Thighs and Whispers

Prejudice and intolerance feeds on ignorance, superstition and scurrilous evidence-free propaganda.

For instance a fast-growing foreign religious sect prompted much concern amongst the Roman authorities and led to instances of persecution and vilification.

Rumors of sexual depravity, child sacrifice and other disturbing behavior, left a stigma on the early Christians. Perhaps worst of all was the idea of cannibalism. The concept of breaking bread originating with the last supper, partaking of the blood and body of Christ, which later came to be known as Communion, was taken literally. To the Romans, where religious custom dictated following ancient practices in a literal sense, the idea of performing such a ritual as a representation was misunderstood, and the early cult had to deal with many such misperceptions.

Now when the Jews left the Holy Land at the time of the Roman Empire they went to the four corners of the known world and settled amongst foreigners of various ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

In only one part of the world were they systematically discriminated against and even massacred. This was Europe – except for that part of Europe consisting of much of modern Spain and Portugal,  Al-Andalus,  which was ruled by the Islamic Caliphate for hundreds of years.

One of the propaganda instruments used for oppression was the so-called  Blood Libel which stated that Jews took the blood of Christian infants to use in the making of matzah for the Passover festival.

One of the earliest European versions of the blood libel story occurred in 12th Century England.

A dangerous, unfounded rumour that Jews had kidnapped a 12-year-old Christian boy, William of Norwich, and stabbed his head to simulate Jesus’s crown of thorns was used to justify persecution of Jews.

While the Norwich account does not contain the element of the draining of blood and its ritual use, some experts suggest it is a story of the same type and generally seen as the entry point into England for such accusations.

Decades later, Pope Innocent IV launched an investigation into the claims, which eventually declared them false.

The blood myths persisted however, and were at times used to incite pogroms, or anti-Jewish riots.

In 1840, the disappearance of French Franciscan priest Father Thomas and his servant in Damascus, Syria, was blamed on the city’s Jews.

Authorities helped perpetuate allegations that the priest was used in a ritual sacrifice. At least 13 Jews were incarcerated and probably tortured over the disappearance; four died.

The incident sparked an international backlash for both sides. American Jews staged protests, while some scholars claim it bolstered anti-Semitic attitudes in Europe and the Middle East.

During the 1930s, Nazi propaganda periodically explored accusations of Jewish ritual murder.

Thus do lies become “truths”. If they are repeated often enough they reinforce already groundless emotion-based prejudices and develop a hideous life of their own.

Now fast forward to the 21st Century and in many Western countries such as ours, Muslims have replaced Jews (for now) as the main objects of xenophobic hatred.

We journey to the island state of Tasmania where Jayden Smedley is happy to trumpet the latest variety of the “blood libel” story, this time targeting Muslims.

Jayden Smedley

"I'm too sexy for my shirt..."

We know that evidence is frowned upon in the bogot’s Straya. In fact, much of their presentation relies on inflammatory evidence-free slanderous rhetoric delivered pulpit-style by one of their self-appointed “leaders”. Sounds a bit like a dodgy religious cult to us.

Jayden Smedley

Now after that dissertation Jayden can hardly contain his excitement as without a shred of evidence he makes his next announcements to his fellow bigots.

Jayden Smedley thighing

Just as disturbing as the content is the sickeningly palpable excited relish which accompanies the disclosure. We get the worrying impression that this sort of material is a turn-on for both the protagonist and the intended audience. And we have seen this stuff before

And it is completely, entirely UNTRUE.

Jayden and his bigot friends are unable to cite one single real-world example except for apocryphal references which are probably invented, in just the way the Christians-as-cannibals and the “blood libel” were invented.

Watch Jayden get owned in this slide show.

While we are on this topic – PZ Myers is an evolutionary biologist and atheist commentator.

Paedophilia in the Catholic Church

So tell us Jayden, with the many many documented cases of clerical child abuse in the Catholic Church, notably in Australia, shouldn’t you and the rest of the bigots be out there bellowing that all Catholics are paedophiles?

Of course all Catholics are not paedophiles. So why does Jayden want to smear Muslims with a similar charge on the basis of no evidence?

Bigotry - Spot the difference

61 thoughts on “Thighs and Whispers

  1. Jayden, Jayden, Jayden… one can only hope that you’re nothing but an internet troll seeking attention via deliberately inflammatory comment. However, I suspect that you’re the real deal. Now Jayden, do tell me exactly which bits of the Koran support your “facts”? I want exact pinpoint references, something you should have no problem providing as you deem yourself to be quite the theological scholar and Cultural Studies expert. Don’t worry, I myself have got an English-language translation of the Koran lying around so I should have no trouble checking up on your source (oh, and may I mention that I am not a Muslim. I merely have quite an interest in theology and have many such different texts lying around, from the New Testament through to the Book of Mormon and even a few of Anton La Vey’s books).
    You also seem to have no knowledge of the atrocities committed by Christians against Muslims. Are you at all familiar withe the Crusades? Being the scholar you are no doubt you’re the full bottle on it. And I have no doubt that your knowledge of 20th century history and geopolitics in general is such that you would know all about the Bosnian Civil war and the atrocities committed against Muslims there.
    Now, failing that you can provide me with any of the aforementioned references simply which episodes of “Today Tonight”, “A Current Affair” and “The Bolt Report” you have seen because I surely can do with a chuckle.

  2. The many cases of priests abusing children? does the bible encourage such disgusting acts? No, it does not! Did our prophet, Jesus, marry or have sexual relations? No, he did not and he most certainly did NOT engage in sexual penetration with a child as did your prophet, Muhammad. You don’t think that sexual relations with a 9yo girl is considered a pedophiliac act? Obviously muslims do not! Corruption exists in all walks of life and it is known that pedophiles choose professions where they can easily access children. Not all Priests are true followers of christianity, if they were they would respect the teachings of the
    Holy Bible; they are a corrupt bunch and if I had my way they would be sentenced to death. Pedophiles inhabit all walks of life and that is a blatant fact. in some cases they may have been raised in a christian household but that does not make them true christians; they are depraved and should be destroyed! To worship a known pedophile is a completely different to individuals that take matters into their own hands. Muhammad had 14 wives; If he had any ethics, an ounce of decency, he would never have married a 6yo child and engage in sexual activities when she turned 9. A 9yo girl is a child, looks like a child, acts like a child. It takes one sickening depraved individual to be able to develop an erection upon seeing the naked body of a child!

    • Jayden, I applaud you for your strong stance against paedophilia.

      However, rather than make gross, hysterical assumptions maybe you could try actually talking to a Muslim (presumably not a medical professional though) and ask them if they support paedophilia. You might be surprised.

    • jayden, you’re a feckless, clueless idiot who’s too keen on pigeonholing people based on definable categories instead of regarding them as human beings.

      are ALL muslims paedophiles? are ALL of them suicide bombers? do you know ANY muslims?

      and FYI, muslims dont WORSHIP muhammad.

      and also, the bible ENCOURAGES rapists to marry their victims. how you dont consider that disgusting i dont know.

      • Thanks for the link Chris. I should warn you that I went to the same theology school as Jayden, but I can see see that Deuteronomy 22:3 clearly mandates anal sex with ones brother.

        “3 And so shalt thou do with his ass; and so shalt thou do with his garment; and so shalt thou do with every lost thing of thy brother’s, which he hath lost, and thou hast found; thou mayest not hide thyself.”

        I can only conclude, as Jayden surely would, that all Christians are either gay or bi-sexual. After all, it says it in the bible.

    • References please. By encouraging the hate and intolerance you do you yourself are as much a blight upon society as your average paedophile.

    • The Prophet didn’t marry any six year olds or 9 year olds. Can you not comprehend English? Read what your opponent wrote – he is obviously well versed in theology (unlike you)

      Did you not know that the barking mad Ayatollah Khomeini started the Ayesha rumours? It was unheard of in the West until recently. If it were such an issue, why didn’t the Catholic Church propagandists use it during the Crusades?

      It was customary for a wealthy man to marry women who had been left destitute by the death or departure of their husbands. Women who were alone had no other way of survival – hence the plural wives. Not something that we particularly regard as desirable these days, but Christians and Jews were still polygamous at that stage, as were Hindus.

      It was no doubt better intentioned than modern examples when some unwashed hillbilly American Christian cult leader takes barely legal teenage brides.

      Or is it that your “education” takes the form of rote-learning the contents of unsavoury hate sites like Gates of Vienna or Islamist Monitor? If you have scholarly ambitions, we’d advise you to access real resources.

      • everybody knows that it is fact that muhammad did indeed marry Aishia when she was 6 and jumped her the moment she turned 9yo. Hypocrisy at its worst is you. Your mind is obviously made up long before it has had the chance to make sense.

        • FACT! ????
          For someone who is against Islam, you give it WAY TOO MUCH!! credit.
          How the hell do YOU know it is FACT???
          Are you Facebook friends with muhammad?? & you got a notification when he changed his relationship status?

          “Muhammad went from being single to ‘Married’ to Aishia.

          It is just like ALL other religions is a FICTION! man made cool story, so what if this man had a child bride in 5th century?? It was common place back then, Kings & powerful men of all societies world over did it back then. And YES! it is sick & if it happens now I’ll be the first person to object it.

          There are so many horrific bollocks in that man made cool story book, the Bible. Why don’t we care too much about that???

  3. By the way, I find it quite humorous that you would accuse me of seeking attention; I don’t need it, don’t want it; value my privacy in fact. All I am trying to do is to raise awareness. Value Australia as a democratic country and I want it to remain as such! Do not want it islamised and going down the same path as Europe and the UK. Do not want to be faced with burqa wearing women; I find them intimidating. They should be banned from entering public toilets. If a person entering a public toilet cannot be identified as a woman, it should be forbidden from entering. There is no place for a burqa in this day and age and given that the koran does not demand it, no excuses should be entered into for women wearing it. I want to know why they insist on covering themselves from head to toe? it is a case of national security and in this day and age it should not be allowed. If you want to live a sharia ridden existence why come to a democratic, westernised country? It just does not make any sense! You have already introduced sharia law to a large degree and you are now forcing sharia law in its entirety, why? What do you suggest we do? just sit down, twiddle our fingers and let you take over? We would be more than happy if you would assimilate, integrate with the western community but you make it blatantly clear that you cannot and will not! You exercise emotional blackmail when wanting to institute changes to suit yourselves; you forever say that you are forced to live in enclaves; you have complained about the national anthem, christmas carols, the crucifix, santa claus, demanding that pork be banned in public sectors, no ham to be served in kindergartens, demanding halal slaughtering practices which have been granted, separate toilets for muslims only in universities, demanding money from state government to fund halal businesses……I could go on and on……what do you call that? assimilation or islamisation? I think the evidence is clear.

    • raising awareness? your presumption astounds me.

      and nuns cover themselves from head to toe too, you fool.

      and how are they even forcing sharia law to a large degree? you ignorant twit. and before you pull out halal, so fucking what? meat is meat, no matter how it has been prepared. i’ve grown up in malaysia and everything i’ve consumed has been halal except pork, and i still dont want to convert to islam.

      and show us muslims who have actually criticised christmas, carols, the anthem etc pls. not people who SAY muslims have done so, but quotes from muslims THEMSELVES.

      in summation

      you’re an idiot

        • They wear enough layers to conceivably hide explosives, prick. isnt that what your mob is worried about? bombs from the islamists? also, it wont make sense to hide in a burqa now that your mob know all about it.

        • What their lot is really worried about is that Muslims are not “white Christians”. They are the latest version of “the other”. There’ll be many other “others” because this lot love to hate.

    • Value Australia as a democratic country and I want it to remain as such!

      and yet, you’re willing to tar the muslim community based on the actions of a few. very ‘democratic’, jayden.

      • actions of a few? how much more change do we have to stand by and allow? have you seen the UK and how ugly it has become? screaming from the top of their voice “islam will rule the UK” amongst other things. Anybody with any brains would ensure that the same shit doesnt happen here.

        • Question, genius. do you see any changes wrought by the Muslim minority taking place here? is pork banned? do women have to wear headscarves? any minarets cresting the skyline?

          the UK’s ‘ugly’ because they’ve mobs like the EDL and pricks like the BNP, and a disaffected populace drawing to those racists because of a bleak economic outlook.

          and as for ‘radical’ muslims, just how many of them are there? if every single muslim in the UK were a radical, the country would be torn apart in civil war by now. use your head, you paranoid deadshit.

        • Obviously you get your info about the UK from the gutter press over there. Truth is any disadvantage anyone has in the UK has more to do with the class system and the erosion of social services, mainly under the Tories. If you’d actually been there you would know that.

    • And whoever has called for the banning of pork in public? Not me, but I would love to see all meat-products banned on the grounds that I’m a bit of a bunny-hugging vego. But maybe that’s me being “Islamised”. I mean meat-eating, which you so clearly cherish, is the Aussie way of life ain’t it?

      • Uhhh plenty Mr! Have you ever been to the University of Tasmania campus? Don’t just assume you know things… it makes you look stupid.

        • Ha! I’ve been to plenty of universities, and ther’es a lot of women in headscarfs sure, but I’ve never ever seen a woman in a burqa.

          Hell, I’ve never seen a woman in a burqa anywhere in Australia. Niqab-occasionally yes (Though never at a University), but never a burqa. Strange how these anti-burqa people seem to be surrounded by a type of dress which is only worn by less than 1% of Australia’s entire Muslim population.

    • Jayden, I’m not going to call you an idiot. I’m not going to force anyone’s beliefs or barrage you with excalamation points. I’m just going to ask you two very simple questions.

      1) If the burqa was banned-what positive achievement would be made?
      2) In what specific ways has sharia law been forced on you?

      • Okay, I’ll answer that one. Jayden’s message has made me see the error of my ways and so I must make the world aware of this conspiracy. Global warming, you see, is an Islamoid conspiracy. Well, not just by the Islamoids but also one in conjunction with the International Homosexualist Conspiracy, the left-wing of the ALP, Penny Wong and the bass-player out of the Soup Dragons. By duping the general and highly gullible public, and not perspicacious individuals such as Jayden who are the lone but courageous voices in the wilderness warning humanity about the dangers of burquageddon, this conglomerate of evil has succeeded in convincing everyone that if carbon emissions aren’t reduced we’re all gonna bake to death. Thus the introduction of the carbon tax. The carbon tax will ensure that global temperatures, particularly those in Orstrayyaa, will plummet to the point whereby we’ll all be so cold that the only way for everyone to keep warm is to cover themselves head to toe in… burquas. I’m sorry my fellow racist-phobic brethren for betraying the cause of Islamisation, but my conscience wouldn’t allow me to carry on like this anymore.

    • Errr Jayden Smedley …it might have escaped your notice but most of the TAB writers and a goodly proportion of our contributors are atheist or agnostic.

      We non-believers don’t care what sky fairies people worship or don’t worship as long as they keep it to themselves.

      We also stand up for the rights of vilified minorities to worship peacefully without having some half-baked pseud dumping crap on them.

      Freedom to believe or not believe in a religion doesn’t give you the right to vilify others for their beliefs . People like Dawkins who critique all religions are a damn sight better educated and wiser in the ways of the world than some juvenile keyboard warrior/wannabe neo-Nazi trying to impress the hayseeds where you live.

    • So Jayden, do you say grace before you eat you meals? If you’re truly a good Christian, you should.

      Are you actually aware of what halal meat really is? Hmmm? Essentially it’s basically to do with how it’s killed, with a knife across the throat severing everything save the spinal cord. And a prayer is said over the animal before it. (You can argue about whether that’s more humane than a bolt gun to the brain, but that’s a whole other discussion)

      So if you’re a good little Xtian, and think your God triumphs over the Muslim God why then does your prayer at Grace not supposedly trump the one that was said in the halal killing?

      Answer: Cause you’re a bigoted, paranoid freak.

  4. WarriorTom – I am not repressing anything but you and the likes of you are trying to repress us for spreading the facts on Islam and the pedophile they worship (peace not be upon him). The mere fact that you can find it in you to defend such an ideology means that you condone pedophilia. It is a fact that the prophet muhammad had sexual intercourse with a child of 9, you all know it. Being a decent christian, of course I am preoccupied with pedophilia and abhor it, crucify me for it! By the way, I am a woman so you got it wrong as you have everything else. I suggest you step carefully and not denigrate my integrity with slanderous comments. Just one warning, you will be closed down if this continues! This applies to all.

    • you and the likes of you are trying to repress us for spreading the facts on Islam

      We haven’t seen too many “facts” from you.

      The mere fact that you can find it in you to defend such an ideology means that you condone pedophilia

      Well why don’t you go down to the local nick? Tell the sergeant about “teh_pedos”? You’d certainly give the coppers a bit of a laugh.

      Being a decent christian, of course I am preoccupied with pedophilia

      We’ve noticed quite a few clerical kiddie fiddlers are as well.

      By the way, I am a woman

      If you were, that would make you a female bigot then. We detest all bigots equally whether they are male, female or not sure.

      I suggest you step carefully and not denigrate my integrity with slanderous comments.

      You do a fine job yourself showing yourself up as an idiot.

      Just one warning, you will be closed down if this continues! This applies to all.

      Can’t stand the heat. Can’t defend your own nonsense?

    • Jayden, a few points:
      1. You have not actually presented any facts, only “superstition and scurrilous evidence-free propaganda”, the point of this post which you have, not surprisingly, failed to grasp.
      2. MMU has provided (actual) facts to contradict your Muhammad was a paedophile claim which you conveniently seem to have glossed over. Your position might have more credibility if you could actually counter MMUs argument, although I suspect you can’t.
      3. None of the comments above defend Muslim ideology in any way. They merely attack racism and your ignorant, ill-informed agenda to propagate it.

    • Then being a “decent christian” you would start abiding by the christian ethos of tolerance, rather than spreading the message of hate you do.

    • Quote Jayden: “Just one warning, you will be closed down if this continues! This applies to all.”


      Quote Jayden: “The mere fact that you can find it in you to defend such an ideology means that you condone pedophilia.”

      And how old do you think Mary was when she was married off, you idiot?! You call yourself a christian right? Then you too must be defending the ideologies of pedophilia – the irony!

      Don’t you know that a long time ago people were marrying children, the terms of which were dictated to and often beyond the control of the participants. Since Mary was palmed off at such a young age, does this mean we need to banish Judaism and christianity also?

      But let’s move beyond the relationship between Mary and Joseph. Let’s look at Shakespeare and the Elizabethan era just for a change. The Elizabethans were famous for their piety and stoic religious practices and yet they found it within themselves to marry young girls (gasp) and guess what, this was the norm. Juliet was 12 when she married her Romeo! And ‘God’ forbid they were ‘Christians’ too!? Yes, the play is fictional but the average age for marriage for a girl in that era was 13. So now what shall we do? Burn all Shakespearean literature and remove his work from our schools, get rid of the Muslim and Jewish faiths because it’s a ‘fact’ that they uphold unlawful ethics! Actually, get rid of Christianity too because it is a ‘fact’ they were in support of pedophilic principles! I say – whilst we’re at it, let’s just nuke all religious groups here in Australia! They’re all pedos!

      Jayden, you need to wake up to the ridiculousness of what you are saying. Your historic insight on the Muslim faith might warrant you credit, but it mostly tarnishes you as a short sighted bigot when you are incapable of extending that same prejudice to your own faith.

      Quote Jayden: “If you want to live a sharia ridden existence why come to a democratic, westernised country?”

      Australia is a SECULAR country – this means we dont have one specific religious faith. Demanding the removal of one faith, whilst vehemently defending the right of another undermine our beliefs as a democratic society. The paradox of your proposal in eliminating the Muslim faith in a bid to strengthen us as a democracy, only serve to fragment and weaken us as a democracy – can’t you see the irony in that? Also, your referral to a ‘Westernised’ society does not automatically mean a ‘Christian’ society. We also practice the 5 frundamental freedoms here in Australia which means that the people of Australia can CHOOSE to practice whatever religion they want, where, when and how they want as long as they dont infringe the Law. If it’s a dictatorship you want Jayden, I suggest you find another ‘homeland’ because our judicial system does not accomodate your bigoted views. This freedom extends to everyone, including those people ‘coming here’.

      Quote Jayden: “What do you suggest we do? just sit down, twiddle our fingers and let you take over?”

      You sound paranoid. Are your ‘take over’ views adopted from heresay or have you EXPERIENCED this first hand yourself? This is a very important point Jayden because a lot of people that have come on here with the same views as yourself have found it very difficult to substantiate their arguments with personal experience (and I don’t count watching ‘A Current Affair’ or any such show as ‘personal experience’)

      Quote Jayden: “We would be more than happy if you would assimilate, integrate with the western community but you make it blatantly clear that you cannot and will not!”

      Assimilate? Integrate? Doesn’t working full time, taking care of families and making financial contributions to our economy enough? Isn’t it enough that foreign and MUSLIM doctors are the only reasons preventing our current medical system from falling to its knees because of the increase in privatisation? Isn’t it enough that we have had Australian MUSLIM soldiers serving and fighting wars abroad for us? Isn’t it enough that an Australian MUSLIM has been the overseer of our Australian Institute of Trade for the past 3 YEARS? Isn’t it enough that for the past 8 YEARS Victoria has had an Australian MUSLIM female mayor? Isn’t it enough that Australian Muslim artists have successfully contributed to the music and art industries over the past decade? What exactly do you mean by ASSIMILATE, INTEGRATE? Or do you mean that MUSLIMS dont assimilate or integrate because they have had ZERO instances of terroism in Australia?

      Quote Jayden: “You exercise emotional blackmail when wanting to institute changes to suit yourselves; you forever say that you are forced to live in enclaves; you have complained about the national anthem, christmas carols, the crucifix, santa claus, demanding that pork be banned in public sectors, no ham to be served in kindergartens, demanding halal slaughtering practices which have been granted, separate toilets for muslims only in universities, demanding money from state government to fund halal businesses”

      Where is your proof of these Jayden?! Evidence please! You are just regurgitating what every other uneducated neanderthal is suffering from “muslim take over” fever! FACTS make your argument a VALID argument.

      And lastly, I am not a muslim. My father is a methodist minister and I was brought up in a christian home. Although I don’t believe in God now, I DO believe that it’s the right of everyone to practice their faith regardless of what that faith is without fear of persecution. Not only because it is the Law of the Land, but because I believe in a democracy of which, you apparently do not.

  5. the things Jayden has said is truth allah insists that muslims lie to cover there evil truth and Greg grow a brain its not a race crikey you are showing how stupid and ignorant you are and Jayden is not missinformed havent you read your devils bible the koran

  6. At last someone has pointed out the truth. Not all Catholics are child abusers, in fact the majority of victims of Catholic pedophile priests are Catholic children, so it is insulting and unfair to class the two together, victim and abuser. The same is true in any other situation. It is the graft of human corruption, also exemplified in racism and intolerance, that leads evil and selfish people of any extraction to promulgate the terrible suffering of the innocent abused. Pedophiles are the enemy, not Islam and Catholicism.

  7. What is your excuse for the atrocities committed by muslims around the world? beheadings, the slaying of Egyptian Copts? honour killings? forced marriages? muslims displaying hate speech and insisting that Islam will conquer the world? acid attacks on women? killing of homosexuals? Intolerance of other religions? Forcing people to convert to Islam or die? etc etc.

    • Please list all the names of Egyptian Copts who have actually been slain by Muslims. Pro-democracy advocates killed by Egyptian soldiers do not count. Your information must come from reputable sources.

      Since you get all your “facts” from rubbish websites we will be very surprised to see any accurate info from you.

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