Burwood Council tackles racism

SBS World News

Sydney council tries to tackle racism

By Katrina Yu World News Australia Cadet Reporter
16 November 2011 | 06:40:10 PM

In Sydney’s inner west, one council is doing something about the scourge of racism.

Students are being trained to lead the ‘Different People Different Voices Project’, which aims to stamp-out bullying related to culture and race.

“It starts with bullying – and if you’re constantly made to feel that what you believe is wrong or against the community..because of that loneliness you’re disconnected to the consequences of your actions”, Youth Leadership trainer Natasha Munasinghe says.

“And that could be when it leads to more violence”

A study into racism by the University of Western Sydney has found that while a majority of residents say they value diversity, 40% believe certain ethnic or cultural groups don’t belong in Australia.

The project hopes to break down the fear associated with different cultures.


5 thoughts on “Burwood Council tackles racism

  1. “40% believe certain ethnic or cultural groups don’t belong in Australia.”

    What are these cultural groups are they referring to now?

  2. One sad thing that could arise from this would be more bullying for being an uber nerd and taking part in an extra curricular activity that is based on something, for the most part, intellectual. I’m Asian, Malaysian Chinese to be exact, and never got bullied at school, whereas some of my family friends and cousins got bullied at different schools around Brisbane. Alongside this project, it would be nice to see the areas that bullying is the highest and possibly what fuels it; like looking into the crime rates and economic status. Although, these are probably things already being studied.
    It’s good that someone has started something to help educate our kids, but, I’ll get genuinely excited when the bigger picture is looked at holistically. (not sure if that’s the right word to use)

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