Sex and the Single Bogot

The far right are a bunch of try-hards. They love to spend a lot of time discussing sex in all its manifestations especially when it is somehow related to their opponents. If it is not related to their opponents they still try hard.

Bec Atkins has now added obstetrics to her string bag of cheap tricks and is very keen to get her fellow bogots to reproduce so that “them” (hated minority of the moment) won’t beat the bogots in the breeding stakes.

Bec Atkins

We are a little puzzled. Bec wants Aussie women to churn out babies so where are they going to get the time for jobs of “power and high education”? And we somehow cannot see too many bogots with their limited outlook and poor understanding of the world ever qualifying for any of these “jobs of power and high education”. Sounds a lot like “Kinder, Küche und Kirche” to us.

Here, well-known eugenics expert and mountain survivalist Chris “BO Plenty” Merrett cranks out his version of first contacts with Indigenous people. One must ask – leaving aside BO’s repugnant racism for a second, what is this obsession the neo-Nazis “white nationalists” have with sodomy?

Chris Merrett

We know women are somewhat thin on the ground in the cop-free Victorian wilderness where BO prefers to hide out. Maybe the critters just run too fast eh?

scared sheep

Bogot pinup - Ewe scared?

Scott Neale, bearded baldie elder of the Australian Penile Dysfunction Movement APDM has little to do these days as his tiny  Facebook group party shrivels into well-deserved obscurity. And we can tell as he gets together behind the dunnies with his mates from Year 4 and indulges in some anti-Muslim non-humour.

Scxott Neale

We can see “Bear Rahh”‘s Saturday nights must be busy indeed in front of the monitor with the porn.

Now here’s that fine body of hunky warriors the APDM. No doubt the ladies are swooning as we speak.

Marcus Jenkins

Herpp Derppp…

Good to see old Scott H. thinks he can still get his pallid patriotic pecker up.  Maybe he needs BDSM role plays like this one to get him going these days.

Oh, we thought you’d like a picture of ethno-sexpert Marcus Jenkins. Just so you know why he’d be hanging around an old guy like Scott at weekends instead of scoring with the chicks.

Marcus Jenkins

We are not sure why the bloke next to our heart-throb has fallen asleep, but we can guess why. Marcus has probably treated him to some of his “humour”. Or maybe he had some sex advice from one of the Scotts.

Perhaps he should take up something more exciting than exploring sex with Marcus.

We saved the best worst till last as we pop over to the Old Dart to showcase Erectile Dysfunction League member Alan Cleverley.

Allan Cleverley & Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

Alan is so proud to be associated with the EDL and with convicted rioter Tommy Robinson Paul Harris Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (make up your mind son) that he wears his best British Legion clobber.

We are sure that his fellow Falklands vets would be happy that someone was besmirching the proud traditions of the Legion (the UK’s equivalent of the RSL) by hanging out in his kit with a bunch of Fascist football hooligans.

Anyway old Alan is also rather interested in sex, but not as we know it.

Allan Cleverley2

Kaylene is trying to have what she thinks is a conversation about Shari’a, but Alan has other ideas. We won’t go into details, readers can work them out for themselves.

Ah well, bang goes your date with Kaylene.

16 thoughts on “Sex and the Single Bogot

  1. Always the fascination with weird sex them lot! Kids, threats of rape, talk of goat sex.. I imagine entering an APDM or ADL meeting would be like wandering onto the set of a hardcore German underground porn movie..
    No offence to Germans.

  2. TAB I find it disappointing when you lower the standard of humor to their level. Jokes about buggery? “Australian Penile Dysfunction Movement”? Really?

    You are smart enough to make your point without this kind of rubbish. It also seems to be a little hypocritical to accuse them of being obsessed with sex whilst attacking their sexual prowess/preferences.

    Just attack them for being racist, xenophobic and stupid, like this site is supposed to.

    • 1. We don’t play nice

      2. We like to stick it to them where it hurts. Men who are sure of themselves and can relate to others don’t join Fascist boys’ clubs or preach intolerance and violence to minorities.

      • But are they the target audience of this blog? And won’t it just enrage them justifiably rather than just because they refuse to understand your perspective? Or distract them from what should be the substance of the discussion (ha, ‘discussion’ with these people!)?

        Well at least you are sure of yourself. Personally I prefer people who play nice and can keep criticism relevant and mature. But this isn’t my blog, and I do love it, so I will pull my head in. I only wanted to make constructive criticism. I would suggest, however, that these people have enough awful character flaws to make fun of without making up new ones such as you did.

        • Simple way for them not to be enraged. They just need to get a grip and not to be racist bigots.

          We manage it without any special knowledge – so does the vast majority of Australians. Prejudice is always based on “their” warped perceptions and not on observable facts.

        • I hate to keep this up, but I really think that if you want to create change in these people, if you want them to get a grip and think, then implying they have sex with sheep (or attempt to) or erectile dysfunction if probably going to be very ineffective. I could only imagine them being less likely to listen to anything else you have to say, and given the likelihood of them listening in the first place… well, you know.

          Unless your goal is to humiliate and ridicule more than educate I think the comments in question are counter-productive.

        • I think half the time Charlie, TAB are more or less talking on ‘their level’. I think it’s more effective than writing a whole dissertation or discussion essay on the errors of their ways dont you think? And although ome of the insults are meant to humour, isnt that what a lot of comedians do? Make a parody and satirise the obvious ignorance? This in itself is very persuasive and therefore more effective than lecturing.

          I dunno – just my tuppence worth too i suppose.

        • The change we want to see is for them to leave minorities alone – particularly those who are intimidated into silence whenever these individuals and groups start braying their hate messages.

          It is too late in most cases for these haters to change. A lot of these characters have been in hate groups for many years, except before they were threatening Jews and Asians. However it might give some immature kids who think racism is cool some pause for thought before they make an irrevocable mistake.

        • Good points both of y’all. I still hold my opinion but you have clearly demonstrated the value of what you are doing.

          So, keep up the good work.

        • I would just like to throw my two cents in to this discussion: From all my encounters with avowed racists and other ignorant scum; I have found that reasoned arguments and fact based discussions have a snow-flake’s chance in hell of penetrating their thick greasy skulls. These idiots are basically like toddlers who stick their fingers into their ears and yell “NA NA NA NA!” when they’re being told the hard truth.

          No matter what anybody says or does, these people will continue to find solace in others of their ilk, and these genetic failures band together with the sole purpose of validating one another’s beliefs.

          I say insult away AntiBogan! Although I do believe, given the articulate and well presented arguments that are the hallmark of this blog, that penis jokes are below you. I mean, associating these people with erectile dysfunction is an insult to all the blokes out there who rely on the ol’ nasal spray technology. 😛

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