TAB’s Christmas Eid al-Adha Diwali Hannukah Special Festive Edition

Every year at this time, and quite often throughout the year, we see and hear the continual bogot lament about Christmas.

According to them, Christmas has been somehow banned in our public schools and by local Councils, people are not “allowed” to wish each other Merry Christmas, Muslims want Christmas banned etc etc ad nauseam

Some time back TAB posted the burblings of a fake nonentity calling itself “Awol Partydrunk”, who had sent a message to a young Muslim woman. We believe “Awol” has thankfully disappeared from Facebook, presumably up his own arse.

We are waiting for the bogotariat to present us with ANY proof that Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, Santas or any other festive paraphenalia has been banned from anywhere in Australia. However, proof and evidence are dirty words in the bogotverse, and they love posting misleading emotive rubbish like this to fire up the rabble.

Merry Christmas

In fact if we were one of the US soldiers pictured we’d be insulted to think that picture was being misused by the very racist and bigoted ratbags who are the real enemies of a free society.

Auburn NSW has a Muslim population of about 16% of a total population of 79,000. The local Mayor is a Muslim, as are many of the Councillors. According to bogot mythology there should be strong resistance to, if not an outright ban, on Christmas celebrations.

Not so.

Christmas decorations in Auburn

Christmas decorations in Auburn

Christmas tree Auburn

Christmas tree Auburn

And you want to know where the sole instance of Christmas decorations being “banned” that we came across originates from?

one small town in Israel

And it is certainly not a universal practice in Israel.

Christmas tree in Jerusalem

And according to a Jewish writer, a rabbi,  this is what happens in London

We’ll let Jon Stewart have the last word.



A happy festive season to all our fans and friends of all faiths and none. Bah humbug to our enemies

6 thoughts on “TAB’s Christmas Eid al-Adha Diwali Hannukah Special Festive Edition

  1. Hear bloody hear!

    I work in the city centre, in a building that holds employees of pretty much every demographic you’d find in modern Australian society… all different ethnicities, heritages, accents, and religions. There are even Muslim people who work in my building (egads bogots, don’t pee your pants reading about it)! And from personal desks to common areas to the foyer to the food court… surfaces are covered in tinsel and trees, bunting and baubles, Santas and stockings. There are fairy lights, massive glowing stars, holly and ivy…. all the bells and whistles.

    And even stranger still… every building I’ve been into in the multicultural hub of the city has been the same. There’s even a building at the end of one street that has a Christmas tree in its glass atrium that must be two or three storeys high – you can see it from 5 blocks away. And there are banners in the streets, put up by the council, wishing people a Merry Christmas. Trees in public squares and spaces across the city. Bus drivers are decorating their bus cabs with trees and tinsel, some drivers are wearing Santa hats.

    Did anyone watch Carols in the Domain on TV over the weekend? If you could jam in any more Christmassy songs (between live crosses to flog products, I’ll give you that) then I’ll eat my hat.

    All of this in a time of the imminent banning of Christmas? If it’s happened, I think the few million people in this city missed the memo. Coz, y’know… they’re even still giving us a few days off for it, even though it’s apparently been cancelled.

    So far, I’ve not heard a whimper of complaint about all the decorations, the carols, etc, from any migrant or person of non-white European extraction or who practises a non-Christian denomination of faith. In fact, the only time in the past few months I’ve heard anyone voice any derision about Christmas decorations or carols or greetings has been the bogots’ favourite people: white Australians of European descent, complaining about how they put the decorations and such in the shops too early, that it’s too commercial, that people are too greedy (and yet, somehow, I’ve yet to see one of them say ‘I don’t want any presents this year, I’m going to make a charitable donation to a homeless charity or to the Salvos or Vinnies instead – because I bleat so much about their plight when I’m being a complete and utter dickwad about refugees – and please make a donation on my behalf instead of buying me a new power tool/phone/TV/DVDs/games console/fishing rod/etc that I don’t actually need but I just want it, coz THAT’S HOW MUCH I CARE ABOUT THE FABLED AUSSIE BATTLER’. Funny that…).

    You would think someone should call Today Tonight and tell them that the memo hasn’t been made clear enough that Christmas has been cancelled, coz then, yknow… they might be able to tell people so that they know.

    But I guess TT is too busy blaming migrants for three generation families of dole bludgers who won’t get off their arse during a skills shortage and get a fucking job. Those damn migrants, how dare they be willing to work?! The cheek of them. But that’s a whole other rant isn’t it….

  2. I had an argument with an anti-refugee person, face-to-face a few weeks ago. One of her accusations regarding the zillions and gazillions of demonic hordes bashing down the gates of fortress Aussieland was that “they” are trying to ban Christmas. Who, I enquired, are “they”? “Them”. She wasn’t taking the piss either.

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