58 thoughts on “A History of Violence: The APP and Anders Breivik

  1. That’s SO scary and upsetting. What a terrifying man. I would be absolutely terrified to have a man such as Darrin Hedges living in my community. Even more so if I had a family or kids.
    We can now safely say he is a publicly self-confessed terrorism supporter, extremist, and supporter of the mass murder of innocent, unarmed youth. I hope ASIO keep tabs on him.

  2. So in this person’s mind its ok to kill someone if their political beliefs are to the left.

    Wasn’t that how the Nazi’s rose to power by eliminating anyone with opposing political views.
    Yeah that’s right Darren I just compared you to the Nazi’s I know you’re going to be reading this eventually, You are a scourge on democracy.

  3. No doubt the Feds would be aware of Darren Hodges and his political inclinations. However, it is apparent that the man is a complete fruitcake; one of such gravity that it is doubtful he ever would be able to compose himself enough or exert the discipline to perpetrate such horrors as what he advocates. Those who are who too busy busy talkin’ have no time for walkin’. And the Feds would be smart enough to know this.

  4. I don’t care what your political leanings are, nor your beliefs about immigration/race, perpetrating or supporting fatal violence against CHILDREN makes you less than human. You deserve to be lynched Darren

    • Absolutely, Ace. I spoke to Darrin, Nick and other APP members and repeatedly told them to justify their support of the murder of children.

      In particular I asked them “I can promise you, that I will never intentionally cause harm to your children, nor get joy or support anyone who does. Can you say the same to me?” None of them were able to promise that.

      It’s something I like about the left. No matter how crazy the left in Australia can get (And they can get pretty crazy), I’ve yet to find a left wing guy who supports murdering children.

      • Sadly (and more than a little irate) this doesn’t surprise me JM. You know you cannot win someone over when they let themselves get to the point of celebrating the wholesale slaughter of young people. This man is a stain on not only Australia, but the world…

  5. This is disgusting. Sam Liang- if the media,government,close family and friends are questioning your beliefs then shouldn’t you step back and question them as well.
    Kylie Maree is a stain on society as are the others that celebrated the death of young innocent children. As for Hodges turn these screen captures into billboards in his local electorate come election time. Enough said, Australia doesn’t need or want heartless racist scum like these right wing lunatics. R.I.P. to all who lost their lives at the hands of this extremist.

    • It’s just funny that your one ambition in life is to make it into parliament, and yet you don’t seem to understand how many errors you’ve made that will forever ruin any chance you had beyond the average <2% you've been achieving in the polls.

    • Tell me Darrin, how sick and twisted in the head do you have to be, to support the killing of innocent, unarmed KIDS??? What kind of man does that make you??? I’ll tell you what kind of man it makes you: Nothing.
      You are nothing. You are tiny and pathetic and you are less than human.
      Stay the hell away from my family, and all of Australian society. You’re hated by everyone. No ordinary people (other than a select few of your sick, fucked up chums) support you, everyone disagrees with you. You lose. Shame on you. Now go away.

      • A fate equal to or worse than the fate of those innocent kids whose murder you celebrate.

        Our grandparents fought against everything you stand for in WWII. And they won. Australia dealt with your type over 60 years ago and we sure as hell don’t want that kind of filth back today. So piss off. Nobody likes you.

        • If your referring to that socialist scum Hitler, then you’re also dramatically wrong. Try again. Lol @ your argument, absolute classic “two legs good, four legs bad” logic.

        • Aww Daz no one is fooled by your “Hitler is a socialist” and random references to Orwell (who was a life-long socialist who detested Fascism)

          We have real historians here.

        • It doesn’t surprise me that you didn’t understand it. Orwell was opposed all forms of totalitarism – fascist and socialist. Not only was Hitler a socialist, the primary fascist theorist Mussolini was also the leading Socialist of Italy of the time. As was Mosley, who was a prominent Fabian socialist and Labourite. Yes, we know all about your ‘real’ historians.

        • Remember MMU, anyone left of these guys is automatically labelled a socialist. Some of them even believe Hitler and Bob Brown were lovers.

        • Hi Darrin. You still haven’t answered my question:
          why do you think it’s okay to kill children?

          And now we get another question: Was Hitler a white supremacist?

  6. Dream on Daz, Mussolini thought he was a socialist but gradually embraced the state corporatism of Fascism – in fact he invented the word and the concept.

    Mosley was never really a Labourite. He was a political and social dilettante who sampled the Fabian Society like you’d taste a claret but never sat as a Labour MP.

    Now go away and read some history books.

    • Oh, and just to round off, a quote from Hitler:

      “There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it. There is, above all, genuine, revolutionary feeling, which is alive everywhere in Russia except where there are Jewish Marxists. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade-union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communists always will.”

      Funny that.

        • No, actually you haven’t. So we’ll go for it again.

          What ‘god’ were you referring to when addressing JM (whom you are calling ‘Christopher’)?


          Do you believe in god?

        • Oh, he has his preparation for interviews. If anyone asks him questions say “I have already answered that” and pretend to be a Jedi!

          Yep, that will play well with the electorate!

          More and more I realise though, that Hodges doesn’t expect, nor really wants to win the election. If he did, he’s be acting like other fringe party groups, trying not to say extreme things, but not challenging extremist beliefs of his members, so to try and keep the extremist core, yet able to appeal to the sane majority.

          But Hodges can’t do that. The sane majority does not like murder of innocents, especially when the innocents are, let’s be honest, white children. And to think he will win despite the support of Breivik is either delusional or idiotic.

          So, with that ruled out, the only reason I can see for Hodges acting as he does is…he wants attention. He was previously a nobody in a party of nobodies (the AFP), and he left that to become a somebody in a nothing party of nobodies. He goes nowhere, does nothing, but he has a tiny handful of people who support him, for a bit, until they realise he’s either not extreme enough, or crazy, then leave.

          But in the meantime, Hodges feels wanted, needed. It’s the sort of feelings we humans have friends and romantic partners for.

  7. LOL, Mussolini ‘though’ he was a socialist! That is hilarious, he was the editor of THE socialist journal in Italy. . And yes, I did state that he was the primary fascist theorist – but perhaps you didn’t see that bit. Mosley was never really a Labourite? this just gets funnier and funnier, how about the man in his own words?

    “My relationship with my father remained good until I joined the Labour Party in 1924…..Our tranquil relations exploded when in his view I entered the devil’s service by becoming a socialist.” ~ My Life, page 16, Oswald Mosley.

    “During this period I spoke frequently in university debates and I believe I was responsible for carrying the first motion in favour of socialism by twenty votes at one of them and just lost by four votes at about the same time in the other. ~ My Life, page 135, Oswald Mosley.

    “I am not, and have never been, a man of the right. My position was on the Left and is now in the center of politics”. ~ Oswald Mosley, 1968.

    He also chaired meetings of the Fabian society during the ’20s and early 30s – his name was also published in the “Fabian Society Annual Report” (1929-1931)

    But I guess he was only imagining he was a socialist, right? Just like how socialism has never been tried before eh?

    • Clearly you have a problem with socialism. Well Darrin, in that case, put your money where your mouth is and from now on refuse all the entitlements that “socialists” have won for you over the years. You can start by paying back the state for any education you were provided with at its expense. Ever used Medicare? Well, start paying back the state for every time you did so. Are you in employment which entitles you to a minimum wage, sick leave, holiday pay etc? Well, you can fuck all that off because those too are entitlements won for you by socialists. On any medications? Start paying full price because the PBS is essentially a socialist policy. Have you ever received any Centrelink-type benefits? Time to start paying ’em back. Well? Are you going to do as I suggest or would it all be a bit to inconvenient for you to do so?
      Oh, and I am assuming that in your opposition to socialism you are assuming some sort of libertarian guise. Well, libertarian is just that… people free to do whatever the fuck they want, and that includes following the religion of their choice without needing to fear being gunned down by some loony like you. And if you really were such a christian, then why are you so selective with the whole tolerance kind of thing?
      And despite your assertions regarding fascism=socialism, that still does not detract that ultimately your aims are on a par with that of which were Hitler’s. “National Socialism” ain’t socialism buddy. It’s like saying that East Germany was a liberal democracy as it referred itself to the “German Democratic Republic”.

        • And here you are again. Afraid of answering questions, and when confronted wit this, pretend you’ve already answered it.

          How do you actually survive in our society? You can’t go to a Doctor (Firstly because if it involves Medicare, that’s socialism), because the first thing they ask is “What’s your name?”-a question-your kryptonite.

          Let’s try this again, reminding you that as a wannabe politician you will be asked questions like this over and over again:
          Why do you think it is okay to murder children?

    • What ever Mosley’s dabblings were, he comes across as a somewhat confused individual both in his political and his personal life. Like all Fascists he spiralled downwards into even more confusion as he grew older.

      Quoting Hitler on socialism? Really you are more foolish than we thought.

      And have you answered JM’s question yet?

    • All very interesting Cheapie. But it fails t oanswer the primary question:
      why do you think it’s okay to kill children?

      You do know that if your party ever succeeds even slgihtly, these questions wil be asked. What wil lyou do then? Run away? That’ll look good on a televised debate.

      Or are you going to wet yourself, like you are now?

      • He cannot answer the question, because NOTHING justifies the wholesale murder of innocent kids. You’re a hypocritical fucking idiot Darren

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