An open letter to Emma West, the racist on the tram

Posted by Rae ⋅ November 29, 2011 ⋅

Emma West

Dear Emma,

You don’t know me. You’re not even aware of my existence, and you’ll never meet me. However, thanks to the power of the internet and the quick thinking of a young woman with a smartphone on the Croydon Tramlink last Sunday, I know of you. I’ve watched you repeatedly as you spat your racist venom all over a tram carriage full of non-whites, while your child sat on your lap.

We’re both 34, Emma. We both grew up in Britain and are both British. That’s where our common ground ends. You wouldn’t be able to tell what my background is from my face or accent, but I am one of the myriad people to whom you object so revoltingly strongly. My father is an immigrant. He’s lived, raised a family, educated his children, built a business and paid taxes in this country. He and his fellows are the backbone of this nation’s economy and culture; they are part of Britain’s history and her future.

Only you and your ilk are blind to this rather obvious fact.

Let me tell you a little bit about Britain, my dear.

Britain’s days as a colonial power ended long ago. Because Britannia so plundered and abused the countries that formed part of her ‘glorious’ empire, her subjects had no option but to come to Britain and build lives for themselves. Not only that, but Britain actively encouraged immigration to rebuild the country after a devastating war in which colonial subjects fought alongside white Britons. And not only that, but Britain has always been a racial melting pot. ALWAYS. You need only look at a history book to see that.

But someone like you won’t do that, will you? It’s far easier for you to remain ignorant and bigoted, to be fed outdated views that have been spoon-fed to you by other, equally ignorant and bigoted individuals. You have a distorted view of history, a perverse sense of your own racial superiority and your place in a modern society.

Forgive me for shattering your illusions, Emma, but “your Britain” doesn’t exist. It hasn’t existed for a long time, and her current survival is to be credited entirely to immigrants. All those jobs that you pass up because they’re ‘beneath’ you? They go to immigrants. The jobs to which you may aspire – though aspiration may be beyond you – will never be yours, because you’re simply too uneducated and ignorant to work in them. So you see people who aren’t the same colour as you making their way in life, while you sway drunkenly on a tram and berate them in the vilest of terms.

So now you’re on remand, charged with a racially aggravated public order offence. No doubt your cause will be championed by the National Front and the EDL. You’ll be a martyr in their eyes when you’re convicted, even if the sentence is little more than a fine. You’ll achieve a degree of fame within a very narrow circle, and notoriety in the wider community. You’ll be reviled, possibly attacked, and you’ll never find work with that kind of offence on your criminal record. Who wants to employ a convicted racist? Tell you what, luv, my dad certainly doesn’t.

What about your poor child? Using that kind of language around him is one disgusting thing; doing it in public is worse; and using it to express the hateful and hate-filled views that you espouse in public is utterly unacceptable. What kind of life are you giving him? And what life will he have once you’re convicted? Because believe you me, you certainly will be convicted.

We have laws against your actions, and laws against your views, precisely because they are unacceptable in a civilised, multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial society. The law sanctions them because they cannot and will not be tolerated in Britain.

This is the Britain you live in, Emma. Welcome.


41 thoughts on “An open letter to Emma West, the racist on the tram

    • I’d say you’d be used to disasters Darrin, what with your failed political career, failed sex store career, failed revolutionary career, numerous failed political events, and general failure as a human being….but with your recent decision to start supporting the murder on children, you’re going to fail on a whole new level.

      You know what happens in prison to guys who kill kids, or support someone who does? You think a weasly looking guy who targets the innocents and most vulnerable will get the most respect?

      • And, with another look at Cheapies morals, here he is again on Ander Behrin Breivik, who was declared insane by the vast Islamo-Multicultural-Socialist-Capitalist-Secret Lizard people-Channel 10-UN conspiracy (According to Darrin Hodges)

        “Finding him insane means the multiculturalists can absolve themselves of responsibility from radicalising him as a result of their ideology: multiculturalism. Now they can just keep him permanently medicated and out of the way.”

        So just to be clear, Darrin Hodges believes that if a government puts in place a policy that you disagree with, if you decide and go to kill a bunch of kids, it’s the governments fault!

        I wonder, Darrin, would you accept that justification if the positions were reversed, and attacks were made against an APP government? Or is it a case that the APP’s entire morality base and policies are made up of double standards and underlied by the simple phrase we all grww out of when we were two “I should be allowed to do whatever I want, because I say so!”

    • I’m sorry to break this to you Darrin but the British empire added to the multiculturalism of Australia despite efforts to ignore the existence of the ancestors of today’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Culture from Britain was added to the mix of various cultures from all the different Indigenous nations including a new language. If white British people had such an issue with multiculturalism and multi-ethnicity they shouldn’t have colonised places which already had people and culture.

    • Honest question, Darrin: does your anger and vitrol stem from your upbringing? Or from the fact that despite being a member of the race which is potrayed as superior and beautiful by media the world over, you are still unequivocally one of the ugliest human beings to exist?

      I suppose being appointed a public office and drawing pay from the state coffers is the only way somebody with your skills and intelligence could ever hope to afford a Russian mail order bride.

      • “Or from the fact that despite being a member of the race which is potrayed as superior and beautiful by media the world over”

        I take it then you’re not a believer in ‘truth in advertising’ ?

        “you are still unequivocally one of the ugliest human beings to exist?”

        I’d rather be the ugliest white person in existence than the product of a ‘lesser god’.

  1. It’s nothing new, I’ve experienced highly racist behavior in the Melbourne tram… hard to swallow as myself a human rights activist… it happens, our law enforcement officials are not willing to address these issues. I know we have to combat racism but I do not know how when our government departments are not really keen to solve the problems.

  2. Re open letter to emma, so you say you are also British and grew up also in Britain then you go on to say your father raised family and had business etc in Australia , so confused as to how you grew up in Britain.. So you would like Australia to go down the road of Britain yet its unlikely you lived in England for more than few years of your childhood, what sad state of affairs is that country in… Racism is problem world wide and until such time that people except the new culture or the way of life in the country that emigrate too. and leave there old life behind them things will not change.. in fact Holland has moved to change the multicultural laws as finding its making a nation within a nation. therefore perhaps you would like to research that and post it on your website… sometimes and do say sometimes people who keep saying they have or are experiencing Racism do really have problem which really is not related to Racism but more in there mind… yes we have nut cases that go off the planet in public at Muslim etc and you are quick to post it on web..
    but when do you post the good and kind things that are done to help others that come to live in Australia. .. yes by all means post such things but would also be nice to see and read acts of kindness as positive step in building the bridge to better Australia…

    • Assimilation is bullshit. I am incredibly proud of my Persian-Iranian heritage, my family celebrates Persian New Year and we all speak Persian/Farsi and we are still emotionally close to our family in Iran (and in other parts of the world). I am also an Australian who is well in touch with the general Australian culture (a large part of which is British but also a mixture of other cultures). I function in the society and live quite comfortably. My family has integrated perfectly well WITHOUT having to abandon our heritage (that would be assimilation).

      If you really believe we should all leave our background cultures behind then how would you defend the existence of the Union Jack (which comes from somewhere else) on our national flag?

      My family’s celebration of our Persian heritage is really not that different from “family tradition” type things that some people have. It’s just something that is important to us. It doesn’t have to be important to anybody else and shouldn’t bother anyone else either. Would you expect all families in the country to have EXACTLY the same customs? I doubt it. You’re using an irrational fear of “foreign” cultures as an excuse to blame the victim.

      Unity makes no sense without an appreciation of diversity. It’s just monotony otherwise. BORING!

    • Also, at no point in the letter does the writer mention Australia. The assumption would be that the writer’s father runs the business in Britain.

      • Yep, you better believe I’m still going…

        When was the last time you had a kebab or pizza or Thai food? None of those things would be in Australia if it weren’t for our exposure to the cultures they relate to.

        Also, if it bothers you that somebody is connected to a culture which you see as being foreign to Australian culture, just pretend they’re just interested in studying that culture. I mean, a large part of my family’s connection to our heritage is the food we eat, the parties we have, the way we dance, the music we listen to, etc. I know a girl who is interested in all those aspect of Indian culture(s) and she is not Indian. I know people who are fascinated by Egyptian culture and are not Egyptian. Think of it as a personal area of interest.

        Whilst I’m ranting, I’d also like to point out that the woman in the video has a go at people for the way they look. How can she tell simply by looking at them whether or not they have “left their old way of life behind”?

        • “When was the last time you had a kebab or pizza or Thai food?”

          I think chances are good that Barry’s culinary experiences extend to fish, chips, and the occassional meat pie. Pardon me for answering a question posed to Barry, but I doubt he’ll do you the courtesy of giving you a response; even his pea-brain should (emphasis on should) be able to figure out that no matter what answer he gives you, it’ll still prove he’s an idiot.

    • Hey Barry, why don’t you learn to write a coherent sentence before you start talking about how other cultures have to “except the new culture or the way of life in the country that emigrate too”.

      In my experience, people who demand a policy of cultural assimilation, are the same sort of people who refuse to even offer immigrants from another country a chance. Chances are high that if a person advocates assimilation, he or she is also the sort of person who’d begin a sentence with “I’m not a racist, but…”

      Crack open another VB and go back to watching Rompa Stompa, Barry; leave the discussion to the grown ups.

  3. Just out of interest, is Persia and Iran pretty much the same thing? I hear plenty of people say they are Persian and I’m not really sure what it means.

    • Quite a number of people use Persian and Iranian interchangeably. I usually use it to refer to an ethno-linguistic group, kind of like the word Arab. As for the language, Persian is basically the English word for Farsi. Kind of like German and Deutsch.

  4. How Foolish and rather stupid you all are, I really enjoy now and then coming onto this website that is so full of hate and use bad English and grammar, and then sit back and see reaction, along with comments…..
    at no point did I say leave your culture behind….. I said leave your old life behind.
    said nothing about culture.. Aussie don’t have true culture of its own as it already had
    mixed culture from time of settlement… you fools.

    Not one of you’s picked up on my comments about Holland, because you are all so full hate and dislike for others, what stupid comment and have another VB, also comment assimilation is Bullshit, that’s the very reason Holland is moving to change, as they finding
    they are becoming a nation with nation.

    OH BY THE WAY we have 3 different culture which one of them is Muslim, within so
    before you write about other people, you better make sure whether they are Australian..

    • “I really enjoy now and then coming onto this website that is so full of hate and use bad English and grammar,..”

      Darling, your grasp of our language is appalling. It reflects your faux intellect.

  5. YEP MINDMADEUP, see you haven’t changed you are more worried about addressing Language skills and again that’s very reason I go to such trouble to use appalling English and will continue because I know how it p—— you and other off, and you never fail to comment .. so give you 100% .
    perhaps one day you will address the issue and not attack people as you continue to do and that the reason your emails go to junk mail then decide if have the time to spare…

    all I find is the hate you and some of your supporter have for others… not sure which I have the greatest pity for, you and those supporter or the Racist
    as for all the foul Language you and some of your supporter use. well think you should not be throwing stones when living in glass house..
    quested was asked do you want to go down the road of UK with all its hate etc, nothing wrong with bringing one culture to this country, just leave the Hate back in your home country and lets build one Australia for all cultures of the world that seeks a better life.

    Also made remark about Holland, why didn’t you research that issue and make comment
    as that country has seen the writing on the wall and is moving to change the multiculturalism policy maybe for better or maybe not remains to be seen…

    for the fools who make stupid comments, within our family we have 4 different cultures
    which one is also a Muslim and we have no problems within the family, its rather enjoyable at meal times to enjoy food from 4 different culture.

    So you can continue on with you Hate and negative remarks,as all that breeds is
    the same, so I will continue to address your emails to my junk mail and look in once in while when I have time to waste.

    • “YEP MINDMADEUP, see you haven’t changed you are more worried about addressing Language skills and again that’s very reason I go to such trouble to use appalling English and will continue because I know how it p—— you and other off, and you never fail to comment .. so give you 100% .”

      Hey Barry, you know what will piss us off no end? If you were to swallow an entire bottle of the strongest over-the-counter pain medication you can find and then chase it all down with an entire bottle of the finest, cheapest vodka available at your local bottle shop.

      Seriously, do that. I promise you it’ll cause every one of your detractors (me included) here at TAB a great deal of consternation.

    • No one is actually offended or upset by your lack of ability to construct a sentence, Barry.

      It’s simply the height of irony that many of the subjects of this site claim cultural and intellectual superiority over other ethnic/religious groups when they lack something as simple as a basic understanding of the use of their own language.

      Sometimes it’s too easy to point out that the fact that these individuals can’t use a full stop does nothing to support their claim of superiority.

      It’s akin to a frail eighty-year-old with dementia claiming they’re a better cricketer than Michael Clarke.

    • Saying his lack of English skill is on purpose is a typical troll reply to excuse his low intelligence.
      Personally, I’d rather be surrounded by multiculturalism than overt racism as displayed by Barry.

    • So, Darrin, just so we all know, what conditions would have to be in place for you to support the murder of this woman’s child? I know currently you wouldn’t kill him, but we also know murdering children is something you’re in favour with, on specific circumstances. We’d just like to know what those circumstances are.

  6. What great website still full of hate for those they feel don’t meet there level of IQ
    though English skills..

    gnbraunGNBRAUN.. so English skill is sign low make me laughs…
    your comment about rather being surrounded by Multiculturalism. the question is how much are you surrounded by at any one time and as for me being Racist, so guess having several cultures within my Family, which include a Arab Muslim must make me Racist.. . Really make me wonder what have to do not to be Racist please help me and enlighten me…. think all you do is talk the talk but fail to walk the walk..

    Like said you spread hate and nothing more all one has to do is scroll down to bottom of page, one doesn’t need much intelligence to understand why the website had to close down before… , continue to direct this website to my funk box and when have time to waste and need laugh and think perhaps sometime in future it will really address the issues.

    Not ONE PERSON.. has commented about the changes to Hollands Multiculturalism
    and the changes that coming into place in Holland as government doesn’t believe its working and they need to change direction… the question remain is it going to be right direction remain to be seen.

    • Hey barry, a reason no one has responded to your Holland comments as it was swimming in a massive paragraph of text without breaks, punctuation, or a sensical structure. I had to use the find tool to find it:

      “in fact Holland has moved to change the multicultural laws as finding its making a nation within a nation. ”

      Which laws are they changing and how? No mockery, no cynicism, just would like to hear more about this from your sources.

  7. JM, Pleased you found the find Tool, Now regardless of whether person English etc is good or bad the subject of Racism should be the issue being addressed,Like you said without Mockery and cynicism..

    Now in regard to Holland changes to its Multicultural Laws. I came across it on the Web.. pity I did not download it and keep it on file, what can remember its a Bill put forward
    by senior member and passed by the government. and if my memory serve me correct its due to come into force either 2012 or 2013.
    also from what can remember it had some very valid points, Perhaps this website can also try to track it down , and also pass comment ..
    I will try to see if can revisit the site and forward it, at the time was just surfing the net and not really looking for anything special,, until then why doesn’t everybody that has true interest in helping to resolving Racism also try to locate these policies that Dutch
    government is bringing in, and perhaps we will all learn whether it going to be good or bad..

    My View is the day this website stop dishing out Mockery and Cynicism . and pay full attention to the issues at hand it be great website because it does appear to have access to all forms of government Papers etc

    • Barry, we don’t need any government policy changes on “multicultural laws” made here. We just need to grow up and accept we are a country made up of immigrants and we always have been, and we have had a peaceful existence through it all (apart from the initial invasion) and we are a prosperous nation and have it pretty good here. If anything, Australia is an advertisement for multiculturalism – because it works.

      The only thing we need to improve upon is how many people can think about things logically rather than resort to illogical fear mongering and racist jibes.

    • Barry-what were these laws actually changing? I mean, you mention some good points, but what were these points you thought were good? As I asked previously, what laws are being changed and how?

      I appreciate that you don’t have sources at hand (Who does), but please, tell us what you remember from these sources which made them so memorable?

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