13 thoughts on “Speak English Or Fuck Off #724

  1. You have to love the (unintentional of course) irony of someone getting stuck into someone else for not speaking English when they post drivel like that… My Bogot to English decoder ring just went out on strike and is picketing my computer.

  2. I believe that is a legitimate complaint….

    Why should people have to put up with non-English speaking doctors? Whoever runs this blogsite needs a life

  3. My Bogan –> Englilsh Inference Engine crashed 😦
    But I’m with the bogans on this one, because language is an innate brain feature that makes us human & the human brain having a specific area dedicated to language there is no excuse not to master one.

    So if you don’t know any other language than English? then yes! “Speak English or Fuck Off!!”

    On a completely unrelated matter, the following video made me contemplate.

  4. Hah, this chick went to my high school throughout my grade apparently. Deary deary, however do such contradictory bigots amass?

    Oh, that’s right – ignorance!

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