Open Letter to Glen Stutsel

Dear Glen


We have just read this article at Crikey and were somewhat concerned.

Ragging on the boss on Facebook ‘like a chat at the pub’

We note that you are apparently a Labor supporter, as are many of our friends, a loyal member and delegate of the TWU, again commendable, and that your Facebook activities do not appear to support or promote overtly racist or bigoted groups.

However we were disappointed to see the comments you allegedly made and which were recounted at the Fair Work Australia hearing.

We were also disappointed that the Fair Work Commissioner Michael Roberts can dismiss racism and sexism as “a chat at the pub”. Quite frankly we wouldn’t really want to go to the pub with anyone with those views. One would hope he wouldn’t either given his position.

Stutsel 1

Furthermore, we don’t know if you are aware that you may be legally responsible for some scurrilous comments made by your friends and not removed by you because according to the Crikey report you do not know how to delete comments.

It’s easy Glen. Even kids know how to do it. Just click on the “x” in the corner. Or perhaps you could block and defriend your bogot “mates”?

Unlike the Fair Work Commissioner however, we do not necessarily think that bagging the company (without being slanderous to individuals) is necessarily bad. But we think racism and sexism/misogyny is worse.

So whatever your other issues with Linfox (and we acknowledge that corporates are not exactly always fair to their workers, to say the least) there was no need to add bigotry (the “bacon-hater” remarks) or borderline misogyny to the mix.

Yours sincerely



Union delegate Glen Stutsel free to bag the boss on Facebook

IR lawyers surprised as Fair Work Australia reinstates worker sacked for “distasteful” Facebook comments

65 thoughts on “Open Letter to Glen Stutsel

  1. Your company should have to tolerate these kinds of views. If one of your managers said something along these lines about you outside of hours, I’m sure you wouldn’t just sit back and take it yourself.

    Chat in the pub; my arse….

  2. Was disappointing to see you politicizing re. the labor party there. I don’t think that is the purpose of this blog.

    Obviously, it isn’t my blog, but this isn’t about labor/lib. It is about racism.

  3. In thinking (LOL) racism and sexism as “a chat at the pub” Fair Work Commissioner Michael Roberts is just as guilty of racism and should prove he is not a coward by resigning, otherwise I well lodged a complaint with Fair Work Australia to make sure he gets sacked. Your Choice Michael, resign or get sacked?

  4. Hmmm – nice country we live in where a person can make a threatening hate statement about hoping certain people’s necks can be ripped off and get away with it; but where calling Qantas new efficient and highly commendable electronic check-in ‘the bomb’ aloud in poor attempt to sound like an African-American will likely get you detained for hours and fined…

    P.S. My apologies to ASIS or ASIO who will likely now have this blog flagged for unecessary review due to the combination of words used above.

  5. What a load of BS since when has being a Muslim became a race.
    There are many different races that have people that are Muslims.
    Muslims believe in 1 God but they don’t believe that Jesus was the Son of God. They believe that Jesus was a prophet but a lesser prophet. They believe in their Prophet Muhammad.

    You are only reading the Judgment or stories about the judgements. I have read all the evidence and was there in court for support and have read it and read it in context.

    I have known the Guy since 15 and I can tell you that he hasn’t always voted Labor either.
    The term “bacon-hater” and the use of it you are ill-informed.
    I know that it was 1 trait of a person that was use to describe a person without naming the person in a Private conversation that was made between limited parties. Of which Mick Assaf wasn’t one and didn’t even have facebook.

    I could be described as a bacon-hater too if a group of people that knew me knew that I couldn’t eat bacon because of 1 of many possibly medical conditions example a Pheochromocytoma tumour where eating food rich in Tyramine would cause a Bloodpressure and Heart rate reaction or a Tyramine intolerance itself.

    Mick Assaf never had a facebook account and only learnt of it as being told of it by Nina Russell.

    Glen Stutsel Never Sexual Harassed anyone those comments were made by someone else. Glen Stutsel is a user of facebook only he doesn’t own it and there are no actions that he took to publish comments made by friends that appear on his page automatically.
    Glen Stutsel didn’t know you could delete comments, and secondly he is not the moral Guardian of his friends or hasn’t the time to read every post that appears on his page automatically due to the fact that friends of his have posted something on their own page that appears on Glen’s page simple due to the fact that he is a friend of theirs.

    Glen’s page was private and friends only and Nina Russell was never a friends either. So how, so where, someone or something changed his page from Friends only Private to Public.

    In the Judgement is also stated that “The comments of a sexual nature made about Ms Russell fall into a different category entirely. She was entitled to be outraged by those comments and to complain about them. However, the problem for Linfox in these proceedings is that the main offending comments about Ms Russell were not made by Mr Stutsel.”

    From the Judgement “Mr Fagir and Mr Stutsel expressed a suspicion that Ms Russell had accessed Mr Stutsel’s Facebook page when he inadvertently left his account open at work. I do not believe this as it is clear from the evidence of Mr Assaf and Ms Neill that both of them were able to view Mr Stutsel’s Facebook page when accessed by Ms Russell. For her part, Ms Russell took some pains to navigate through Mr Stutsel’s Facebook account when she discovered that she could access it. I am curious as to why she would access the account when she was not a Facebook friend. However, it was perfectly natural for her to forensically go through the account when she first discovered unflattering references to herself. Mr Assaf’s outrage was largely the resultant product of Ms Russell’s endeavours.”

    Mr Assaf stated that he is a practising Muslim and is a student of the Koran.

    Personally I can tell you I don’t know any Muslim’s that are practising Muslims and are students of the Koran that have the name Mick.

    It is my option as far as know to the best of my knowledge no other parties were sacked.

    • What a total lying cockhead you are.

      1. Glen Stutsel owns a Facebook profile. He recently updated his status saying that he’d been called many things in the past, one of which was ‘determined’. Several people had ‘liked’ it, and one person had said that he and his family had her support. This whole blatant lie that fuckwits who’ve made social networking errors come up with about how they hadn’t written what appeared on their Facebook wall is laughable at best.

      2. Mick and Nina didn’t need to own Facebook to be trashed by Glen on his Facebook wall, which was accessible to all who were his Facebook friends at the very least. In the same way a person can be charged with conspiring to kill the Prime Minister by posting a Facebook status without needing to have the Prime Minister as a Facebook friend, Glen had made derogatory and hate-filled comments about real people in a public forum.

      3. You go on about how being a Muslim-hater is not racist, as ‘Muslim’ is not a race. You would be stupid not to recognise that the large majority of anti-Muslim sentiment across the world is linked to the suggestion that these Muslims should ‘fuck off back to their own country’, which is one of the reasons why religious discrimination is heavily tied with racial discrimination by legislative definition in our country.

      4. Muslims can be called ‘Mick’. Just because you don’t know any doesn’t mean there aren’t any. How stupid can you be?

  6. Watch your mouth Dickhead.
    If you want to call me a total lying cockhead about the contents of my post here you better have proof or deep pockets.

    1.) I clicked on the link you supplied and if I am logged on to a facebook account that I am a firend’s of Glen with then I can see his wall and posts. If I am not logged on to facebook it tell me to joint facebook to become a friend. If I log onto a facebook account that I am not friends of glens then it takes me to his wall but no post are available. You are full of shit.

    2.) In my option if I was seeking legal advise you would be on the bottom of my list.
    That’s right, school holidays does your mum know you are the computer.
    Glen’s page was friends only of which Nina of Mick wasn’t friends. And his page wasn’t public. He had 170 friends most were family, or school friends and only a limited number were works friends and like it stated in the Judgement “……However, the problem for Linfox in these proceedings is that the main offending comments about Ms Russell were not made by Mr Stutsel.”

    3 Look Simple Simon it is my option if they were handing out Darwin Awards today you would get them all.
    1st of all I didn’t go on about hating Muslims at all. I don’t believe that there was anything to prove that Glen hates Muslims either. Maybe you mum or Santa can get you a dictionary for christmas that is only if you are not on the naughty list.

    The term Bacon Hater as said in my other post it was use to described a trait of someone to Id them in the conversation. Muslims are not a race it is name give to a group of people that follow the teaching of their Prophet Muhammad and their Religion is Islam. Muslims come from nearly every country in the world. If a person if born here and they are Muslim how to you tell them to fuck off to their own country. This is their country too and even people that have come here legally they can have whatever beliefs or non brliefs that want so long as they don’t shove them down my neck.

    I think that you are the one that is stupid making connect that are not there write shit like this when you only know what is in the judgemnet there is 83 items to support the judgement that yiou don’t know about and have no knowledge of the full list of edvence that each parties have to hand over to each other.

    You my friend based upon my option of what you have written are nothing more then a trouble maker who has no idea of the full facts. And do more damage then good. My next door neighours of 17 years are Australian of Lebanese background who follow Islam. He is very strick to the point where he doesn’t work on fridays.
    But he or his children don’t go around calling theirself Muslims.
    My other Neighours is Australian of Lebanses background I am not sure what faith he has and don’t care. I have lived in Guildford all my life and during the War in Lebnon in the 1970 alot of the children I went to school with come out here then I am still mates with them now and our children play Rubgy League together.

    If you think you are do good for the cause of anti-discrimination you are joking.
    I use to get called a wog at worked because all my work mate were Australian from Greece, Italy. I was a joke and it is only a joke until the person didn’t see it as a joke. I didn’t have this skin.

    Mate grow up.

    • Fuck you Bert. We don’t need deep pockets to call you a lying cockhead.

      1. Glen has recently updated his privacy settings on Facebook. That in itself negates the idea that his profile was being accessed and controlled by someone other than him.

      2. You missed the point massively. Reading your incoherent rants only confirms what we thought – that you’re a braindead fuck, a Stutsel enabler. The point was that a person (any person) could be charged if they wrote on their Facebook wall that they were planning on killing the Prime Minister – and get this – the Prime Minister did NOT need to be a Facebook friend with that person. Whether or not these people were on Glen’s Facebook is IRRELEVANT. He PUBLICISED to an audience of 170 people his thoughts and intentions for people that he worked for – WITH people he worked with. Try and understand this – if you and I worked together and we were in a public lunch room talking about how our boss was a complete drug-dealing slut and how we hoped she would die a slow and painful death – whether or not our boss was around at the time of our saying this is IRRELEVANT. An overhearing member of our company who found these comments offensive would have no qualms taking them to our boss. And in Glen’s case – he didn’t just SAY what he hoped and thought of his bosses, he TYPED it into the permanent Internet forum in a very public way.

      3. Darwin Awards are handed out to people who kill themselves by accident you braindead fuck. Nobody accused you of hating Muslims. The fact that he called his Muslim employer a ‘bacon-hater’ voids the idea that he was simply saying that because he knew his boss didn’t like eating bacon. He said it because Muslims generally don’t eat pig. Don’t try and twist the story, Bert.

      You do not need to educate us on who or what a Muslim is. Your lesson today is how religious vitriol can be closely linked with racism, and how a religion-specific slur (ie. bacon hater) immediately becomes religion-related when the recipient happens to be a practicing member of that religion. You tried to excuse Glen out of knowing that Mick Assaf was a Muslim because his name was Mick. His last name is ‘Assaf’ (Muslim and Christian Arabic: from an Arabic personal name āsaf, of unknown etymology. This was the name of Suleiman’s grand wazir, whence it came to be used proverbially as a name for any wise counselor.).

      Nobody gives a fuck who your neighbour is, nor do we care about your life story. You’re excusing a racist pig, and for that you’ve attracted our scorn.

      Fuck off, clown.

    • Now what would emailing Fairwork Australia to inform them of this website, do?

      Maybe provided further evidence of Glen racist rants?

      And getting legal advice from his Brother-in-Law at least he gets free Legal advice?

      But this does not mean Legal Action against others and if he does follow through with Legal Action, Barron should know his own and Glen rants well be also used as evidence in that Legal Action or put it another way, Barron in taking Legal Action well be the one ending up in shit.

  7. You are just a fuckwit youself and I don’t believe that you could prove in a court of law that Glen Stutsel is a racist pig. The commissioner didn’t find that.
    I would love to have a talk in the pub with you mate.

    Fuck you
    Get off your horse and put your mother’s computer away.

    You have no point wank but drible shit that you don’t have the full 83 extra picecs of evidence that went into the Judgement.
    So fuck right off dickhead.

    You must be simple simon
    Glen has recently updated his privacy settings on Facebook. That in itself negates the idea that his profile was being accessed and controlled by someone other than him.
    Look dickhead it don’t prove anything this happened in may 2011 if I access to facebook logs and swap card records and video from the jobsite that would prove a whole lot as well.
    Glen being a truck driver for 22 years and not working with computer had save his username and passwords to the work computer.
    The computer was 1 that anyone could use and had no log on.
    Anyone and everyone that accessed facebook on that computer would get a dropdown list with his facebook username and password saved to it.

    So there is more to the story.

    If you want I can have all you details straight away.

    • Actually, what Glen did constituted ‘serious misconduct’. Did you miss that point?

      All that has been ‘proven’, is that while guilty of everything he has been accused of, it has not been worthy of terminating his employment.


      Tired of you now, Bert. You’re a fucktard. Fuck off.

  8. You are saying that the was racial discrimination there was none found.
    The team Bacon Hater was used to talk about him in a private chat.

    Not at him or not to discriminate against him. There was nothing discrimination just because he didn’t like bacon or he was a Muslim he was stop from doing anything.

    When the twin tower fell they showed shots on TV and people chearing in parts of sydney. So when Osama bin Laden got killed this year people were talking about and some people that don’t like the USA in broad terms wouldn’t be happy.

    There was 1176 friends between 5 people Glen had 172 friends and Nina Russell had 358 friends and the guy who Nina left the birthday message on had 317 friends. The other 2 people had 329 friends.
    Glen and Nina Russel only shared 1 friend out of the 1176 across the 5 people.
    Glen was never a friend of Nina Russell ,Mick Assaf never had an account.
    Glen settings was friends only, not friends of friends or public.

    There was no intent on Glen’s part.
    Glen being a truck driver only for 22 years and me having to fixing his computer when they have problems with his home’s computer because him or my sister are unable to.

    Glen had saved his username and password for his facebook account on the computer at work co. So if anyone and I say anyone and everyone open an internet browser on that computer and typed in and would get the log in page for facebook on the browser you would be a get a dropdown list with usernames and passwords that were saved to that computer. So anyone and everyone would be able to log onto his account without have to know if username and password.
    The trouble is that facebook don’t keep logs long enough otherwise you would be able to prove or disprove alot of things, together with swap cards and video of the worksite.
    So the result is not as clear cut as you think.

    If facebook had logs I would be able to get the IP adress of computer that access his facebook account together with swap card and video prove if he access facebook at work and times when settings were changed.

    It didn’t hear that he was involved with EBA at work.

    • You’ve joined a long line of people who have proved their stupidity by not only posting here with pathetic language skills, but also by continuing to miss the point on a monumental scale.

  9. I didn’t miss any point and yes I have dysleixa to the degree that it takes me a long time to reply.
    So what bit whne you are talk shit.
    You are as weak as piss do you want to meet in the pub I have no problem debating you.
    You don’t have anypoint at all

    • Meet in the pub? Love, I avoid pubs as I usually have old drunken slobs like yourself trying to chat me up. If its your code for ‘I can’t debate with you so I’ll just take you on physically’, ‘Australia says no’, if you get what I mean.

      Just stay in the pub and get as wasted as you can. That way when you talk shit, people will just assume you’re a drunk, and not a brain dead fuckwit. You’ll have them all fooled.

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    • Hi Bert,

      Posting names of people you think are responsible for highlighting your friend’s public mistakes will only see you banned from this forum. Try and stick to the discussion pointers if you’re going to hang around.

    • Hey rocket scientist!

      Congratulations! You have just uncovered the IP and server location of …, a United States-based company which runs the WordPress blogging software which powers this site.

      We won’t bother giving you their street address and contact details, all of which we know and which can be ascertained by someone with better tech skills than you have because they are a good mob and we don’t want you boring them to tears telling them what mad webz skillz u have.

      You know if I were you I wouldn’t use Vodafone – all sorts of problems with it especially out in the Central West as you are.

      Don’t bother ping flooding them either princess – doesn’t work. Now go and boil your head

  11. I have emailed the host asking for this website to be closed down. The commissioner found that there was no racism or sexism. I am also emailing Fairwork Australia to inform them of this website. His finding is based upon 83 items.

    It has inform you where you are wrong but you willnot remove this post.

  12. I have asked the host to email you details so my brother inlaw to seek legal advise about people like you that wasn’t in court and has seen the edvience of both parties. I have informed you of this and you carry on like a wank in my option.
    There is 83 pieces of information that you are not aware wanker.
    So you are ill-informed. I have missed any points but you are a silly little wanker in my option when I have informed you of you error I hope the Commissioner takes action against what you have said about his also.
    You sir are the dickhead.
    I don”t believe you can proven racism or sexism against my brother inlaw.
    I strongly advise you withdraw remarks that are not inline with the findings of the Commission.
    And just by posting and open letter to him on an anti-discrimination website you are clouding the findings.

  13. Granville is not very far from the city I only want to meet have a beer and tell you how much of a dickhead you are. The rest is up to you mate. I could bring Glen along and you could explain to him how the Commissioner was wrong. He is 6’8″ and 150kgs but doesn’t drink beer.
    You are a Dickhead and gutless.
    Hide behind you keyboard and can even get you facts rights.

  14. You are everything but smart I have rang the guy who wrote the post. I believe that it was the 1st and he 1st told me that he got the post form FWA and at the end of the conversation told me that the story came from the news desk.

    • Okay no probs. there are eight active admins and it just so happens I’m the one looking after the site via mobile phone tonight. You’re looking quite silly. You’ll be banned tomorrow so I would give up if I were you. Merry Christmas love.

  15. No problem thanks for the heads up 1269 people that like this site you 8 are linked. I can tell you what you are like from what is in you rubbish bin.
    By the way I went for a job with ASIO back in 2000.

    • “By the way I went for a job with ASIO back in 2000”

      So fuc*en what. You could have went for a Public Service Job.

      But reading your own rants, you live in the dream world of playing Spies and playing spy games on your Playstation.

  16. We have just read this article at Crikey and were somewhat concerned.

    Ragging on the boss on Facebook ‘like a chat at the pub’

    We note that you are apparently a Labor supporter, as are many of our friends, a loyal member and delegate of the TWU, again commendable, and that your Facebook activities do not appear to support or promote overtly racist or bigoted groups.

    However we were disappointed to see the comments you allegedly made and which were recounted at the Fair Work Australia hearing.

    We were also disappointed that the Fair Work Commissioner Michael Roberts can dismiss racism and sexism as “a chat at the pub”. Quite frankly we wouldn’t really want to go to the pub with anyone with those views. One would hope he wouldn’t either given his position.

    Do you understand the meaning of Libel.

  17. We were also disappointed that the Fair Work Commissioner Michael Roberts can dismiss racism and sexism as “a chat at the pub”.

    You are not very smart

  18. Oh wow RBarron you aren’t giving up are you. Hard to understand some of your comments though, seems a bit like gibberish.

    I guess what it comes down to is that private conversation or not derogatory comments were made. And that’s what this site is really all about – calling out hate speech.

    But anyway looks like you might be prohibited from further posts RBarron so I guess that draws a line under it.

  19. I cannot wait for Barron to take legal action against News Ltd, Ninemsn and other Media Outlets for printing this story as his own and Glen well be used as evidence as I need to laugh or if he all talk no action?

  20. I just love when people like Barron THREATENS legal action, without thinking that their own comments would be used as evidence in the action as well.


  21. Have just seen 3 Photos of Mick Assaf at the Linfox christmas Party this year holding bottles of alcohol on a facebook.

    He is in 3 different photos holding what appears to be a bottle of alcohol.
    Looks like a bottle of beer of some sort.
    He must be a good guy hold someone else’s beer on 3 occasions.
    I wouldn’t mind getting a look at the video surveillances form the club to see just who’s beers he was minding.

    Mr Assaf
    [20] Mr Assaf gave sworn evidence and submitted a witness statement 20.
    [21] In summary, it was Mr Assaf’s statement that:
    • “In terms of the comments which I found inappropriate, they were split into four (4) broad categories. First, there was the threat of physical violence. Second, there were comments about me and Linfox managers which suggested that we had acted in a dishonest and underhanded manner. Third there were comments of a sexual nature about Ms Russell which suggested that she had provided sexual favours to Linfox managers and other members of staff. Fourth, there were comments about me in relation to my religion as well as comments about Muslims generally. I was horrified to see that Mr Stutsel had made comments of a religious nature on Facebook.”
    23] The statement went on to say that he advised Ms Neill of his concerns on 16 May 2011 and was told by Ms Neill that she had already received a complaint from Ms Russell. On 17 May 2011 he met with Mrs Neill and explained to her “that I found Mr Stutsel’s comments about religion and his reference to me as a ‘certain bacon hater’ particularly offensive. I also advised Mrs Neill that I was particularly disappointed because I had, some years earlier had a discussion with Mr Stutsel wherein I explained that comments about religion were inappropriate. Mrs Neill advised that she was conducting an investigation into the allegations in accordance with the Linfox Workplace Diversity Policy.”
    [24] On 23 May 2011, he was advised by Ms Neill that she had interviewed Mr Stutsel on 20 May and Mr Stutsel had been allowed to respond to the allegations she put to him.
    [25] In cross-examination, Mr Assaf said:
    • That he felt that Mr Stutsel’s comments were personally offensive. 21
    • That he is a practising Muslim and is a student of the Koran. 22
    • That the comments on Mr Stutsel’s Facebook page would be offensive to Muslims as a group. 23

    • That he did not ask Ms Neill to dismiss Mr Stutsel. 24
    Ms Neill
    [26] Ms Neill gave sworn evidence and submitted a witness statement 25.
    [33] After meeting with Ms Russell, she commenced an investigation pursuant to the Linfox Workplace Diversity Policy 26. She also received a request from Mr Assaf to investigate Mr Stutsel’s Facebook comments and met with him on 17 May 2011. “Mr Assaf advised me that he was deeply offended and hurt that one of his direct reports would make such hurtful and derogatory comments about him and the fact that he is a practising Muslim.” Mr Assaf informed her of an earlier event in which he believed Mr Stutsel behaved inappropriately over a religious issue and that “Mr Stutsel had given him an assurance that he would not, in future, make insensitive comments about religion.”
    [38] In cross-examination, Ms Neill:
    • Said that disciplinary action had not been taken against another employee who left an offensive comment concerning terrorist camps. 34
    • Was asked: “Does that remark strike you as offensive to people such as Mr Assaf?” 35 and answered in part: “It was posted on Mr Stutsel’s page and Mr Stutsel had responsibility for his page.”36
    I am not implying anything here but I would like to watch the video to see who’s beers Mick Assaf was minding and how many people that he held the beers for and how long it was before them people can back and got the beers of Mick Assaf.
    Using Mick’s words under cross-examination and reported by Commissioner Roberts Mick Assaf stated “(‘That he is a practising Muslim and is a student of the Koran. 22”)” and “(“ that the comments on Mr Stutsel’s Facebook page would be offensive to Muslims as a group. 23”)”
    I believe that practising Muslims and a student of the Koran don’t drink alcohol.

    • Have you ever met practicing Catholics who swore, had sex out of wedlock, did drugs and stole? Yep – they exist. And although they make mistakes and act in contradiction to what their faith dictates them to do, they still call themselves active Catholics.

      For you to assume that Glen didn’t make a religiously offensive comment because at some point in his life Mick had either held or consumed an alcoholic beverage is ridiculous.

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