Pauline Hanson’s Friend Prays to Jesus For Asylum Seeker Deaths

“…I believe I have no choice, I fully believe it is right, this is my choice, my free will that I ask Jesus Christ for the solution to the Illegal Asylum Seeker Boat Smuggling dilemma! So every night and every morning, I will pray to Jesus Christ, Stormy Waters & treacherous seas, before the Asylum Seekers get the chance to arrive on Australian shores. Spiritually it’s the right thing for me to do, as a humble servant to Jesus Christ,

                                 I must regularly pray for this necessary tragedy to occur, many Asylum Seekers must die at sea, in order to create the solution to the dilemma,

in order for Juliar Gilhard to have blood on her hands as P.M. I fully believe Jesus Christ will do my will. I hope other people will strongly consider to pray the same. Jesus loves his people, he will reward them with solutions to serious dilemma’s…”

– Angela Usher

53 thoughts on “Pauline Hanson’s Friend Prays to Jesus For Asylum Seeker Deaths

  1. This is appalling! I’m so angry that I am rendered speechless.

    I value my privacy … but in this instance I might make an exception. It’s about time I logged onto my facebook anyway…

  2. Okay, as a Social Worker, who has done 6 years of study of human psychology, how their social environments effect their current situation, etc….I gotta laugh at her suggestion that after doing a 6 month course in life coaching, she knows enough about people in general to write a self help book.

    Just for comparison….a TAFE course in automotive Mechanical is more than 6 months (1.5 years part time). A certificate in Floristry is a minimum of 6 months study. So cars and flowers need more than six months to have a beginner’s level understanding of them. But the human psyche, personality, all problems of modern living, and solutions to the above…in six months she has enough knowledge to write a book.

    She’s either a genius (Unlikely), too dumb to know she’s dumb (Very likely), a scam artist (Possible), or, my favourite, honestly believes that human beings a simpler than cars and flowers.

    • Not smart enough to be a scam artist. Also her spelling and grammar is sub-par as a quick perusal of her online book will reveal.

      But what is most disturbing apart from her ridiculous Facebook posts is that she obviously sincerely believes in the nonsense she has written in her “book”.

      The kindest thing one can say is that she has issues which need professional attention.

      One could say that of anyone who belongs to or supports extremist groups as she does.

      • Ah, in that case I think the life coach she got training from is probably the con artist. Wouldn’t be too surprised.

        I mean, after hearing a few life coaches around, I’m convinced that if you gave me a lecturn, a town hall filled with bogans, and the entire lyrics of every Journey song ever made, I could have them paying me a lot for a 6 month course in life coachign too.

        Hell, tell you what, I’d get it done in 2!

  3. This reminds me of the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector. Of course theres no need to guess about anything here, just apply it.

  4. Ooooh, have I found something amazing. Check this out:

    It’s a blog post by her, pretty much stating that, because she thought the movie “Picnic at Hanging Rock” was based on real event, that the entire film is part of an Illuminati plot to see if they could trick people into believing fiction.

    Picnic at Hanging Rock-the 1970’s film based on a fictional book from the late 60’s. That’s her conspiracy. Not “It was so realistic that I believed it”, nope it was “A conspiracy tricked me into believing a fictional film was real”

    Her entire basis for this wild theory? She imagines, though is not sure, the film states it was based on true events. I doubt it was true, but even if it is, you know what other film states, incorrectly, that it’s based on true events?
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!
    Gosh, the Illuminati certainly diversify their film interests. American horror film and Australian arthouse classics!

  5. I was handed a copy of Australian Catholic magazine today and it’s main story was about being compassionate to asylum seekers and letting go of the sensationalism.

    Angela Usher is as much a Christian as the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Centres are Muslim – zip! This is one mentally unstable individual, you don’t need a psychology degree to see that.

    • Hey Warriortom, I have 1st hand dealing with people with Mental Health Issue and calling her mental is not right thing Thanks 🙂

      • I apologise, no offence to those unfortunate enough to suffer from mental illness meant. But she clearly is of a somewhat deluded and unbalanced nature.

        • Thanks for the apology Warrior Tom it is appreciated. But you are right this low life is of unbalanced nature.

          And sorry I didn’t say this low life is wrong in making fun of people with Mental Health, proving she lives in the gutter.

          But those who say the low life has “almost certainly mentally ill” what type since there are different type people can have?

  6. This gibbering hatstand arsehat loony actually has pretensions to work as a “life coach”, and has authored a self-help book (self-published because no reputable publishing house would touch it). What a great country Australia is, that pond scum like this are allowed to remain at large instead of being “disappeared” into a gulag in the desert…oh wait, that’s what we do to asylum seekers…

  7. Read 6 months of ripping people of Mrs/Ms/Miss Usher so you can pay for your new teeth and botox treatment which your own photo proves was a waste.

    By the way look in the mirror, you got some brown stuff on your lips.

  8. Mrs/Ms/Miss making fun of people with mental health problems proves you are the true joke and why you love playing like the rats from The Daily Telegraph in the gutter.

    A Angela Usher Joke:

    What is the different between a bucket of shit and Angela Usher?

    The bucket

    PS Does The USA Singer Usher knows Angela is using his name to abuse, lie, etc etc?

  9. Apart from the brown stuff on her botox lips, from this day Angela Usher and those at The Anti-Carbon Tax (read dickheads rally) especially Alan Jones should have tattoo on their foreheads, Democracy has not been killed.

    Because if it was, you wouldn’t be able to come up with abuse, lies and making fun of people with Mental Health Issues and because of this you all should work for News Ltd, after you all pick yourselves from the gutter especially Alan.

  10. In wanting Asylum Seekers to die at sea, proves Angela Usher is the one with blood on her hand and like her FAKE Life Coach Education, proves she is a fake Christian and Humble Servant of Jesus Christ just like Fred Nile and his followers and proves Jesus does not love her and Fred.

    Oh dear, there there don’t cry Mrs/Ms/Miss Botox.

  11. I have been posting on her page.. But it wasn’t until I looked at her videos on youtube before i realised that it is no so much the matter that she is stupid but rather that she is really mentally ill and really does need help….. so I have stopped taking her to task over what she said… and have asked that she seeks help..

    • Jen, I haven’t looked at her videos (some things just aren’t worth it) but I agree she is almost certainly mentally ill. However, truly obnoxious people can have mental illnesses too. It’s highly probable that she was racist and xenophobic before her illness. Treatment might bring her back into the realms of “normal” hate-mongerers.

  12. BUT I feel that those closest to her are letting her down… it is one thing to condemn us for commenting against what she wrote in her blog…. we are not to know initially her state of mind … but those closest to her should be protecting her from herself.

    • But Jen, she shouldn’t think others should else help her, if she is not willing to help herself or at least try.

  13. I have 1st hand knowledge and dealing with people with Mental Health Issue (I have Depression myself and are friends with others who has Mental Health Issues) so I take offence that some claiming this low life is “almost certainly mentally ill.” just by reading her rants. And I wish people would STOP labelling people who act like this as having Mental Health Issue and start use your time wisely and research Mental Health Issue before you comment.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hey True Aussie, for your information I also suffer from depression and have an adult daughter with bipolar disorder. I have a degree in clinical psychology and worked for 30 years in the disability. I think I have sufficient experience to at least recognise mental illness when I see it: what’s more I am fully aware (although you don;t seem to be) that mental illness is a very wide field and encompasses a large number of widely differing disorders. This woman’s writings, and her history, indicate that she is almost certainly delusional. However, I noted that mental illness isn’t necessarily the reason or excuse for racism. However, her ability to process information rationally seems to be very impaired.

      • Vicki thanks for making us aware of your history.

        But why weren’t you aware of part of my comment where I asked others what type of mental health do you think this low life has if you think she has a mental health issue?

        • I was only referring to the comment I replied directly to. I apologise for not having read your earlier comment. In answer to your question, I’m obviously not in a position to offer a diagnosis, but as I said, I think she is delusional. She could therefore be suffering from one of a number of disorders, possibly including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (manic) or paranoia.

          For what it’s worth, I do take exception to the kind of comment that equates outrageous, irrational, extreme or just plain evil behaviour with mental illness. Calling someone a “sicko” as a term of abuse ranks alongside calling someone a “retard” — it degrades and diminishes people who do have mental illness or intellectual disability.

          However, that said, I have to acknowledge having described this woman as a “gibbering hatstand arsehat loony”, which I realise could be interpreted as a serious comment on her mental state. My bad. In my defence, I can only say that I worked in a big psych. hospital years and years ago, and when a staff member or patient said of someone, “oh, he’s mad, that bastard”, it had a very specific meaning, not necessarily related to the person’s actual psychiatric diagnosis (if that makes any sense to you). Anyway, I shall promise to do better in future.

      • Asking others if you think this low life has a mental health issue, then what type is it, is not being aware that mental health is a very wide field?

  14. Depression is categorised as a mental illness under the Australian Human Rights Commission(see attached note). I think you will find that a lot of subscribers here are actually from the health profession and a lot of what is said is from a professional viewpoint.

    This is not to undermine or any way lessen the importance of mental health in anyway. From what I gather people are mostly and sincerely concerned with Angela’s mental health judged on the premise of her claims rather then with just ‘labelling’ her with having a mental illness.

    Identifying a concern is not a crime. Having depression is still a hotly contested area in that no one can 100% agree on it in terms of it being characterised as a biochemical imbalance, a mental disorder or a mental disease – there is no shame in that.

    The underlying message is that ultimately, she needs professional help.

  15. Yes this low life needs Professional help especially to work out if she has a mental health issue.

    But a forum like this,is not the place for it.

  16. Mental health considerations aside, it is quite clear that this is a further example of the corruption of the true Christian message by means of introducing the idea that Christ is a weapon to be turned on innocent and defenceless people. That Jesus will do MY WILL???? We do His will, surely? And that will includes humbling oneself to help others. This is all ego driven power monkey stuff, even if it is evidence of significant impairment of the mind. Jesus is a stop gap for this weak and immature personality and the Christian dogma does preach protection for these unfortunates, not power for them to wreak some kind of race hate destruction in His name. I am old school Christian, I believe in serving God, not in God serving me. Maybe I am also weak and also sad and sick, but that is the condition my faith is provided to deliver me from, I have to work toward my own salvation, I cannot curse or cure anyone else in God’s name, only work toward being responsible in myself for not spreading hate and death in the world. This woman fails Jesus in even the most fundamental sense and I pity her for her pain and the evil consuming her. What else can you call the desire to see children die simply because she doesn’t like their mode of transportation? Sick stuff, anti-Christian stuff, she gives Jesus a bad name by associating herself with him!

  17. Two recent quotes from Angela:

    “Martin Bryant remains a political prisoner in Australia.”

    “Martin Bryant was set up, like a conspiracy, as a pawn, and a method for strict gun control laws in Australia.”

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