Little White Clown Hodges Continues With Self-Image Sabotage

Darrin responds to calls for a right-wing neo-nazi gunman to chuck a ‘breivik’ to ‘take back’ Sydney suburbs with a truly political and diplomatic answer.

Shortly after showing yet more support for Anders Breivik and his actions, Hodges is at it again, this time calling for all Muslims to be deported from Australia, regardless of country of origin, background, criminal history or contribution to our country. He negatively generalises all Australian Muslims as being bomb-carrying, burqa wearing filthy murders. He’s certainly a radical Islamist’s wet dream. Needed a reason to hate Australians? Darrin Hodges.

Yes Darrin, ask 50% of our population to leave. The 50% that was either born overseas or has family that were born overseas. Keep Australia white indeed. Let’s take a look at how beautiful the white-as-snow Darrin Hodges is, and how he enhances the gene pool here in Australia:

(Note: is it time for Darrin to buy some more ties?)

37 thoughts on “Little White Clown Hodges Continues With Self-Image Sabotage

  1. You have to laugh at any sort of clown who’ll slag people for wearing a burqa, and have a photo existing of him with half his face hidden. Nice work Einstein.

    • Ran as an Independant, then as his own party-The APP. Even the Liberals wouldn’t have them. Not because they have standards, but because, despite everything, they’re not entirely stupid.

  2. MORE calls for murder of innocents. Oh my.
    How ironic that he should actually have the cheek to call Muslims “murderous” when he is CLEARLY the most murderous around. He’d be a terrorist if he weren’t too stupid and useless to come up with any sort of coherent, achievable plan… He’s a try-hard terrorist at least. Whaaat a shiiiitbaaaaggggg.

    Incidentally I quite enjoyed that picture of him with an antique-looking video camera. Fucking hilarious.

  3. My aunties, uncles, parents (who are all Muslim) and my cousins (at least half of them Muslims. There are many of them.) are not murderers and have never made, touched or seen any kind of bomb and do not own any sort of rifle. Darrin Hodgens is going around encouraging actions like Breivik’s, a man who shot dead about 100 people and see who is calling who the murderer.

  4. Australians = White? Hmmm…let’s see. The ancestors of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians traced back about 40 000 years before 1788; East-Asians (particularly Chinese) people here since early 1800s, possibly earlier; Pacific Islanders here since 1850s; Afghans here since 1850s. Yeah, ‘Australian’ totally means “White”. Pfffffft. Time for you to learn to appreciate the contributions of your fellow AUSTRALIANS Hodgey-boy.

  5. You know, it’s kind of boring to always hear about Mr Hodges. I mean, sure, the guy’s an absolute nutjob but he’s so lacking in any charisma that he will never, ever, ever get anywhere near parliament. Or Facebook for that matter. Oh yeah, and isn’t it funny how he complains about muslims being “murdering” yet he himself is a keen advocate of mass murder?

  6. Out of curiousity, when will we see a post on here if a “non white” (being very general) discriminating against whites? This is a two way street and neither side are clean and are possibly just as bad as each other. little bias if you ask me. Or, i just don’t read these enougn and have passed it by.

    • Oh you mean the fabled “racism against whites/Australians” (ignoring the fact that the original Australians were/are brown people and are the most discriminated-against minority in the country)?

      Well, since white people are the dominant group in Australia and control the media and the instruments of government and society it doesn’t happen.

      If you have any examples which are verifiable and which are not egregious gripes from white supremacist groups then send them to us and we will look at them.

    • Yeah, you got a point there. I’m sick of constantly being told “Honky, turn out your pockets” by Aboriginal police officers prior to being tasered.

    • ..just watch ‘Today tonight’ 🙂
      If you come across one, screen capture it & send it through to the admins please, because I’d like to see two sides of the story too.

      But unfortunately it appears as thought that only white people keep creating hate groups & stupid enough to publicly post bigoted comments. 😦

  7. This man is obviously a fool, but why do you refer to him as a little white clown?? This is offensive racist hate speak in itself and I would warn you against devolving your otherwise good work into a parody of these same sick racist idiots. Stay away from this kind of statement it will discredit you.

    • I think that nickname derives from the image of the Pierrot, the white-faced Commedia del’ Arte sad clown.

      I don’t think the originator of the nickname was thinking in terms of racism. It’s more a derogatory remark directed at someone who represents a movement which assumes a right to an undeserved entitlement and which kicks, screams and sulks childishly when in its view it fails to get it.

  8. Sorry fuckwit sticking your head up your arse to see how full of shit you are. Is not proof all “no Muslims can trusted”.

    PS I called you a fuckwit Darrin Hodges, take me to court I dare you?

    But nothing well happened as you cannot be taken to court, for telling the truth about someone.

    • I have worked with many Muslim doctors and nurses. There is a particular one I have mentioned in another thread, an Egyptian fellow. All of the Muslim health professionals I have worked with have displayed an exceptional sense of ethics and compassion. Give me a Muslim doctor or nurse any day.

    • 1) I don’t think its actually illegal or slanderous to call somebody a fuckwit. 2) You can be sued for saying something about somebody regardless of the truthfulness or not of the statement.

      • Please, go ahead and sue Darrin. I think it’s the only way, short of actually being noticed come election time, that you’ll ever answer this simple question.

        why do you think it’s okay to kill children?

      • “You can be sued for saying something about somebody regardless of the truthfulness or not of the statement”. Er, not quite correct buddy. Can you imagine how busy the court system would be if that were so?

        • These would usually be civil cases, so you need a bit of coin and some chance of success before proceeding, which is probably why the courts are not being “clogged up”

        • Darrin, like all right-wing lunatics that end up gracing our comments section, you are proving an inane inability to answer simple questions.

          You’ve supported the idea of murdering of children in order to attain white purity in Sydney suburbs, not once but twice and can’t explain yourself.
          Not only that but you’ve taken shots at another ‘god’ while ignoring a simple question about your own faith.


        • And, pray tell Darrin, what legal ramifications can you expect for a man who supports and encourages the murder of children?

          You have hinted repeatedly that Anders Behring Breivik isn’t responsible for his actions-it’s the media and/or the government’s fault that he killed unarmed innocent children. Which lawyer or court in the world would accept that sort of defense?

          Once again we are reminded and terrified of what our country would be if run by the APP. There would be only one law-if you are not white, atheist, and right wing, then nothing you can do is okay. Going after a paedophile, only supported by the APP for white children-otherwise the victim should be shot. Being a child-okay to be murdered, says Darrin Hodges. This, he believes, will make Australia safe….if you’re Darrin Hodges.

          Expect more of this-because if you get any sort of popular recognition, which you’ll need to be ever seriously considered for election, you’re going to be reminded of this until you die. You’ve called the ALP the party of buggers, liars and theieves, well the APP will be the party of racists, and child killers-let’s see which does better in the long run!

  9. Is it just me, or does Dazza look a little bit like a paedophile?

    Let’s put it this way: I’d sooner trust a ‘filthy murdering dog’ Muslim to babysit my spawn than this creep.

    • I think I still haven’t developed paternal instincts, but if a teacher at school looked like him? there will be rumours 🙂

  10. Fun fact about Hodges-even his own party is ashamed of him.

    I’ve been writing comments on the APP webpage wall, especially in response to people who say that “If a Muslim maintains his religion, despite Islamic terrorism, then he is supporting Islamic terrorism”, stating that unless that member denounces the APP, or at least Darrin Hodges’ support for Ander Behring Breivik, then he is supporting the murder of children.

    It was a long comment, and most of it got through, apart from that one line about Darrin’s support of Ander Behring Breivik, and the link to Darirn’s fb love-fest of the child-murdering terrorist, replaced with this line: [***Edit, text deleted: Personal attacks, especially those using falsehoods, are subject to deletion; same as applies to texts that include trolling, rudeness or spam.]

    Now Darrin may think that this shows his party is protecting him, but its doesn’t show that. It shows it’s trying to distance itself from him. After all, if all the party shared his views on Breivik, they would be happy for any link to show Darrin’s support. Hell, they’d put it on their party’s front page.

    But slightly smarter brains at the APP realise that Darrin’s views are political suicide, and are trying to cut him off. That’s why there’s no mention of Breivik on the APP page, all APP events have deleted all comments which refer to Darrin’s support of Breivik…it’s trying to stop any link their own members can make between their party and the mass-murder of children.

    But how long can this last. Darrin’s not going to shut up, and the evidence of his support for the murder of children grows every day-and it’s not just going to vanish. Eventually more and more members are going to have this disturbing truth pass by their blinkers, and then there’s a lost member of the APP.

    The remaining senior APP members have two choices for thel ong term: Silence Darrin, or kick him out. However, both these choices require testicles, something that APP members traditionally lack, and so it’s more likely they’ll go for “Doing nothing” and then wonder why their vote is continuing to drop, rather than rise.

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