Harrex: “…sorry for the racial terms…”; “…SHOOT EM ALL…”

Maybe Justin should be encouraged to apologise to his employer for his remarks about wanting to shoot all of those ‘useless pieces of shit’. It can’t do their reputation much good when their employees use public Facebook platforms to deliver their racism.

63 thoughts on “Harrex: “…sorry for the racial terms…”; “…SHOOT EM ALL…”

    • Here we go again …

      Your comments are always stooping to the level of these brainwashed numnuts by citing familial hatred and destruction. Say, if your family member was rightfully exposed on TAB would you ‘hope for’ them to be found ‘homeless’? Why are you assuming that all members of a family hold true the same values?

      Furthermore, an underlying patriachal attitude is apparent within your comments…
      you are assuming that this man is the family breadwinner
      “HIM to be fired and his family made homeless”.

      I wholeheartedly agree with your intentions in regards to exposing these hateful people, but the only way to change their attitudes is through discourse, not slippery slope fallacies.

        • And yeah this forum is guilty of putting up these personal details like their employers in public in Facebook?

        • Okay first of all can you please review you answers before posting …
          “And yeah this forum is guilty of putting up (strikeout)these(/strikeout) personal details like their employers in public On Facebook?

          (I don’t mean to be rude it’s for the benefit of productive discourse which provides a grounds for understanding and change)

          Nowhere in the thread you commmented on was the issue of privacy on TAB forums raised. Please stick to the topic at hand.

        • http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t853260-5/#post9847667
          The link above shows a post on a white supremacist wesbsite using my critique of Ozprogression’s statement to accuse anti-racism as being inherantly “anti-white” and
          a “‘Moral Sewer’.”

          This is the exact reason i critiqued Ozprogression’s argument so as to NOT allow white supremacists to use the moral hypocricy argument. Poeple the Ozprogression give a bad name for those who want to maintain a moral standard while challenging bigoted views.

      • Discourse doesn’t work with these clowns. Go and check out a few of our other posts where they have been allowed to post if you don’t believe us. We say “allowed to post” advisedly: hundreds of abusive, threatening and defamatory posts have gone through to our spam and trash files. You don’t see them.

        This is NOT a forum to promote their warped perceptions.

        The rules of evidence, logic and argument are unknown to them.

        • Absolutely agree with you.. what point is it talking to someone who steeps to such low levels?

          We are here to uncover racism.

      • Agreed… it bothers me a lot when people comment on here actually willing harm on the bogot du jour, or on anyone associated with them. It’s no better than what the bogots do, and it shouldn’t be considered any more acceptable.

        • That is the with some, they complain about something not being right, but they are not willing to suggested what is the best place for discourse? And is it fault of this forum that these idiots decided to be exposing themselves and their details in public themselves like in Facebook?

        • I think you accidentally replied to the wrong comment. Are you referring to my comment submitted @ Dec 26, 2011 @ 00:51:22 ? If so, let me firstly rephrase your answer so it can be understood
          “That is (strikeout)the(/strikeout) with some, they complain about something not being right, but they are not willing to suggest(strikeout)ed(/strikeout) what is the best place for discourse? And is it fault of this forum that these idiots decided to be exposing themselves and their details in public (strikeout)themselves like(/strikeout) On Facebook?”

          Yes, my comment does criticise the means used by Ozprogessive. In replying to your question “but they are not willing to suggested what is the best place for discourse?” I have not stated that TAB forums are NOT the best place to host such debates … I stated other means rathar than “slippery slope fallacies” should be employed, namely the power of reason and logic shadowed with a mannered tone.

          Your last question “And is it fault of this forum that these idiots decided to be exposing themselves and their details in public themselves like in Facebook?”
          is irrelevant to the main issue at hand – methods of changing bigoted ideas. Anyway I will answer it, a person is free to choose their opinions however illogical/morally corrupt they may be. And as I see it (please correct me if im wrong admin) the aim of this blog/forum is to challenge and change the above stated opinions so they meet changing societal attitudes and values. They are idots for forming such opinions without any logical basis.

        • Wake up can you please review my replies, before replying as I am in fact sticking to the topic, two I did not “accidentally replied to the wrong comment” and three I am in fact referring to your comment submitted.

          But proof read your own to see reality, that your replies is not in related to my replies and you still haven’t suggest other means of discourse.

          Now if you cannot proof read comments before replying especially your own and got nothing useful to write on the subject, don’t bother replying.

          PS Putting up a link to Stormfront we can see why you are defending this idiot?

  1. Wake up quick to reply to slow to read? As I am sticking to the topic and if they read my comments before replying, they would see this.

    Now back to the topic again and let Wake Up work out where they went wrong, especially defending this idiot.

  2. The power of reason and logic shadowed with a mannered tone, well work with idiots like Justin in unknown areas such what forums? I think should someone stick with reality?

  3. I’m more and more convinced that the stereotypes about bogans are completely true.

    – They all have lower education levels, many of them being high school drop-outs.
    – They are all either employed in unskilled blue collar jobs or are on welfare.
    – They all live in regional towns and poor suburbs, with a large concentration in Queensland.
    – They all cannot spell and punctuate or write a coherent sentence.
    – Many of them have Southern Cross tattoos.
    – Most of them are overweight and physically repulsive.
    – They all love rap music and dressing like “gangstas”

  4. I shall reply to True Aussie’s tirade on this page in a single comment to maintain order.

    Okay i was trying to have a good discussion but you have crossed the line my friend. You constantly produce baseless statement which hinder productive discourse.

    “PS Putting up a link to Stormfront we can see why you are defending this idiot?”

    The stormfront link was posted by admin and I am defended the anti-racism stance please attempt to read what I have written carefully by spending some time on your part and realising that in fact my post re Stormfront was to increase awareness of low moral standards employed by Ozprogression in highlighted bigoted views.

    I ask admin to clarify posting the stormfront link.

    “The power of reason and logic shadowed with a mannered tone, well work with idiots like Justin in unknown areas such what forums? I think should someone stick with reality?”
    The above incoherant questions which I will not attempt to decipher in a bid to same my own time and have you do some homework 😀 (for tonight). Who is “Justin” there is no such “Justin” on this page. Please remain sane in your arguments.

    It seems you are new to internet forums. Let me inform you “A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.”
    The picture is a subtle attempt to highlight your inability to engage in coherant discourse. Not only was it to the point it was also used for the benefit of other forum users.

    You came into the discussion as soon as Ozprogression’s arguments were criticized. I presume you mistook my critique as a pro racism stance. That is far form the reality at hand. In responding my posts on other articles namely “Tags: Muslims, Sharia law” you neglected to reply to my first post in the comments section of ‘Aussie Pride, Christmas shame’ whereby my personal experience with racism is highlighted. Please explain with informed logic as to why a person who has experienced racism themselves by caucasians would then go onto SUPPORT white-supremacism by making an account and posting in forums?

    As i replied to your question :

    “So wake up thinks a person is free to choose their opinions however illogical/morally corrupt they may be, even those it is against The Law especially the Hatred laws?


    with the addition of Hatred laws. Please refer to my anwer in the “muslims and Asians breed…” article. You have questioned me on whether those who employ their freedom of speech to encite racial, ethic, etc. hatred are to abide by hate speech laws in Australia. Naturally, if one chooses to ABUSE their right to freedom of speech by shouting of Osama Bin Laden and linking him to islamic ethos is applicable to the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. Particuarly Race (including ethno-religion)

    You bring to light my preference to spend more time amswering questions to ensure clarity is maintained instead of your incoherant tirade.

    It seems that my attempts to maintain a moral highground inorder to defeat pro racism arguments have turned into a fruitless tennis match whereby other parties are unwilling to engage in coherant discourse.

    Incase you didn’t bother to read my post thoroughly ill summarise for you
    I EXPERIENCED RACISM FIRST HAND .:. I AM ANTI-RACISM that may explain why I would even be on this website *sarcasm*( had to point it out since, it is highly probable that one who is unable to form a coherant sentence can comprehend such a linguistic feature)

    I end this discussion.

  5. If wake up thinks me expressing an opinion is a “tirade” then their own comments is a “tirade” especially where they have much to say but no useful information such as comments not based on the facts.

    Such as no I am not new to forums, in fact I have been on The Internet before there was even webpages and used to use Bulletin Boards.

    So has wakeup been in nappies when I was The Internet? Or there a time frame they want to tell how they have been on forums 1 week, 1 month, 1 year?

    So if wakeup want to run away from the truth such as they are defending a racist and they don’t want others seeing anymore of their “tirade” that once again contain nothing but useless information, wakeup not sticking to topic, not giving any suggestions of where they would rather have a discourse and false claims especially about others that my opinions are “incoherant tirade”

    Then they can end this discussion.

      • Hi mindmadeup do you think wakeup is not defending a racist when they wrote “a person is free to choose their opinions however illogical/morally corrupt they may”?

        So I am willing to say sorry for the misunderstanding, as long as they come back and say sorry first for the false claims about me,such as what they claims my opinions as “incoherant tirade” even those they replied to them because it seems they didn’t like me pointing out reality to them?

        But if not, lets stick to subject of Justin and him exposing himself in a public area with racists rants, even those wakeup reckons there are no Justin on this page.

        Well duh who is the Facebook screen shot of?

        Justin Harrex

    • VHAHAHA this is turning into a joke
      now your petty arguments are turning into ageist rants
      I ended this discussion with YOU so i don’t waste my time talking to an absolute imbecile.

      and if you think you can stop me from continuing to wage war against racists you are wrong.

      • Abuse and name calling such as “absolute imbecile” is coming from you wakeuptoyourself because you cannot handle me pointing out the truth.

        So you got something useful that contains facts, but no abuse and name calling go right ahead write away.

        But if not end of discussion with you and your rants.

  6. If you cannot face the truth or cannot handle others asking you to provided evidence of you claims.

    Then duck and weave, write BS, don’t check facts before replying and write false claims such as someone opinions are “incoherant tirade” even those this person replied many times to these “incoherant tirade”.

    And then run away and hide.

  7. And wakeup is WRONG, if they think I want to stop them from continuing to wage war against racists.

    But I am not WRONG, in knowing that abuse and name calling such as “absolute imbecile” is not staying on topic and not having something useful to write on the subject of Justin Harrex who is in fact on this page with a Facebook screen shot up the top.

    • If he’s not an imbecile then what may he be? A fucking prick? A stupid cunt, maybe? Or just a slightly nauseating and disagreeable chap?

      • Me or wakeup?

        But if you don’t agree with someone, just disagree don’t call someone names or make claims about that person, that is clearly not based on facts.

        But having a screen shot of Justin is based on facts.

      • i chose the word imbecile… and you chose vulgar words i.e. ‘fucking’ and ‘cunt’

        aww was it too hard to think of a word without cussing?

        • Wake up please point where I used vulgar words i.e. ‘fucking’ and ‘cunt’?

          And I feel you won’t as I didn’t write the words “fucking and cunts” as you are just writing false claims about me AGAIN.

          But hold on why is it ok for you to call others imbecile because you didn’t agree with them pointing out the truth to you?

          Now end of discussion of wake up writing false claims and back to Justin especially him trying to look like like Daryl Dragon from Captain and Tennille.

        • If you look at WHY im calling you an imbecile you just might understand without me having to lose a few braincells.

          You went on to assume in you earlier post that I was young and in nappies etc etc.

          I retaliated. Thats life. Its a Doggie Dog world. You get treated the way you treat people. I was nice to you and attempted to maintain a conversation with some logic. But you clearly need to get school again, instead of slandering me with vulgar ageist remarks.

        • Awwwwwwwwww is it too hard for wake up to disagree with someone without abuse, name calling and false claims against that person?

  8. Now lets leave the past in the past of abuse,name calling and false claims, because Wakeup couldn’t handle me pointing out the truth to them.

    And lets discussed Justin Harrex exposing his racists rants thanks to the Facebook Screen Shot that is on this page up top.

  9. Yes wakeup we can agreed on one thing 🙂 but I think Justin even those he look like The Captain has no HOPE of becoming him?

    And lets agree to leave the past in the past and have a fresh start?

  10. These people are like a mob of pedos hiding behing their computers waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting. Disgusting. I dare you to take a drive out of your fair city and come to North Queensland just for a day. Take a walk through the lovely Flinders Mall in Townsville, walk through Cairns then spend a night on Palm Island. You will run home screaming with your tail between your legs. Aboriginals are the most racist race on this earth. This man, Justin Harrex, should run for Mayor.

  11. This site was made by PAEDOPHILES for PAEDOPHILES! You are a disgusting mob or ROCKSPIDERS sleazing your way around the internet trolling through complete strangers’ personal information and passing it onto your filthy buddies. ROCKSPIDER!!!

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