Bogan goes mental at Woolworths

Yes, we agree that supermarkets waste a great deal of edible food which could be distributed to the poor. Yes, there are legitimate activist groups who retrieve edible food from supermarket bins and use it.

But just watch how this bogot turns on a Muslim employee and you lose all sympathy for her.

14 thoughts on “Bogan goes mental at Woolworths

  1. I disagree Dexter. I think that she knows exactly what she is doing and saying. I don’t see any signs that she not in full control. She may perhaps be on drugs, for which Id have zero sympathy, but I do not believe that she is truly mentally challenged. Just an angry bogan on drugs.

  2. As someone who has been at the receiving end of taunts like “get the hell out of my country” I was pretty traumatised after being abused by a racist bogan. Why didn’t anyone call the police? As far as I am aware, voicing racial/religious discrimination is illegal.

    • woolworths actually discriminates against people itself, so it wouldn’t matter if anyone is discriminating in their store!

  3. This woman is clearly affected by drugs of some kind. I suspect she would have called on any personal characteristic of any staff member she was interacting with. There are two issues highlighted here – neither of which have anything to do with Bogan Australia. Firstly, the issue of perfectly good food being wasted by multinational food conglomerates, and secondly the lack of mental health facilities or people’s ability to intervene in such confrontations.

    • Samuel, your comment reminds me of a friend of my wife. She tells me he’s only obnoxious when he’s drunk but the reality is that he’s just a tool but the attribute is magnified when he’s been drinking.

      Drugs or not, she’s blaming a Muslim (if he even is one, how does she even know) for all of her problems. She has no food, neighbours call her a whore, etc it’s all the fault of Muslims.

      Certainly not the most blatant example of racism seen on TAB, but worthy of a mention.

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