73 thoughts on “Repeat Offender Mitch Johns Turns On Aboriginals and Women

  1. Anyone want to let Peter Heliar know that this absolute piece of slime-ridden filth is using his photo as a profile pic?

    I know it’s all been said before but… how often do misogyny and racism go hand in hand? And it’s so blatantly obvious that people only find every possible excuse to hate others when they are trying to cover for their own massive insecurities. He’s only embarrassing himself, on top of being an absolute fucking idiot.

    • …and clearly he’s a psychopath. And a narcissist. But how did he become this? Where did he obtain these values? I shudder to think what the rest of his family must be like.

  2. What a disgusting bogan. I bet he and his disgusting family read Murdoch and watch TT or ACA.
    Bogans like him are full of prejudice, blind hatred and bigotry. I think it’s safe to say that a culling of the population of bogans may be necessary. It is either them or our more vulnerable communities such as the LBGT or asylum seekers.

    • Prevention is better than a cure. What we ultimately need is media that is more accountable when it provides misleading information. The amount of times TT has been proven by courts to have spouted lies, mistruths, half-truths and (basically) utter crap, and then the way it words its ‘retractions’ to make it sound like they aren’t really retractions… it’s an absolute joke. If they are found to deliberately mislead the public they should be hit with a severe penalty, such as being docked the advertising fees received on either side of the segment. It should be seen as profiting from crime, as far as I’m concerned, because it is a disgusting practice. The only way they’re going to stop is if it hits them in the hip pocket.

      That’s just my two cents on the matter, anyway. If you make the media more accountable to telling the truth then there wouldn’t be lies to back up their opinion with.

  3. As a close person to Mitch, You people have no idea. Apparently having a sense of humor, Making a humorous Facebook joke and having and expressing an opinion is a terrible thing and should be looked down upon!!

    You people are pathetic, get a life and get over monitoring the internet, being a little coward crucifying what everyone says.

    If you had the opportunity to say something to him in person, you wouldn’t…scared little pussies that hind behind a fake identity on THE INTERNET.

    To get this info someone would have to be friends with him on facebook, so who are you? whats your name?

    Oh PS, I bet he earns A LOT more money than you guys and OWNS outright a BRAND new car…So whatever you think he is, remember that.

    • “If you had the opportunity to say something to him in person, you wouldn’t…scared little pussies that hind behind a fake identity on THE INTERNET.”

      Spoken like a true champion of hiding behind a fake email address and not using your real name.

      Go away.

    • “I bet he earns A LOT more money than you guys and OWNS outright a BRAND new car…So whatever you think he is, remember that.”

      Wow…really? a BRAND new car?? Well that makes all the difference then…tell him his little lapdog has won us over and he’s free to be a racist, misogynist, knuckle-dragging bigot. We’ll overlook it because he, like, totally owns a BRAND new car. Outright and everything.

      By the way, “You’re all Tools”, I hope you appreciate the irony of accusing us of hiding on the INTERNET when you have a user name like that…

      P.S. – I also own outright a BRAND new car, I’m psyched to think of the ignorant, anti-social behaviour it entitles me to get away with.

    • Hey ‘Tools’,

      It’s not humorous. It’s a fucking disgrace, is what it is.

      Tell me your name and I’ll add you on Facebook anyday Toolie…

      Does he still have his super dooper amazing paying job? It was Alfasi Constructions right? Just thought I’d throw that in another time for Google.


      Much as I’m sure Mitch’s sweet ride is totes awesome and like omg the guys think it’s siiiiiick… we’re pretty much grown ups around here Toolie, we know there are people who earn well who are fuckwits and people who don’t earn much who are diamonds.

      And that’s on top of the stupidity of your trying to assume what other people earn. After all, we’re just faceless presences on “THE INTERNET”.

      You’re a moron. About the only thing good about your post was that it was so fucking stupid it gave me a giggle.

    • He owns a BRAND NEW CAR!!???!!! WOW!!!! he also threatens women with violence, sees them as nothing more than “sluts” and enjoys the news of innocent people drowning en-masse. Oh wait, he owns a brand new car…

    • Ahhhh, the old, he’s just expressing his opinion argument, with the added, ‘You have no life’ and ‘He’s got more money than you’ garnishes. How devastatingly original…

      Note; He’s perfectly entitled to have an opinion. Not denying that. HOWEVER, I am also entitled to my opinion that his opinion is utter bullshit. I’m also entitled to my opinion that I dont care if he’s got enough money and cars to rival the fucking Sultan of Brunei, he’s still a small-minded, racists, sexist bigot.

      Just cause he’s posted his opinion does not mean people do not have the right to criticise him for having a misguided opinion. It’s not a fait accompli that everyone is going to agree with him. I really am getting tired of the ‘it’s just my opinion and I’m entitled to it’ defence when people are called out on their bigoted garbage.

      As for the ‘humourous’ facebook joke he’s alledged to have posted, could you please show me where he’s done that? All I saw was a bigoted line that’s been around since Adam was a baby.

    • He may earn more money then me. But my job satisfaction is a lot higher, that’s for sure! Anyway, money means sfa in the scheme of things.

    • You’s [sic] are all tools — So he’s a capitalist prick as well as a knobjockey?
      Believe me, I’d say something to the idiot in person, al right. I’d say the same to you if you weren’t such a coward hiding behind a screen name.
      Your choice of friends shows that you’re just as fucked-up as he is.
      Put that in your ice-pipe and smoke it, you tool.

    • He owns a car!


      Wow. Um… does that mean he has the right to be a total knob? Must be in some childish world.

      Here’s a word for you that you may not have heard before. Repercussions.

      This is what happens in the adult world. In the adult world we’ll laugh at genuinely funny. But if you don’t understand the repercussions of your actions, and the way it impacts on others, you’ll quickly discover how hard it will bite you on the arse.

      And this is the repercussion of Mitch’s behaviour. He has been lined up and humiliated in the same way that he does to others. Clearly, he just like you, don’t like it. Now that the joke is on the other foot, what do you have to say for the matter?

      Oh… He owns his own car.

      Fucking hell… Grow up kiddies…. seriously.

  4. I dont need to reveal my identity..Just for cowards to do Google searches…As I said to you i am a close friend to Mitch…funny how you all spend your life revolving around what everyone else is doing on the internet……while people are going forward with there life’s earning an amazing salary….You Sir are Pathetic.

    Oh also, I am currently at work now getting paid nicely to do fuck all!!but laugh at this Sites halfwit remarks…BRILLIANT!

    whats you email address? HA!

    crawl back in your hole mate. TA TA

      • oh you’re one of those people who thinks that any man with an expensive car or a bit of cash has a small penis, showing your true ignorance…people like yourself allow people like mitch to pull you apart and you deserve every bit of it

        • Two things:

          1. People who have nice cars don’t have small dicks. My husband has a very enviable car and I can vouch for his masculinity. The point was that people who get onto Internet forums trying to hand themselves moral, intellectual and general lifestyle victories over people they don’t know by using materialistic (and non-provable) capital are generally trying to make up for a deficiency elsewhere, usually in the pants region.

          2. Mitchell hasn’t pulled anyone apart. He’s been getting his ‘friends’ to try.

        • *Should have.

          Tsk tsk… lecturing people on stupidity again whilst using such poor grammar.

          Misogyny and racism, once again, hand in hand. It’s about the only long-term coupling likely to be present in this poor boy’s life.

    • So…..it’s a sign of weakness that we aren’t showing our identity. But when you don’t do it….it’s just because it’s your right.

      Double standard!

    • I don’t care if Mitch drives a gold plated Rolls-Royce and wipes his arse with $100 bills. He’s still a racist, sexist little wanker.

      That’s the real point.

    • I love it when the ultimate ambition of a bogan is to get paid as much as possible to do as little as possible. Yep. ah huh… that’s what success is all about. Doing fuck all in life. Ahhhuuh… Yep.

      Yay you! Go you good thing. Enjoy that.

      personally, I’d rather be paid for doing something I love, than doing as little as possible. Must be shit boring to be you.

    • Toolman,
      I can’t believe how stupid you are (actually I can) to attempt to reply after your stupidity was grandstanded.
      The reason you are at work doing fuck all, is because you know fuck all and are incapable of contributing fuck all., this is quite evident in the posts you have provided here.
      You accused people of being cowards for hiding their identity but you hide your own. Your logic for this is because you do not want the “cowards” to Google your name. So you are being cowardly in fear of cowards coming after you, the logic in that is quite fascinating.
      Usually the ill thought out responses here are good for a giggle, but you Mr Toolman are in a laugh-less league of your own.
      Whilst you are at work doing “fuck all” I will leave you with a few words to ponder over:


      Now Mr Toolman, have I confused you? Have I thrown a spanner in your non works?
      Have a nice day fuckwit!

    • It’s great, isn’t it? What’s funny is when someone dumb enough to not only say “you’s” but put it down in writing as a valid word goes on to try to act higher than thou about the intelligence of others.

      Sorry Tools, you gave yourself away there, you troglodyte.

      PS –

      “I dont need to reveal my identity..”

      “scared little pussies that hind behind a fake identity on THE INTERNET.”

      Epic Fail, Toolie.

  5. hahahaha trying to have a battle of intellect on the internet!!! PATHETIC

    picking on a word or two that’s misspelled …that your rebuttal?

    I’m not writing an essay for an English exam, you fucking twits.

    This keeps getting better, more, more, more!! 😀

    • Poor deluded toolie, he thinks we’re engaged in a battle of intellect when we’re merely amusing ourselves with his childish retorts.
      I’m guessing, from the tone of his posts, his obsession with how much people earn and his appalling grammar, his job where he gets “paid nicely to do fuck all” is actually toolie code for “my bedroom in my parents house”.

    • As a non racist, You racists have no idea. Apparently having a sense of humor, making fun of racists on Facebook and having and expressing an opinion is a terrible thing and should be looked down upon!!

      You racists are pathetic, get a life and get over other peoples skin colour, stop being a little coward crucifying people over something that makes them no different to anyone else.

      If you had the opportunity to say something to me in person, you wouldn’t…scared little pussies that hind behind a fake identity on THE INTERNET.

      Oh PS, I bet I earn A LOT more money than you, I OWN outright THREE BRAND new cars…So whatever you think I am, remember that.

    • A word or two that’s misspelled? Not at all, Toolie. Just commenting on the bogan calling card of the word ‘You’s’. It’s not a misspelling, it’s an aberration. lol

      I would play a guessing game about where Toolie works but he would take it to heart, poor lad.

      I’m happy for him that he gets paid nicely. It would be a shame for him to be paid nastily. We could all learn from this concept… a smiley face on my payslip wouldn’t go astray.

  6. Now that ^^^^^ makes me laugh HAHAHA

    Fell better now? arrrrrr, I know I do. There’s not an obsession with money, but money makes the world go round.

    without money in life, there’s nothing…Everybody goals in life is too have the best career possible….Unless (like yourself) your happy to be on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum…

    So if you want to believe your own lies, good luck! enjoy the fact a 19YO earns double your salary!!

    • Go on then Toolio, impress us all with your giant salary. I await the asronomical number with zero anticipation…

      Not that it matters. When you grow up you’ll realise that the size of your salary is like the size of your penis…the only person who cares is you and only bogans brag about the size of either of them.

      • I used to work for a prestige car brand and you could always tell the customers who really had money, coz they didn’t act like it. The ones who came in dressed like they were going to party with President Bling or have an interview at Investment Bankers R Us were usually only trying to scam a test drive, or trying to buy a car they probably couldn’t afford and definitely couldn’t afford to maintain.

        Then there were the people who came in wearing fluoro fleece jumpers (inside out) and bike pants, who would buy 500K worth of motor vehicles and then jump back on their bicycle and cycle home.

        In the event, Toolie, that you do have any serious bank (which I doubt, but regardless)… all you’ve done is prove that it can’t buy brains or class. lol

    • You might want to stop assuming that:

      (a) you earn more than the average poster at our website;
      (b) your (apparently large) salary is a reflection of your intelligence (as it’s clearly not);
      (c) that earning money excuses a person from acting like a complete bell-end (as it doesn’t).

      Also, nobody owns brand new cars. As soon as a person owns a brand new car, it becomes a used car. Just sayin’.

    • I wanted to reply to every comment & point ( I use the word loosely) you made, but all my responses lead to just one word, so I thought I’d spare the trouble & just use the word.


    • Fuck, Toolie, I want to know how you know all of our salaries? Oh, you’re 19, that explains alot. Oh and since you’re so obsessed with money and all I own two cars and a house outright fucknuckle, none of it excuses me to be a racist fucktard.

    • “without money in life, there’s nothing” Are you sure tools? As money was not always around and without money people still got on with life.

      And as everyone owns different amount of money, what actually is your “salary”?

  7. *you’re

    What do you earn then, Mr 19 Year Old Fantastico? Let us know so we can all have a laugh… err, I mean, bask in the awe of your earnings.

  8. I do hope Mitch and his mate make the most of their money. Because in twelve months time when Australia starts experiencing the full repercussions of the current European crisis and the world’s other associated economic woes (such as America’s recession hit economy and the gradual tailing off in Chinese manufacturing) CUBs such as they will either find themselves suddenly unemployed and unemployable (thanks to their lack of any qualifications past high school) or their wages to be cut drastically (should they be lucky). However, they should be so lucky to have the intelligence which would allow them the foresight of just how the shit’s going to be seriously hitting the economic fan soon and so prepare for it. Anyway, should you be in the market for hotted up Falcon or Commodore wait twelve months, because there shall be a glut of them going quite cheaply from about then.

  9. Dear Mitch Bieber’s little buddy.

    You and Mitchy boy seem to be very proud of the fact that you get paid good money for doing absolutely nothing while on the clock. Did it ever occur in those tiny bogan brains of yours that it is that attitude exactly which has allowed immigrants who arrive in Australia to thrive and prosper with their humble attitudes and good work ethics?

    How does it feel to know that no matter how much money you make, you’ll never be seen as anything but a worthless bogan fuckwit?

    Why are you so proud of the fact that you can bludge all day at work and get paid? I assure you, there is nothing better than coming home after a hard day at work and knowing – fucking knowing – that you earned every single dollar, no matter how few there may be.

    If you display this brazenly half-hearted attitude towards your job, you have no right complaining about immigrants who risk their lives to come here. You’ll only have yourself to blame when your bosses finally wise up and give you the sack in order to make way for somebody who’ll put a bit more heart in their work.

  10. I just came home having completed a ten hour nightshift, a shift where I did NOT sit around doing f*** all. But it did make my blood boil thinking about those tossers who sabotage our nation’s economy by going to work, doing f*** all and thus not contributing anything to overall productivity, and then get paid for it.

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