Ass-Wipe Janet Shows Some Aussie Compassion


My grandfather spent his last few years in a nursing home, being looked after by aged care workers, several of whom were of Vietnamese, Filipino and Iranian backgrounds. Why did they have to look after his hygiene each day? Because they had escaped war-torn countries that had governments that were either powerless or corrupt. If they had died at sea, there would be fewer Australians willing to put up their hands to do the work that they did.

Fuck you Janet.

23 thoughts on “Ass-Wipe Janet Shows Some Aussie Compassion

  1. Right Janet… so people should be persecuted or killed in warzones so that Australian tax dollars can be spent on paying someone (presumably not a foreigner) to wipe your Nanna’s arse?

    What an idiot.

  2. Janet sounds amazingly bitter about the fact that she has to tend to her grandfather’s personal care. Clearly she’s bereft of the excellent family values and respect for the elderly to be found amongst those people she so clearly despises.

  3. People – settle down.

    I think it’s a typo.

    What she meant to say was:

    “I AM my 100 year old Nana’s bottom-wipe, mentally speaking.”

      • Welcome! Terror, 😀

        But Scott Pengelly & Scockadelic that contributed to our WWE tag team matches don’t visit us any more 😦

        • They’re too busy making mad, mad nationalist white love. They’re togeather ensuring that there’s enough of that tough white stuff out there into the world. No matter how sticky the situation gets.

          And as they are both protectionists, you’ll be happy to know that they’re using protection.

        • Ta all – nice to be back in the fray. 🙂

          Unfortunately I was overseas for a while amongst all those horrid foreigners where I could not speak the language, did not understand a lot of the culture and did not practice the same religion as the majority of the people there. Of course I should have been instantly locked up and then deported, preferably by boat, but instead I was treated well with dignity, respect and goodwill. Bloody foreigners with their bloody goodwill! It’s outrageous!

        • I myself feel sorry for all those foreigners living in Foreignland. How they understand each other when not one of the single buggers has the grace to learn English beats me.

  4. Just wondering… if she was wiping her Nanna’s bottom every day then one assumes she was around to do so, whenever it needed doing? So she wouldn’t have been working and, ergo, she would have received a Centrelink carer’s benefit, surely, or at the very least, the dole.

    So in essence, Australia’s tax dollars probably were paying for someone to wipe her Nanna’s arse. Paying…. Janet.

  5. After much thought, I think I’ve captured the essence of Janet’s message.

    Stuff detergents! Let the E. coli. bacteria seek death elsewhere. Why did I have to wipe my Nana’s 100yo arse?????? Because I don’t want to use non-biodegradable detergents! If you don’t like that, you can kiss my arse! But don’t forget to wipe it first! Look after what is in your own bloody back passage! Let the E. coli die in the bowl!

    Yeah, something like that.

  6. How can Janet bitch about Australians not getting support, when she was not willing to support her own Nanna by not looking after her personal needs?

    • According to her FB profile she digs The Circle and Channel Nine News. Both highly reliable sources of news and current affairs, and neither at all biased.

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