Christians Wanna Ban Christmas in Schools

Good onya Anthea, thanks for the lolz.

P.S – the next time you feel like posting your stupidity to the entire world, please ensure that you’ve got some fucking facts to back up your shit. Christmas isn’t even close to being banned in Australian schools – not by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus or even Scientologists.

9 thoughts on “Christians Wanna Ban Christmas in Schools

  1. She thinks Christians want to ban Christmas? Sure, some of our more puritan members have talked about banning it (On APP member calls Christmas paganism)….but the majority are celebrating it.

    I mean, she must have no idea what Christmas is about, surely. Hating the praying, hating the Christians…did she not think “Hey Christian-Christmas-there must be a connection here!”

    Or did she end up thinking both involved some guy called Chris.

  2. Actually Anthea is not too far from the truth. Oliver Crownwell’s christian fundamentalist regime banned Christmas. In fact the history indicates it wasn’t widely celebrated as anything more than a Saint’s day until the Victorian era. Christians, particularly protestants have either downplayed Christmas or not celebrated it at all until VERY VERY recently. Interesting article here by Tom Flynn is worth reading,

    • Well, Anthea is still pretty far from the truth. You’re correct, Cromwell’s regime banned christmas, as did the early puritans in America.

      However her statement that “Christians are trying to ban christmas in Australian schools” still shows her to be an idiot. And I really really doubt she was thinking about Cromwell when she wrote that blog post, seeing as he has been dead for longer than Australia has existed as a european colony.

      In fact, I doubt she was thinking at all.

  3. Why ridicule Anthea? What she said wasnt racist. Slightly stupid but not racist. Why post her photo and workplace and open her up to harassment for a silly comment about Christians?

    • 1. She chose to feature her photo and workplace on an open profile.

      2. She chose to parrot a meme about Christmas being banned which is simply not true. The slightest bit of research would have told her that.

      3. The only Christian sect which does not celebrate Christmas is the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      4. We suspect she may have been listening to some anti-Muslim nonsense about Christmas being banned. And these fairy tales all originate in the US, the poster child for all sorts of weird manifestations of bigotry and intolerance.

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