simply makes for greater diversity. And it is in diversity, this great big melting pot of ideas, that we all find strength. Happy New Year everyone!

    • guess Warriortom’s eyes must have become blinded when he noticed the swastika???
      There is one thing to express an opinion and another to post a symbol of genocide

  6. Uh, not liking Julia Gillard is fine. Supporting Tony Abbot is fine. If a poster brought up in a post here was named for doing either of these things, I would be complaining.

    But this guy sends it beyond a range of reasonableness. It’s okay to hate a politician, or a different political view. It’s okay to be right wing, and a Liberal supporter. But sending threats and being a Nazi supporter goes beyond the limits of what can be tolerated.

        • I dunno. The current nanny state as perpetuated by Gillard and her homosatanic cabal of Marxist technocrats comes pretty close. Just look at what they are doing to our right to drive by way of the carbon tax; that is destroying an essential aspect of the Aussie way of life, such being my RIGHT to drive 200m up the road so that I can buy smokes. I mean strewth, what’s next, a tax on sex?
          But look, in all honesty I would oh so dearly love nothing more than to carry on with the above prattle/skit without ever really arriving at a punchline, as the punchline lies in the discourse itself. However, for all those out there aghast at my earlier suggestion regarding Mick Potts, that he was not expressing in any way, shape or form any racist sentiment allow me to reassure you: I was taking the piss. I mean, let’s be honest here, but how can my earlier comments be treated as anything but? “Gillard’s North Korea”? Come on… besides, earlier postings of mine in other threads clearly demonstrate where my true allegiances lie.

        • There are not too many survivors of the Nazi regime left, nor of the Fascist regimes of Spain, Portugal and Italy. The memories of most of them are gone with age.

          But go and chat to Chileans who fled the Pinochet regime, Argentinians who left during the junta, Greeks who left during military rule in their country. Then come back and tell us how the Gillard government is worse.

          UPDATE: Just read your post again. Apologies if I misunderstood. But it is amazing how people forget – “Mick Potts” and his Fascist-friendly crew are an example.

          Too many Facebook kiddies think that Labor governments are somehow “Fascist”. They have no idea.

  7. Mindmadeup, really, have you had a humour bypass or are you prone to taking things a bit too literally? Have you at all read previous postings of mine, henceforth making you aware of just what my political stance is? Are you so bereft of the ability to detect sarcasm that you at all take seriously my reference to “Gillard and her homosatanic cabal of Marxist technocrats”. For your sake, from now on, I will spell out all my posts in the most dry and concrete forms I can muster, and so making them about as exciting to read as anything that may be on offer in “Green Left”. This is an aspect about the left which troubles me quite awesomely; there appears to be a collective inability to at all add humour to a discussion unless it is strictly signposted with qualifying remarks, and an irreverent approach to one’s own beliefs will usually constitute a hanging offence.

    • WT, I’ve read plenty of your stuff and the tone in this last set of posts has been different, IMO. I actually wondered if someone wasn’t using your SN. So don’t be too hard on MMU. I think with everything some people around here have seen, it’s hard to avoid being wary when something just doesn’t sit right.

      Tone doesn’t always convey well on the internet and usually you write in such a way where the tone is obvious and brilliant. This time it was different, and I thought that after reading your comments and actually skipping MMU’s coz I was similarly alarmed.

      Chalk it up to a weird internet tone blip, maybe?

    • Im not the only one not to pick up on your distasteful humor, looks like even mindmadeup is replying to your posts…

      you’re post is all over the shop “hanging offence”?? since when did that become relevant?

      Incase you did not understand my first post on this page it was referring to your comment
      “Mick does not state a racist opinion as such.”

      Mick posted a picture of a swastika
      The swastika was used by Nazi’s.

      Mick Potts, the twisted man probably got the picture from here http://www.abytheliberal.com/historical-misconcepts/is-swastika-a-symbol-of-evil

      Anyway happy new year I hope you overcome your hypocricy.

      • Allow me to spell it out. Once again. I was taking the piss. It was a reference to a previous debate and different thread involving everyone’s favourite teenage megastar of the internet Mitchy, and how he was defended on the basis that his vile views were merely an “opinion”. Now you know nothing of my background, but let me add that there has been some rather painful episodes of political persecution of relatives in another country. But, Wakeup, for your sake as well and apparent inability to deal with parody/satire and a need to have everything signposted as (e.g.) “joke to the right”, “joke to the left”, “slight sarcasm in second paragraph”, “deliberate misspelling and poor grammar executed here” I shall from now stick to the usual dry rhetoric of “This is a bad man” and “He can’t spell”. I’m about as pro-human rights as what one can be; but I am left here questioning my own left-leaning convictions when I am faced with the fact that the Soviet Union was such a grim place not because of food shortages, continued persecution of those who dared to question the system, a disastrous military expedition to Afghanistan, no internet, gulags, shite cars etc but because socialism seems to attract people so literal and humourless that even your most socially inadequate software engineer would blush.

    • Sorry Warrior Tom, we’ve been having a tough time with the Nazi scum and the humour gene was getting tired and emotional (especially in the wake of Chrissy dinners and the like)

      Anyway love your work (and Wakeup’s as well)

      Carry on chaps 🙂

  8. Can we have a separate thread called may be “Internal bickering” for Wake up, True Aussie, Warrior Tom etc??? (although I know Warrior Tom is only taking the piss, I get his humour having read past comments/posts.)

    WT, mindmadeup can be any one of eight or so people, hence the confusion I guess. One of them for sure gets you and has the humour to make us all crack our sides. Hope you had a good Chrissy man, & Terror Australis is back. His posts are always humorous & quite entertaining.

    Adios Amigos! (that’s not racist right? :d

  9. Allow me to tell all of you a bit of my history. I have posted here before in another guise, but broke it off after a similar episode. Simply because if I am not allowed to laugh at my own history, then fuck you I think. My paternal family was persecuted by the Nazis during that awful period of German history. My grandfather was forced into Organisation Tod (as he refused to denounce his employer, who was Jewish)\ and an uncle of mine was captured by the Soviets, only to die in a Gulag in 1957. Why the fuck the Soviets were so insistent on holding on to German POWs past 1945 still escapes me. Go on, justify it. Especially seeing that my uncle was 16 when captured by the Soviets.
    My family emigrated to Australia in 1981. My memories of primary school are having “Nazi” and “Heil Hitler” shouted at me constantly. Apparently, this was all in defence of the Aussie way of life.
    When I think about my (deceased) father and my mum, both of whom were children in Germany during WW2 and the immediate post-war, I understand just where their cynicism and realism comes from. They taught me to accept that life was not permanent, And, like an entire generation of post-war Germans, they also taught me that life, if it was going to be shit, at least you could get a handle on it by laughing about it.

    • We are all friends. Sometimes we disagree, or sometimes we may misperceive a post, or we sometimes can be insensitive to each other but we are all grown-ups here and can resolve our differences as adults.

      We are not and never will be any sort of friends with the enemy.

  10. What I find disgusting about this guy is that he tries to make everyone feel sorry for him by setting his profile pic to a kid with Down Syndrome, if you go to his wall photos he looks like a smug asshole.

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