Jayden Smedley versus the health professionals

Jayden Smedley

"I tried to blowdry with a Muslamic Raygun and this is the result"

Jayden Smedley

Actually we are rather glad that Jayden and his racist mates like Matt don’t like Muslim health professionals. That means with the shortage of health workers we have in this country and with the heavy workloads of doctors, nurses and dentists,  more deserving folk can get treatment more quickly.

Just keep not getting medical or dental treatment lads. Australia’s gene pool can only be enhanced by your absence.

47 thoughts on “Jayden Smedley versus the health professionals

  1. How does one decide if someone ‘looks’ Muslim? If it’s purely on a Arab looking visage then they fail cause there’s no shortage of Christian Arabs, and the law of averages would suggest other religions as well.

    If it’s based on cultural dress then they fail as well, cause I know of a recent convert to Islam who’s basically a pale skinned redhead with blue eyes. She doesn’t wear any cultural dress at all, aside from the ‘modest’ clothing.

    Jayden, purely speaking, you are a dunce. That is all.

      • I know it’s closed but when I saw it there was a nice rant about how Islamic countries are full of poverty, etc.

        Here we go, and I quote: “Islamic countries are rife with poverty and have been for centuries. There is plenty of evidence to substantiate the fact that Islamic countries are responsible for atrocities committed in various parts of the world in the shape of terrorist attacks not to mention terrorist gangs that routinely murder/slaughter civilians simply because they resist threats to convert to Islam. In Arab schools and on Arab television, children are taught the glory of becoming suicide bombers, brainwashed from the moment they are able to speak. Almost everywhere that Islam resides there is violence.”

        I mean where does one start with that? *head desk*

  2. As a health professional myself, may I relate the observation that white trash bogan patients seem to have the lowest possible standards of hygiene I ever have encountered.

    • I feel you, WarriorTom! Sadly, even as a nursing student on placement, I’ve had patients confide in me how relieved they are that they got me instead of one of the non-white students.

      Although, bright side, I have also seen some patients be wonderfully appreciative and kind to my international student colleagues.

      • One of the best doctors I ever have worked with, and one in whom I would be more than happy to entrust my life or that of a loved one to, was an Egyptian Muslim. Something else that redneck patients seem unaware of is that a lot of professionals who gained their experience in developing countries prior to coming to Australia have amazing clinical skills and knowledge bases. As they have not had the benefit of all the gee-whiz resources that we have in Australia, they have had to compensate through other means… such means being learning to do everything with nothing but one’s own knowledge and ability to improvise. They also tend to have experience with a lot of illnesses and injuries that most Australian doctors would have no clue of.

    • I shall keep it in mind the next time I have surgery in Britain. And take it with a grain of salt.

      Truth is, iatrogenic infection rates in all hospitals everywhere in the Western world are problems, and it has nothing to do with the ethnic origins of the staff, and more to do with cost-cutting by governments (especially in the UK where the Tories have long tried to run down the NHS) and resistant strains of bacterial infections which originate in over-prescription of certain antibiotics.

      • Fuk themm bogeymen them kunts can go fuk themslfs so gay i hope the fukin navy sinks all themm boggeyman boats fuk them kunts soft cock fukkin bogeyman kunts wanna bring fukkin shanias’ law into fukin OUR CUONTRY FUK THEM KUNTS!!!! SAY NO TO GAY BOGGEYMAN KUNTS SHANIAS LAW KUNTS!!!

    • So, muslim doctors escaping NHS hygiene rules is okay to you? that speaks volumes about your sense of cleanliness of which, apparently, you have none! What makes muslims superior that they have to force change in a western culture? if it is okay for other doctors to exercise those hygiene rules, the same should apply to muslim doctors. I think it is disgusting and I am sure that most people would agree with me! Karma’s a bitch, that’s for sure, and next time you’re in need of medical care, I hope you reap the rewards of that lack of hygiene that you so fervently defend!

      • Haven’t you read ANYTHING that has been posted here, some by actual health workers, or do you just mouth off?

        If you are so concerned about the NHS, better head to Britain. We’ll enjoy watching the Poms laugh at you. Tasmania’s IQ will rise exponentially.

      • Jayden, please take the time to actually read past the first paragraph of the article you have posted a link to and you may gain an actual understanding of this (non) issue.

        Then feel free to post a general apology to, well, the world.

      • Jayden,
        Why are you so worried about the NHS standards?
        NHS has lot more problems, REAL issues than covering or not covering arms elbow down.
        Have you ever been to the UK?

        Besides the rules & what ever the dress code is, when hygiene required to be assured, all medical staff scrub themselves, for example before even entering an operating theatre they scrub, muslim, jew, jihad what ever. The dress code is just out side when they are among people I guess. No one ever wears their own clothes in an operating theatre etc.

        Have you ever been hospitalised? or undergone surgery???
        By the sound of your paranoia, you don’t have a fukken clue mate.. 🙂

    • Nice one dope. Providing a link to a Telegraph shitpile from the UK while trying to explain an ‘apparent’ lack of hygienic standards of Muslim doctors and dentists in Australia.

      Please now provide hard statistics to suggest that patients are failing to improve at the hands of Muslim doctors in Australia, and that patients are developing diseases directly related to unhygienic Muslim dentists in Australia.

      Your time starts, now.

    • Jayden you’re a fucking idiot. I’ve been working as a RN for twelve years now in various states of Australia and in some of the biggest hospitals in Australia. And one thing I can tell you is that the ethnicity of the health-provider has very little bearing on hygiene practices. And I’ve seen plenty of caucasian professionals pay such little heed to basic principles such as handwashing and disinfecting torniquets between patients that my mind truly does boggle. If anything does have a bearing on hygiene practices in hospitals it is the amount of staffing, such as nurse to patient ratios, that will make the greatest of difference. I have no doubt that some little redneck bogan dipshit turd ignoramus busies himself voting Liberal because, hey action-man Tony is so gonna sort out all those nasty boatpeople who are Hellbent on invading our pristine Anglo-Saxon shores (or such as they may seem to exist in your deluded pig-ignorant mind) so that they can impose on us all “Sharon’s Law” and make us pray to what is simply another variant of the Judeo-Christian God that you likely seem all so defensive of yet probably don’t give a shit past that your reverence for him/her just gives you another excuse to advance yourself towards the inevitable Korsakoff’s you’ll end up with in the latter stages of your life, along with the bowel cancer and diabetes, all by-products of your “Aussie way of life”. You’re a knob and your kind makes me sick, and it is the hatred of others based upon their cultural and ethnic differences that causes all the fucking trouble in this world. No doubt you label Muslims as “fanatics” as well, yet are too fucking stupid to realise that you yourself, in your overt prejudice, are a fanatic, on the same level as any member of the Taliban. Except that rather than wielding an AK47 in the valleys of Afghanistan, you wield a stubbie down your local pub, ready to glass any “cunt” that dares at all to irritate you for the most minor and irrational of reasons. Oh, and may I also mention that a lot of infections in hospital are due to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria which have come about due to large-scale inappropriate use of antibiotics in developed countries, with Australia being a main offender. So, next time that you’re in hospital and end up with a nasty VRE infection in your head where you were glassed by some other “cunt” down at your glassing-barn just remind yourself of that. Now get and get an education, dickhead.

    • @Jayden: I can’t take anyone seriously when they talk about hygiene when they have hair that looks like it’s cleaned thousands of public toilets.

  3. “Hygiene down the toilet”? Practicing Muslims wash their hands, arms and face before they pray. There’s no lack of practices relating to personal hygiene in Islam.

  4. Isn’t Jayden an ancient Celtic name that, roughly translated, means ‘village idiot’? Seriously, I’ve never met a Jayden that isn’t a slack-jawed mouth breather.

    • Funny that. I myself feel that from a public health angle parents should be prohibited from naming their children “Jayden” or “Madison”. Such practices seem to cause significant and permanent cognitive damage.

  5. I’m guessing that this might be the same Jayden featured here that had posted on this Facebook page, & has got pwnd. 😦

    P.S:- Admins, blog format might need a change, some posts are only party visible after about 3 replies 😦

    • Yeah Jayden was truly pwned there. Why does he persist in enshrining his idiocy?

      M-Dawg we hope to tweak the style sheets on the current theme so we don’t get those truncated posts. Happens unfortunately with threaded comments.

  6. I suggest you remove the photo of that young man! You have taken it upon yourself to google my name and came up with this young man of which you INSIST is me; I have informed you before that this young man is NOT me. I am a married woman!

      • In this day and age I’d have hoped MMU would be more accepting and not feel the need to ridicule people for the way they choose to live.

        I, for one, support Jayden’s decision to live her life as a woman.

      • Actually that was one of the quickest sex changes in history. Still, we’ll stick with the 90lb male weakling – it fits the image we have in our heads of the Cut-and-Paste Kid.

    • Jayden… tee hee… who in their right mind would call their child Jayden? Oh, that’s right, bogan mums and dads post-1995 have been calling their sons “Jayden”. A trend which acts as further evidence that “Jayden” is not a married woman but a teenage boy. Or maybe a fluffy white cat going by “Jayden’s” current Facebook avatar. Oh, BTW “Jayden” I do dig your concern for the plight of Christians in Egypt (see http://www.petitiononlineaustralia.com/user/jayden-smedley/126126 ), something that concerns me too as I am not a fan of persecution. But why don’t you care to extend such compassion to everyone, and thus embrace the notion of universal human rights? Or maybe your perverse little mind is too busy dreaming up sick sexual practices that you like to accuse people of differing ethnicities of, imaginings which from the Freudian perspective tell one that they are practices which you most likely would like to engage in. Isn’t that right? Meow.

        • Maybe “her” husband Scott needs to spend more quality time with “her” than looking at all that Asian porn which he does. Which is probably why Jayden is such a bigot; she feels so righteous in “her’ anger because Scott would rather unload over an “Unaustralian” than some sexy Aryan MILF like “her”.

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