4 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Rally in Sydney Attracts Over 10,000

  1. Good to see the support for this, looks like a nice day over in Sydney too.

    Disappointed with the PM’s stance to be honest.

    This Bill will pass, it has the support of Australian.

    The vast majority have no problem with two people in love wanting to get married, regardless of their partners gender.

    A step forward.


    • Lol…so at the moment they’re living in sin?? Disgraceful! 😉
      I love the sign about registering at DAvid Jones…at least gay people have a sense of humour, all the signs at the anti-gay marriage protest (99% of which were held by people over 60) in the Herald Scum yesterday were the usual crap about children need a mother and a father or stealing the word marriage. If they’re the best reasons they can come up with for continuing to discriminate then I don’t hold out much hope for their campaign.

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