Deni Pasic – “Sluts Until Proven Untrue”

Meet Australia’s latest arsehat, Deni Pasic. Are you a girl? Apparently you’re a slut until ‘proven untrue’. Simply meeting this guy and telling him that he’s a turdburger and walking away from him would prove that you wouldn’t lower yourself to the point of sexual interaction with him. Oh how I’d love all females in our country to prove themselves untrue sluts to Deni.

Note: Deni has a fascination with not only ‘sluts’, but also 15 inch black cocks. Go figure.

38 thoughts on “Deni Pasic – “Sluts Until Proven Untrue”

    • …and judging by Deni’s attitude I would say he’s not getting any. Which is just as well, because he sure as Hell doesn’t have much to contribute to the gene pool.

    • Where does it say “friends only”? Can’t see it on any of the screenshots.

      And if you are going to suggest that it was cut off, then how do you know it was listed as friends only? Are you friends with every single person reported on this site?

      Or is it the case that this person, after being exposed here, heightened the security on his profile, at which you checked out his profile and thought “The TAB! They’re hacking magicians!”

  1. You say you only repost comments and posts that were public in the first instance, and yet this one is clearly marked “friends only”. Why would that be?

  2. LOL. You’re way out of your depth. You children and female schoolteachers who “teach” at Catholic schools in Fitzroy have bitten off way more than you could ever chew. If you were truly in the loop of Chris Merrett’s family instead of being in touch with the outcast communist/muslims you are you would know for a fact Chris is in Haltom City, Texas and has been since the 14th of December. Way better than being in West Sunshine with a dying fat diabetic draining your resources wouldn’t you say ?

  3. LOL we’ll see. Tell me this. If you think that Chris Merrett has a court date in Melbourne in March. What the hell would he be doing in Texas? Would be difficult to get a visa while on bail don’t you think ? Deny who uses this blog til the cows come home. I promise it won;t change a thing or get any one of you off the hook.

  4. And I suppose none of you go to uni in caulfield, TAFE nursing courses in gippsland, or work a few hours a week in a fruit and veg shop while pretending it’s a full time gig? LOL. Give it up.

    • This is the same shtick you did with “Ralph Ball”. Remember him? You pretend to be the “reasonable man” warning people about your ensemble cast of Big Bad Nazis. This might work on kiddies. But difference is there are no kiddies here.

      You really are lonely aren’t you. Getting pretty desperate when you have to dialogue with people who loathe you and your fucked-up ideology.

  5. ” Mind you we wouldn’t tell you if there were.”

    No body’s asking for confirmation or denials from you . We know what we know and will take whatever action we please,as we always do.and always will. Anyway, for now, you’re dismissed.

    • Another proxy server? Go hard old boy we’re not really interested in your delusional entitlement episodes. But it’s amusing to watch. So tell us, what screwed you up? The Catholic school you went to? Your old man -war veteran wasn’t he? PTSD – nasty stuff.

      However if you tell us anything, even if it is true, we will take it with a grain of salt because you are a known serial liar.

      IP Address:
      ISP: Network Operations Center
      Region: New York (US)

  6. and oh yes, you bully very easily, hence your paranoia re being identified, but too late. That horse has well and truly bolted,

  7. mmm, that’s odd, considering not a single one of those IP addresses is located in Victoria, which is where, by your own admission Merrett was based when he was in Australia. I wonder why that would be? LOL. Tryhards.

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