Patriot Stands Up For Australian Hot Dogs

Fat slugger Brown loves his hot dogs. So much that when a fellow co-worker told him that she preferred hot dogs in India he decided to tell her to fuck off back there. Of course, that’s how we all make decisions as to what country we’d like to live in – the quality of the hot dogs that are available.

I certainly hope she told all of his co-workers at Woolies what a dead shit he was.

12 thoughts on “Patriot Stands Up For Australian Hot Dogs

  1. Lol what a monkey. If he’d actually traveled, he’d realize our hot dogs are bland as shit here…but I guess it’s easier telling someone to fuck off when you have to pay for two seats on a plane for either ass cheek

  2. I think he meant he loves a HOT DOG. get it. And nice electric guitar, pity the only thing slug can play is his small you know what.

    • …and having eaten hot dogs in Germany pre my vegetarian days I can assure you that the German bratwurst in a roll is a hell of a lot nicer than anything to be found in Australia.

  3. I like his turn of phrase with that “me comment was that” bit. I’m going to start using it in all anecdotes, since “So I said…” is really pretty done.

    I read this blog post and me comment was that “what a dillhole!”

  4. Criticise him for his bigotry – fair enough.

    Criticise him for being over weight – makes you no different to those you highlight in your blog, except that you are “smart” enough to pick targets that are socially acceptable to critique.

    • I can see only one possible reference to his weight.

      However we don’t apologise for targeting him for his ignorant bigotry. We don’t set out to be nice to those who don’t deserve it.

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