Frankie Love – Lollipop Man/Deep Intellectual

Frankie Love:

“world peace, lets nuke africa and the middle east to dust, no more famine no more terrorists no more aids all we need is a dozen nuclear bombs to make the world a better place”

Frankie Love you are an unAustralian piece of shit. First you lightly throw around the idea of genocide and then you publicly give tips to potential underage drinkers. You make our country a worse place to live in. Fuck you.

This is the company he represents. Interesting to see if they appreciate being represented in this way.

(Frankie Love: Bert Newton and Roseanne Barr’s female lovechild)

16 thoughts on “Frankie Love – Lollipop Man/Deep Intellectual

  1. sadly i don’t think altus would have a problem with it. my husband used to work for them, the state manager told me on our first meeting that ‘all housing trust people and people on the dole should be in their own suburb far up north of the city, so the ferals don’t bring down house values where decent people live.’

  2. Something tells me someone got picked on in high school… and we all know, some of the quickest ways to feel like a big man again are:

    1. Aid underage drinkers in their pursuit of alcohol so they think you’re totally cool eh;
    2. Make fun of minorities and/or people who can’t respond; and/or
    3. Get a photo of yourself holding a weapon, where you think you look like Rambo, but you just look like some kid holding a weapon.

  3. I seriously think that the most UnAustralian concept is, you know, another country. It boggles me that the acts of someone (born in Australia) who has lived their whole life in Australia can in any way be considered ‘un Australian’.

    • Consider the values and ideals that the majority of Australians consider to be representational of our country’s inhabitants, or at least what they should be.

      Then consider a person who acts against these values and ideals. That person is then, by paradigm definition, unAustralian.

      • I love this page, but I’m going to have to part ways with you on this one. A trademark of the bogot is an unjustified appropriation of ‘what the majority thinks’. Are things like ‘not being a dickhead’ uniquely Australian ideals?

        I’d settle for just saying that someone is an ignorant, bigoted, lonely loser.

        But that’s just me.

  4. On the mean and shallow side, but Frankie’s profile pic leads one to suspect that God either gave or took away from him a chromosome or two.

  5. Frankie Love also doesn’t seem to realise that nuking Africa and the Middle East would, besides giving us in Australia a multitude of problems due to fallout, the world’s oil supply would likely become zero and he would be unable to scoot around in whatever 8 cylinder penis extension he owns.

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