10 thoughts on “Michael Koultras: Australia’s next Nazi Führer? Or just another fuckwit?

  1. I’ll go with drunk/methed-up fuckwit. I mean for crying out loud, he spells “Nazi” as Natzi”. I strongly suspect that he also would not have a clue just what “Nazi” stands for or precisely what the philosophical underpinnings of National Socialism are. He, for one, displays a lack of intellect which in a Darwinist regime would not at all be held up as a shining example of what one’s countryman should be. Instead, at the best he’d be used as cannon fodder or at worst interned and used as slave labour by any such regime.

  2. And see what happens when you don’t know how to use an iphone dipstick? Oh sorry I forgot how can you get hold of a iphone, did you steal it? So if you steal something do you die?

  3. Australia has never had a Nazi Fuhrer. Also this is obviously a joke, some kid talking silly shit for a laugh. It doesn’t belong here. All he did was describe the tenets of Nazism. So what?

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