Jay From Stormfront: “I do not want people to go extinct”

Dear Jay,

Here is your response, you attention-starved dropkick.

“Cleric Preston politely states that anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white and he’s called a mutant? What a bogan!”

Racism is a combination of prejudice and power. And sadly prejudice is a deeply ingrained human trait. Globally, white people are the dominant group, and in politics, economics, the media and all aspects of society, this power is used every day. It starts from the top and filters down to white people everywhere, regardless of their individual economic situation. At the highest level, when President Bush tells Palestinians a different leader must take the place of the man they elected, he’s treating them as second-class human beings. When the leaders of western economic powers deny fair trading terms to African countries, they are doing exactly the same. And the images of these pathetic victims help fuel more stereotypes about their “inferior” status. Every day the white power structure – be it global, national or local – makes decisions which impinge on the lives of non-white people.

“How many white countries have a fertility rate below replacement? How many are being swamped by non-whites?”

Statistically, white people make up approximately 10% of the global population, based loosely on definitions of black and white. In 1950, white people made up around 26% of the global population. But with 74% of the world’s non-white population also procreating, did you really expect your whites to make up ground? And how do you categorise whites and blacks anyway? If we say that Africans are considered ‘black’, does that categorisation apply equally to Nigerians, Egyptians and South Africans? You’ve got one choice Jay – get the fuck over it. Being a part of a scungy, largely-unknown underground white supremacist society in a country that makes up less than 3.5% of the global population isn’t going to save the ‘white’ species you dopey motherfucker. It doesn’t matter how many Internet forums you post your rehashes on, nor does it matter how many tissues you wipe your cock over after doing so, you’re part of the minority – despite what your back-slapping comrades say.

“If you take a look at the UN – the most anti-white organisation in the world (and loved here), it effectively agrees with us, NOT you frigging anti-white racist bogots.”

LOL okay darling, whatever. Let’s take a closer look at the UN Convention on Genocide:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

  • (a) Killing members of the group; (killing white people is not permitted or encouraged in Australia)
  • (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (no evidence given regarding how immigration programs, largely from ‘white’ countries affects our population’s mental health)
  • (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (everyone’s allowed to fuck – deal with it)
  • (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (the Baby Bonus has been a mainstayer in Australian legislative policy for many years, encouraging Australians to procreate)
  • (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. (no evidence of this occurring to ‘white’ Australians….)

“Non-white immigration and multiculturalism are deliberately inflicted upon us.”

Perhaps, but immigration does not (a) kill white people; (b) cause physical or mental harm to those who didn’t already have it; (c) contribute to the physical destruction of our country or people; (d) prevent white people from fucking; (e) transform white people into non-white people.

“We never wanted either and we still don’t want either.”

Oh poor baby. If you’re feeling particularly Google-savvy, you may want to provide evidence that the wider population in Australia opposes multiculturalism. You won’t find any national polls or surveys that find that the majority of Australians are with you, only the contrary.

“Australia was founded as a WHITE nation. Within decades it will be an ASIAN nation. This is genocide by definition and only a bogan would support it.”

Australia was founded as a white nation because the first people to come here and steal land off the Indigenous Aborigines were white. That was over 220 years ago, long before the Internet and your circle-jerking crowd. Now, this may come as a bit of shock to you, but there’s actually no such thing as a pure-breed Australian. Nope. There is such a thing as descendents of British convicts, and as far as we go – those direct descendants (ie. descendants of British convicts who have only procreated with descendants of British convicts) make up far less than half of our national population. That means that globally, ‘true-blue white Aussies’ make up less than 1% of the population. It’s inevitable that there will eventually be more Asian-looking people in our country over time. They’re already here, and they’re contributing to our society, while continuing to produce Asian-looking babies. Deal with it. It is NOT genocide, and here is why:

White people aren’t killed in Australia as part of a conspiracy or governmental/dictatorship movement. Nor are they prohibited from procreating – moreover they are encouraged. The number of white people in Australia, and globally, will increase. The percentage of white people (and Australians in particular) as a comparison with the global population will decrease. Let me know if you’d like a diagram.

“… the liberal twin of the liblab alliance introduced a scheme to raise fertility.”

Um, a scheme to raise fertility in Australia? Are you referring to the Baby Bonus here? The Baby Bonus that has largely been proven not to have increased fertility rates in Australia? The factors that increase fertility rates are described here. Not that it’s relevant in this discussion. And this article describes these factors in more detail. Go for your life, babycheeks.

“You could also argue that section b of article 2 was contributing to our genocide, as the whole frigging western world seems to be clinically depressed and mentally ill, I wonder why?”

Yeah okay. Maybe you are mentally ill and depressed, but let’s throw in some facts just to add to that chip on your shoulder:

* Australia ranks 11th out of 149 countries involved in World Database of Happiness

* Standard of living in Australia

“I am a stormfront member. I am there, like most people, because I do not support genocide. I do not want want people to go extinct.”

54 thoughts on “Jay From Stormfront: “I do not want people to go extinct”

  1. I have a strong feeling, you may have confused Jay Scumfront. With all those words. & it maybe having a little meeting with its slumfront mates to comprehend all the words. I hope they figure it out!! I can only HOPE? Lots of love…

    • Actually, ms “progressive,” I don’t watch those. I’m not a fan of the murdoch media – not that is has EVER mentioned anything about white genocide (from what I recall).

      Look, I’m a calm person. I’m not a skinhead, not a nazi, not most of the scare-tactic bs your type likes to perpetuate.

      I need to be stopped? Have fun trying, I emails thousands of Aussies every week about this – so much awakening occurring atm.

      • Yes, you must be emailing the fringe masses who live in the sticks of suburbia: the unemployed, uneducated, lower socio-economic sector of Australian society – there’s plenty of babies being pumped out of clown-car vaginas in those areas. There’s no denying the link between other factors already mentioned and the rate of fertility.

        • Exactly! Hear hear fellow progressive. This clown-car vagina filth are just that – filth! Never be ashamed to admit they are full of prejudice and sickeningly bigoted. Disgusting, shameful, bigoted filth they belong on TT or ACA or reading Murdoch.

      • Wow, you can email! And how much luck are you convincing the majority of the world that “The nice Vietnamese couple down the street? The Nice Jewish family across the world? They’re not nice-they’re destroying the country!”

        BTW-Stormfront is about hating people. Not “Saving White people from genocide” In fact, I think any complaints about “Saving white people from genocide” are just a euphemism for “Why don’t girls like me? Why won’t they have babies with me”

        But please, defend it. And while you’re at it, defend the poster saying a man should throw a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs because her partner is black. And while you’re at it, defend all the anti-semitic bull shit that goes through. And while you’r at that, feel free to defend the large amount of support for racist mass murderers!

        Then, maybe, if you’re as smart as you seem to think you are, you’ll realise why girls don’t like you.

      • Disgusting bigot – go back to your Murdoch, TT and ACA. Your clown car vagina is not wanted here you sickening bigot. Enough with your prejudice and bigotry. Australia is a multicultural country and it’s time for you to leave to make way for our more vulnerable communities such as the LBGT or Asylum seekers.

  2. Travel to Asia and places like Japan and Korea, are almost 100% Asian, China is 90% Han Chinese like America was 90% White in 1965 and there are no crazy anti-racist groups, demanding they become more diverse, ie less Asian.
    Travel to any other non-White country in the world and it is the same. It doesn’t matter if the country is rich or poor, no anti-racist groups are in those countries demanding they become more diverse, ie a minority in their own lands.
    Yet if you visit any White country, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, you find diversity is celebrated and White minority is demanded and calculated to the exact year in the ones where they got the program started early: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Central Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe (is dirt poor is asked when they will be ready for this immigration, regular as clock work), Russia, Australia, New Zealand, even Iceland (it only has a few hundred thousand white people lol).
    So this diversity nonsense is being pulled anywhere that is White and no where that is non-white.
    No White country has ever been allowed to discuss it, let alone vote on it. And despite the fact that White countries are the most diverse, only Whie people are called the r-word. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.
    Your multiCULTist world based on mere words is about to crumble to the ground!

    • So what’s your point?

      White people will breed at the same rate as non-white people, regardless of what country they’re allowed to live and breed in. As mentioned in the post – the number of white people will continue to rise, but in comparison to non-white people globally the percentage of white people will continue to fall.

      Also, are you suggesting that Australia would be more prosperous right now in 2011 if we had never allowed immigration?

      Are you a racist, a xenophobe or just a lunatic?

    • What i can make of your arguement is you have a fixation on white surpremacy.You havnt got a bigger army than the non whites. Unfortunately most of those cuntrys think like you,National socialist thinking! Those that dont, Die or try to find a better place. Just like your ancesters. If it upsets you go back to Germany?Find a like wise partner, Love it, Breed and have a lovely life! To make a long story short! Mein brudder.

    • So, John, how exactly do you plan to turn Australia, a country that originally was all Aboriginal, into an entirely white country? Jay just wants to have lot’s of babies, but I’d love to hear your idea!

  3. “The number of white people in Australia, and globally, will increase.”

    Was that meant to be the answer to my question, “how many white countries have a fertility rate above replacement?” Because in that paragraph, you didn’t actually answer it, did you?

    Only a stupid bogan would come to the conclusion that white people are increasing when no white countries have a fertility rate above replacement.

    Fertility rates are recorded as how many children women have, not how many a couple has. In order to sustain a population, a woman must have over 2 children – the official replacement level is generally regarded as 2.11, but I’d put it a bit higher. Still, find me a white country that has a fertility rate above this.

    Can you please explain how you come to the conclusion that white people are increasing, globally, if none have a fertility rate above replacement?

    “Currently the birthrate in Germany remains very low, especially compared to the rest of European Union. For example, as of 2005 Germany’s fertility rate was reported at 1.36 compared to an average of 1.52 for 25 countries in The European Union. However if the government took action to create these policies mentioned above there may be less resistance amongst Germans to start families.”


    So, the average of European union countries is 1.52 – I’m sure you can work out what that means, can’t you? This is roughly a 25% decline in European union countries and will be much sharper when the baby boomers are gone.

    Outside of Europe? Australia has not had a fertility rate above replacement for 36 years. USA is below replacement. Canada has been below replacement for longer and is a fair bit lower than Australia or the USA. New Zealand has hovered around replacement but generally from non-white births.


    “The first way, the Germans have a very low birth rate,” he said.

    “It means every generation is 35 per cent smaller than the generation before. The German population is shrinking.”

    Now Germany is shrinking at 35% and the European union at around 25%. Places in Eastern Europe are even lower than Germany.

    How do you come to the conclusion that white people are increasing?

    Anyway, I will have my full reply tomorrow, I just wanted to respond to your most idiotic part.

    • I take it you didn’t read the arguments for and against measuring fertility using TFR? Also mentioned in the post were the other factors contributing to fertility rates.

      “Developed countries usually have a much lower fertility rate due to greater wealth, education, and urbanization. Mortality rates are low, birth control is understood and easily accessible, and costs are often deemed very high because of education, clothing, feeding, and social amenities. With wealth, contraception becomes affordable.”

      Now for your questions Mr Stormfuck:

      1. If a white woman procreates with a non-white person, does that not also contribute to the continuation of a white race? If your definition of the white race (as mentioned in the post re: how do you define ‘white’?) is a person who is the product of only pure ‘white’ (there’s that word again) breeding, how are you going to measure pure ‘white’ ancestry against a TFR? Did you get the part about there being zero real Australians, only a scattering of 9th generation direct descendents of white British convicts who have only procreated with other direct descendents of white British convicts?

      2. How does preventing immigration into white countries increase the TFR among ‘white’ races, when ‘white’ countries are generally developed countries, ie. countries that are not any less fertile but more aware of the responsibilities of parenting and less affected by maternal mortality rates?

      3. How does the advancement of the ‘white’ race occur in a country like ours where our contribution to the global population is less than 3.5%?

  4. “White people will breed at the same rate as non-white people, regardless of what country they’re allowed to live and breed in.”

    This is not true. ALL white countries have a fertility rate MUCH lower than the global average.

    Even considering higher death rates, most non-white places are well above replacement.

    You’re just an anti-white.

    I am only young. I am still in school, but my god my generation are so fucking awake to what’s happening.


    • Sorry – what I should have said was that white people will continue breeding at the same rate as they are breeding now – regardless of where they’re doing it.

      When you consider that the standards of wealth, education, health, employment, housing and mortality all contribute to fertility, you will understand that a ‘white’ person raised in Nigeria will most likely breed at the same rate as non-white Nigerians.

    • So am I.

      And I’m aware that my country is full of backwards fucktards like you who want an excuse to vilify anyone whos different to you.

      Be nice to people, be happy, and maybe consider positively contributing to society.

    • Oh Jay…so young but so deluded.
      Who exactly do you think is ‘controlling’ the birth rates of different nations and to what advantage? What exactly does someone have to gain by wiping out white people? Now I don’t want any of your stupid rhetoric, I want an actual answer…who is behind this “genocide” and why are they implementing it?

      No one is stopping white people from procreating, no one is forcing non-white people to have larger families than white people.
      In fact, in Australia, all people are encouraged to have many babies by way of the baby bonus and paid parental leave, child care rebates etc.

      You really need to stop paying attention to your scumfront buddies, if you’re still in HS then you should have a lot of classmates who are of different races and ethnicities…do you really believe they’re all involved in a huge global conspiracy to wipe you out? If you do, get help. Seriously.
      BTW…my 2 year old daughter is fascinated by asian people…she absolutely adores anyone who’s asian. It’s very cute to watch when she’s in the company of an asian person and I look forward to her not being a paranoid bigot when she’s older and maybe even having some half asian, half irish grandchildren.

  5. Even if what he says in true, and in a hundred years there are no more ‘white’ people, it is not that big of a deal. They aren’t taking my kids away or anything man! my freedoms are not being restricted in this relative paradise. Why should I care?

    I don’t think you understand what a genocide is man.

    • From the word go, my speedy friend. By 2060, ‘white’ people will make up less than 10% of the global population. One in every two people in Australia is either a first generation migrant or a direct descendent of a migrant.

      Now for your questions Mr Stormfuck:

      1. If a white woman procreates with a non-white person, does that not also contribute to the continuation of a white race? If your definition of the white race (as mentioned in the post re: how do you define ‘white’?) is a person who is the product of only pure ‘white’ (there’s that word again) breeding, how are you going to measure pure ‘white’ ancestry against a TFR? Did you get the part about there being zero real Australians, only a scattering of 9th generation direct descendents of white British convicts who have only procreated with other direct descendents of white British convicts?

      2. How does preventing immigration into white countries increase the TFR among ‘white’ races, when ‘white’ countries are generally developed countries, ie. countries that are not any less fertile but more aware of the responsibilities of parenting and less affected by maternal mortality rates?

      3. How does the advancement of the ‘white’ race occur in a country like ours where our contribution to the global population is less than 3.5%?

      • White people are already less than 10%.

        1. No it doesn’t.

        2. I never said it did.

        3. Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Belguim etc etc most white countries are smaller than Australia.

        • re: 1. Then how do you place a figure on the population of ‘white’ people globally? What about all the people who, at some point, have ‘white’ ethnicity mixed with their ancestry?

          re: 2. If preventing immigration isn’t your grand plan, then what is? Genocide of non-whites? Or are you just a mouthpiece to complain about selfish white Australian families who don’t want to have more than 3 children?

          re: 3. Yes, what’s your point?

        • DNA tests can determine your phenotype – why can’t there be a white homeland? Or should all countries have a certain quota? How non-white do you want Australia to be?

          White genocide is generally a global issue – I think my generation is much more awake so we will really see what the future brings. I’m not suggesting anything other than stopping the rapid, destructive decline of my own race. After all, it truly is the most instrinsic sense of belonging one can have.

          There you go, many smaller white nations = larger contribution.

        • A white homeland? In a country that was originally inhabited by only black people? Why do we need a white homeland, Jay? Why?

          Nobody here is desiring a non-white Australia – just a country full of good people who do the right thing and contribute positively to society. The majority of people in Australia care little about skin colour, Jay. That is why you are such a non-event.

          It is not white genocide. You have listened to the old grandma stormfarts for too long. It’s not genocide. It’s the decrease in global population by a willing cohort of like-skinned people making rational decisions about their ability to provide for more than one or two children per family.

          Race is NOT the most intrinsic sense of belonging one can have. Head over to a multicultural school and ask the students what it’s like to belong to that school. They will not mention skin colour. They will talk about other values that even a blind person could relate to.

          Many small white nations still get trumped by 90% of the global population. What’s your point? How is anything Australia legislates in support of a white race going to contribute to the survival of the white race?

          Your generation is the most progressive of all generations, Jay. Racism is less prevalent amongst people your age than ever before. But continue to talk out of your arse if you wish.

        • I can tell you right now, that is Australia ever happened to become a ‘white homeland’ this 6th generation, Irish/English blood blend Australian would be getting the fuck out of Australia. I am happy with what we have now, thanks all the same.

          So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

        • For some reason the other admins have let your posts through. I respect their decisions though I have no respect for you or your “opinions” Nazi.

          They tried that white homeland shite a couple of times – Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa were really enlightened, vibrant free and democratic societies now weren’t they? 😛

          Tell you what, to get rid of the handful of boneheads in this country who yearn for a Blankistan, we will try and talk the government into giving you a barren island somewhere far way where you cannot harm the rest of the population or terrorise minorities or contaminate our kids and where we don’t have to see you or hear your drivel. You will die out in a few years since few if any women would want to have anything to do with you. And you have a rather interesting tendency to tear each other apart anyway.

          We like to see that, Nazi.

        • “DNA tests can determine your phenotype”

          Which will do what? Race and DNA have very little overlap, with concepts of Race having more to do with society, and geographical region than DNA. Here’s Jonothan Mark’s quote on the subject
          ‘ By the 1970s, it had become clear that (1) most human differences were cultural; (2) what was not cultural was principally polymorphic – that is to say, found in diverse groups of people at different frequencies; (3) what was not cultural or polymorphic was principally clinal – that is to say, gradually variable over geography; and (4) what was left – the component of human diversity that was not cultural, polymorphic, or clinal – was very small.

          A consensus consequently developed among anthropologists and geneticists that race as the previous generation had known it – as largely discrete, geographically distinct, gene pools – did not exist.

          ” – why can’t there be a white homeland?”

          Well, you can go and found one if you like, Jay. But it can never be Australia. Just think about it, if you organised a “White” Homeland in Australia, what do you plan to do to all the Aborigines?

          And you didn’t answer the question-if someone has largely white ancestry, but one or two great-great grandparents isn’t white-are they considered white to you? What percentage is tolerable to you?

  6. Proudly doing my part to contribute to white genocide by procreating with attractive non-whites. I think the scariest part of this is that these n00bs actually appear to believe that the white elites are consciously planning white people out of existence. Where is the rationale for that?

    • I think the comments made by JM are pretty valid. RACE IS A CULTURAL CONSTRUCT. It exists only in the human mind; it’s not real and it sure isn’t worth fighting (and killing) over.

      I hope one day our human society will progress beyond this viewpoint and move on to working together.

      Racism is primitive and stupid – get over it Jay.

  7. Jay. Man, Find a girlfriend love her treat her nice & have lots of babys.Hopefully they do not grow up to be know it all, arguementative little cunts like youself. Grow up pro fucking fessor!!! What school do you go to? who teaches you? Tell ya what,just to have fun with ya Look up muslim demographics on youtube. Thats out of date too, But hey sweet dreams. XOX.

    • You are going to need to have over 3 billion babies if you plan on reviving the white race, Jay. And you had better hope and pray that when you find a sucker to mate with that she doesn’t have some kind of South African heritage mixed in several generations ago or it won’t be legitimate.

    • You’ll be lucky to find any woman dumb enough to mate with since your lot have a propensity towards domestic violence and shambolic lifestyles, including a great familiarity with the inside of our prisons.

    • But how Jay? How can you have a baby? I mean, how can you be sure you’ll be continuing the white race?

      Imagine you meet a nice woman, have a few children with her, and then you find out later, much later, when recording family histories, that one great-great-great-great grandparent was black! Suddenly you’ll find that you’ve not been continuing the white race, you’ve been destroying it!

      The only solution, Jay, is you have to do full family histories, nay DEMAND full family histories from any and all potential conquests. It’s a win-win-you can ensure you don’t have any non-white blood in your children; and the women get to know early on that you’re a Stormfront member, and can avoid making the worst mistake of their life.

      BTW-Jewish people-white or not white?

      • Yep, lets not forget that Africans and Arabs once emigrated to large parts of Europe, why do you think the Spanish, italians and even some irish & english have such lovely olive skin?
        You don’t have to go back too far to find some ‘non-white’ DNA in all of us.

        • There were Phoenicians from the Middle East trading with the Brits on the Cornish coast 4000 years ago. If they didn’t leave behind offspring or take wives from the local population we would be very surprised.

  8. Quote: “we will get our retribution…”

    Tell you what mate, threaten my family and you’ll get what’s fucking coming to you.

  9. Australia is becoming a haven for parasites.

    Australia is becoming a haven for parasites.

    …people are so sympathetic towards boat people and immigrants.
    The fact is, these people who come over illegally or the Sudanese migrants brought over by the government for some completely idiotic and unknown reason are a burden!

    They have little to no English and communication skills; they have no formal education or suitable work skills to actually be a part of the Australian workforce.
    Therefore because they cant and some don’t want to work, they rely on our tax money for government hand outs…not to mention housing…which is raping our country….they exploit the country not embrace it

    They do not assimilate and hold there own medieval value’s

    People that want to come here and live need to hold the skills to a member of society

    Before you people start jumping on the racism bandwagon having a go at me, read the facts ^^^^^^^

    • Amazing how these threads bring out all the xenophobic grubs from the woodwork.

      Australia is a multicultural multi-ethnic society. It always has been. The Indigenous people had hundreds of different languages, dialects, customs and mythologies. Muslim Malay travellers from South-East Asia had regular contact and trade with them. There is compelling evidence that the Chinese may have made their way here long before European settlement.

      Get over it “realist” or GTFO. You lot are the parasites.

    • Don’t know where you get your information from, but the reason the Sudanese were “brought over” is hardly an unknown! The place is a fucking warzone!

      Try picking up a newspaper (not the Telegraph) once in a while and read the international news. To condemn people who’ve escaped those conditions paints you as nothing more than a festering grub cocooned in its own ignorance.

      • I don’t think the realist is coming back. When a racist is made to look stupid, they don’t necessarily return and discuss the errors of their ways, admitting that they didn’t fully understand. They go off elsewhere and post the same bullshit in hope of a crowd that will be equally as stupid and pat them on the back.

  10. Jay can you tell your friends at stormfront to stop sending me really hateful messages on my Racism in Australia video.

    A lot of them are comprehendable and purely racist. It feels like I have read the same message from 20 different people a day
    Some of them range from death threats –> to your generic “white genocide” speech.

    I am only one person,
    So lets just leave it as that.

  11. I know I already posted this on the other blog – that this article stemmed from, you can take this one off you want I just wanted to make sure Jay and his friends see it since it relates to them spamming on my Anti-racism video:

    GRRR – Within a day I recieved 20 messages saying the same thing on youtube “Anti-racism=Anti-white”, “your a Gook”, “You are racist against the white race cause you are supporting immigration it is supporting “white genocide etc.” “No non-anglo country has migration” etc.

    I’m sick of reading and replying thinking of shutting my account. But I don’t like backing down. They have the numbers and I’m only one person, gezz I hope they feel good about themselves for ganging up on people. Stupid, Moronic Bullies.

    “Anti-racism=Anti-white” That doesn’t make sense cause if you are anti anyone because of their race, that is racism. And if someone bashed someone up just because of they were Caucasian I would feel equally disgusted if it was someone of another race, because it is racism. So what they are saying is that they are anti-racism but only inclusive of Caucasians, therefore excluding non-caucasians. And I don’t know how my video about trying to make the media’s opinions more diverse is going against the caucasian race, Australia is a MULTICULTURAL country.
    NAme calling is childish

    WTF You are not getting your genitals mutated or locked in concentration camps, multiculturalism hasn’t stopped you from procreating. There is also a lack of mens rea for it to be genocide anyway, because majority of people do not migrate with the intention of wiping out Caucasians. I do realise in Australia during the stolen generation the government was trying to breed out Aboriginals by forcing them to have children with Caucasians therefore the skin gets lighter and lighter, which was seen in the movie “Rabbit Proof fence” and well documented. But no one is forcing Caucasians in Australia to do that, you can procreate with whomever you want, no laws stopping you.

    A lot of the neo-nazi’s are saying there’s no migration else where and a lot of them use Africa and Asian countries as an example. HOW THE HELL DID YOU THINK APARTHEID HAPPENED HUH? Plus there are Caucasians in Asian countries look at HK.

    Stop Harrassing me on Youtube and get a life

  12. There is something called natural patterns of migration. These patterns have determined matters such as the distribution of ethnic groups and skin colours and such. Thanks to quicker means of getting about these days, such as aircraft and so, these patterns have accelerated. These patterns have, in the past, allowed us honkies to prosper in parts of the world usually populated by those of the browner varieties. Anyway, I really can’t be rat-arsed going on about this anymore as I would only be preaching to the converted and your average racist moron would be twisting my point to serve their own asinine argument. But to get to the point; I really couldn’t give a flying one if all my descendants are brown and white people stop existing in the year 2200. Because we are all human beings after all. And only people with severe inferiority complexes get hung up about race.

  13. Reproductively compatible organisms cannot share the same biological niche (living space) and maintain their distinction.

    They will interbreed.

    As humans we are intelligent and we know this. We know that whether it’s plants, animals, or humans, reproductively compatible varieties will interbreed when they come into contact with each other — that is natural selection. No argument there.

    The point is this. If you have a specific variety of plant, animal (or human) and you deny them an exclusive living space — ie., you make it so that there is no place where only that variety lives — they are going to hybridize with other varieties and that unique type will go extinct.

    Is is this process natural? Yes. Is it ethical and desirable? Not necessarily. It becomes even more morally questionnable when members of that particular group are not permitted any place to go to live only among their own type, and it causes at least a portion of them distress because they do want to survive.

    Genocide does not occur only as a result of violence. It can result from denial of living space by introduction of other races into that space. In short, a race of people can be exterminated non-violently through intermarriage. It doesn’t matter that these people “want” to date the other races they come in contact with — they would have married Whites had their society been White. That’s why it’s genocide.

    Anyways, I’m not writing this to attempt to convince the author of this blog or his/her associates. I’m writing this for others who may happen to come across this conversation.

    There is nothing moral about insisting that European extinction is somehow “okay”. Obviously some people are not okay with it, and the argument that Whites can continue to have White babies in multiracial societies is invalid, given how natural selection works (more or less that we mate with whomever we come into contact with and happen to like).

    And while it will probably fall on deaf ears here, it bears reminding that caring about one’s ancestral preservation does not imply a will to harm other races, or to tell other Whites whom they can/cannot date. Whites who do want to survive simply want a place to live — their own biological niche. There’s nothing wrong with that, in no way does that suggest an “inferiority complex”, anymore than wanting to preserve the Kermode (Spirit) Bear or any other organism.

    It may or may not be worth mentioning, but I am university educated and I have a bachelor’s degree with honours in a social sciences discipline that pertains to human migration, societies and biogeography.

    I won’t be following this conversation hereafter.

    • We only have your word for it that you have university qualifications.

      In any case we know that David Irving the Holocaust denier, nutter and someone who shares your neo-Nazi views has a number of degrees from prestigious universities.

      Jim Saleam (heard of him?) has a Ph.D from the University of Sydney.

      None of those qualifications guarantees mental health. There are plenty of very smart people in psychiatric institutions. And some not yet treated who hook up with extremist far right groups.

      The white people here do not require a “biological niche”, especially alongside a bunch of Nazis, and the ethnic background of our partners and our children’s partners is unimportant to us.

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