Aussies Are Becoming Extincted

Ignoring the stupidity of Sarah Mills and her comment, I’m going to ask the question, and this goes out to ANYONE reading this:

When have you ever heard anyone ‘diss’ our ‘way of life’?

I’ve lived in this country my entire life, and the only things that I’ve EVER heard whites OR non-whites complaining about (in regards to ‘way of life’) are:

* racism

* excessive drinking

* anti-social behaviour (being fuckwits on trains, intimidating people in a pack etc.)

* Loudmouthed opinionated people who refuse to learn facts.

Sarah Mills, you ain’t a ‘true Aussie’. You’re a sub-intellect bogan receptacle with an unsubstantiated fear of people who don’t look like you.

28 thoughts on “Aussies Are Becoming Extincted

  1. She’s not looking hard enough. 6th generation Aussie here. And I know it’s anecdotal, so take it with the relevant amount of salt, but there’s a family down the road from me that has just produced their 5th generation, 4 of which are Aussie born, and all of Asian appearance.

    So by Sarah’s criteria, are they real Aussies? Sarah, you’re a clown.

    • I am a second generation Australian. My parents immigrated to Australia and I am Australian born. A friend of mine is also an Australian born to parents who immigrated here. Both of us have dual citizenship (I am Iranian-Australian and he is British-Australian, even calling himself AusPom). I am an olive-skinned Persian and he is a light-skinned Anglo. People call him Aussie and never give him a second glance. I on the other hand have to constantly explain to people that I was born and raised in Australia and I get funny looks when people ask “Where are you from?” and I answer “Australia” or “Sydney” (from people of various ethnicities and backgrounds both inside and outside of Australia). People say things they think are compliments like “Your English is very good!” even though I have already explained I was raised in Sydney. These comments are often innocent but the differences between my experience and that of my friend gives us an idea of the kind of thinking and assumptions that are the basis for comments like Sarah Mill’s and talking about playing “Spot the Aussie”.

      I’d like to point out when I say “my experience” that my life is good and I’ve been very lucky and am a happy Australian. This sort of thing happens every now and then. I don’t mean to make it sound like I’ve had an awful life. Just making a point…A long-winded one by the looks of things. 😛

  2. Ok, I admit it. I’m one of those foreigners who’s always dissing the aussie way of life.
    I hate vegemite, the beach is over rated, sausages should be made of pork, not beef, a flag should never, ever be made into swimwear and I can’t stand bogans with insular attitudes.

    A foreigner with an opinion…horrifying, I know.

    • I like Vegemite but my dislike list is something like yours. Beef sausages are fine if they are gourmet and preferably free-range organic.

      VB and Tooheys Draught should be prohibited substances.

    • I’m an immigrant who grew up in WA, raised by British ex-pats. The culture clashes with the really keen ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!’ kids were enough to reinforce to me that I was an outsider who had to assimilate or accept outsider status forever. It can be genuinely confronting and hurtful at times.

      Mind you, I am a massive Vegemite fiend. I go out of my way to get it when I’m in non-Vegemitey countries. The rest of the list is just stuff that’s not for me. Not fussed if it’s for other people, but it’s not for me. (In saying that, I found hearing seagulls and being lakeside without the smell of saltwater really discombobulating the first few times. “It looks like a beach, but it doesn’t smell like a beach! I don’t like it!”)

    • You reminded me of a “discussion” I read on one of the Facebook hate pages (ban Halal products, I think) between a bunch of wankers who all agreed that the taste of Vegemite had declined horribly since being “made Halal”.

      • Now if only an applicable dose of Halal could be applied to every bogan food they eat- you won’t have the energy to make racist comments if you’re hungry 😀

        (wait a sec. they’ll just blame it on them forriners)

  3. My kids are several thousands of generations Australian. I often hear Aussies 5 – 6 generations dissing their way of life. Where’s the BRAIN in this?

  4. Also I have to laugh at the irony of a ‘true-blue, dinky-di’ 5-6 generation Aussie using the word ‘diss’ which is an Americanism.

    Almost as stupid as that chain status update that went around Facebook recently that was essentially the American Pledge of Allegiance with a couple of words changed to Australianise it.

    Yep, that’s being proud of Aussie culture, alright… *facepalms*

  5. 6 generations back is 1840 (presuming a generation is 25 years). Yes Sarah very few people can claim to have Australian born ancestors going that far, can you?

  6. This sounds similar to the sorts of things Pauline Hanson says and I believe Pauline Hanson is third generation Australian (grandfather came here in 1907 from England).

  7. On you love, she is correct 100%. Immigrants especially Islamic ones come here than “diss” us as we won’t tolerate their crap they try and push down our throats, We go to where they come from and we HAVE to adhere or face jail or whippings, yet they come here and expect us to tolerate their crap, they carry on with. Lefties are the ones damaging this country with their “you are racist” views. Nearly all of them wouldn’t have ever been to a muslim country to see what muslims do to each other yet they blindly let or expect the majority of Australians to open our arms to this filth. For evil to succeed good men do nothing- I will not sit back and let Islam get a foothold in this country. I am not afraid of the personal attacks that the SA and lefties use nor am I afraid of some little gay that hangs around public toilets ranting freedom of speech like most of the SA do. Islam is a disease- plain and simply and destroys every culture in every country it spreads to. Show me one muslim country where human rights are not abused? Just one! Lets keep Australia Islamic free! You want to come here- do so- don’t push your customs down our throats and live under our rules and constitution or don’t come here! Its that easy!

    • Hey fat boy, have you boiled your jug yet and got your next cup off coffee ready for a surprise attack? You are a first class drop kick Dazza.

    • Women choosing to cover their hair (Yes, some women do actually choose to do it) or praying, not eating pork or not drinking does not hurt you. Only your own irrational fear will hurt you. I’ve had members of various Christian churches come to my door and try to convince me to talk to them about Jesus, been dragged along to Easter services by public schools and had a woman repeatedly try to convert my mother by giving her Jehovah’s Witness magazines and yet I don’t think that Christianity (any branch of it) should be banned (if that’s even possible) because most people have the ability to practice their own religion and respect the beliefs of others at the same time, including most Muslim people. Now get it into your seemingly thick skull that being Muslim and being Australian ARE NOT mutually exclusive.

    • 1. No Muslim has ever tried to convert me even when I lived in an area with a high Muslim population. On the other hand I have been fending off Christian proselytisers of various flavours, many of whom were as nutty as you are Daz, for a long time.

      2. You are a homophobic bigot Goblin. And what does Islam have to do with gays? Oh that’s right, both send you into a psychotic frenzy.

      3. What a shame – I thought we got rid of you lot at Helm’s Deep.

    • Dear Darren

      1. I’m 7th Generation Aussie

      2. I have Muslim friends who show the Australian Flag in the back of their car. They say they want to be patriotic and support Australia.

      3. I’m what you call a “leftist”

      4. I’ve been to the United Arab Eremites and Turkey.

      Turkey in Particular has a secular constitution with 96% of the population being Muslim, yet they were the friendlist people I met on the European Continent.

      Your Argument is invalid

    • Darren, quick question. How many Muslims have you personally met? And I don’t met screamed at across the street or sent all-caps messages on the internet. How many have you sat down and had a conversation with?

      After all, if you know so much about the threat that Islam posts, you must base thia fear on actual, real, living in Australia and talking to you Muslims, right? Or is it a case that to you, the Muslims are the boogeyman? Terrifying, scary, justifying your fear, and as far as you’re concerned, entirely fictional.

    • So there are some ppl out there that think the same. ppl have just read too deep into what I said, and I can only laugh. Funny they try and disrigard Pt. Augusta as that is where I live atm – but did not grow up here

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