The APP grapples sweatily with same-sex marriage

On very rare occasions the Australian Pathetic Protectionist Party moves away from vilifying Muslims and ponderously chews over other issues.

Failed serial political candidate Nicky Folkes is bursting with excitement about a new petition he has found to sign.

APP Gay Marriage

Leaving aside the fact that the Labor National Conference delegates are unlikely to take any notice of him and his micro-party and with  his newly-discovered aptitude for theology Nicky then breathlessly informs the masses that the PM is possessed by the devil. We hope he has let the Labor Party know.

But wait!  APP stalwart Anna Dean dares to disagree with Nicky. Not only does she dare to disagree with Nicky she makes an intelligent observation while doing so.

Sadly this amazing event lasts a mere nanosecond as Christian soldier Harry Grech wades in, tells Anna to shut up  and treats fellow party members to his deeply intimate knowledge of same sex relationships.

In fact the only concession to compassion Harry the Hero will make is that he wants little kids to stop getting their heads twisted – something they have no doubt learnt from the APP.

APP Gay Marriage 3

Speaking of twisted heads, let’s go back to Nicky. After making a blanket statement about the Liberal Party which is not quite true (a controlling faction of the party is against same sex marriage, its leader has confessed he is “scared” of gays, but a considerable number of individual Coalition politicians are not), in order to maintain control  he then asks Anna a completely pointless question. Nicky then conflates same sex marriage with “the destruction of the family unit” and of course drags in his favourite political scapegoats, the Greens.

And Nicky, by the way we happen to think that a compassionate, decent, intelligent and tolerant Bob Brown would be a much better father to anyone’s kids than would just about any member of an intolerant racist misogynist white exceptionalist party like the Pathetics.

But there’s more. Enter the APP’s own sexpert Bec Atkins, accompanied by Dirty Harry, to add their 5c worth of mythology.

Bec is rather keen on this “species furthering” stuff. Maybe she’s trying to get a one-woman membership drive going for the Pathetics?  Maybe Bec should take up dog-breeding?

Nick Folkes chimes in

Err…hate to tell you this Nicky but “marriage” is not thousands of years old – not for the general population. Women (and to some extent men) were barter objects used by wealthy and/or powerful parents to cement alliances, ensure dynastic continuity and safeguard financial and property assets. People of the non-monied classes simply co-habited with the person they chose, or in the case of poor women, were abducted, or in the case of slave women, were often made part of a wealthy man’s harem. Their fates are not recorded.

APP Gay Marriage 5

Now grizzled veteran Jean Gilmour enters the fray. Jodie Smith is another one who is offering intelligent and reasoned opinions and Jean is here to put a stop to all that nonsense.

Then having put that unruly gel in her place, Jean climbs her personal Mt Sinai, assumes prophetic mode and declaims

God's law

 Imagine, a far right misogynist homophobic party with absolutist religious foundations. Do the Pathetics have a real Hizbollah thing happening there?

17 thoughts on “The APP grapples sweatily with same-sex marriage

  1. Yet again, the far right confuse same-sex with “gay-sex”… and in doing so, continue down their well worn path of obsession with sex, rape, and paedophilia.

    Protest too much?

  2. Other good comments from this same discussion include Nicky saying he rarely goes to church because churches are too bleeding heart and left wing, and Harry Grech saying atheists are not welcome in Australia.

    So, you’re outside of the APP if you’re a christian…or an atheist….or a Muslim….or a Hindu…or not white….or Jewish (Well, they’re prefer if you moved to Israel).

    So that leaves…..Kangaroos? Kangaroos are now the only creatures allowed to join the APP now?

  3. You don’t think they’re right? Homosexual sex is disgusting, and unnatural. But it’s also natures way of saying GTFO of the gene pool!

    • Sex itself is pretty unnatural if you think about it… Who was the first bloke to notice that that thing he urinates out of can be shoved into the hole where females urinate out of?

      If you don’t like gay sex, don’t have it. Although me secretly thinks that you don’t mind watching it in the privacy of your own home…

      • I agree with what you said but I just wanted to point out that female don’t pee out of their vaginas. The female urethra is above the vagina.

    • What a shame then you didn’t listen to what Mike Rann said about same sex marriage when he retired as Premier.

      South Australia has been very progressive in the past on social issues like rights for GLBT people. Pity you don’t seem to be listening. You are very much out of step with the rest of your state.

    • Yes, because obviously your genes make you quite the charming individual don’t they? Pfft.

      If you don’t like it don’t have it and don’t watch it. I personally think consentual sex is beautiful.

      Plus, going on the pill or using a condom isn’t exactly natural but it can be a very good idea.

      Also, I hate to break it to you MJ, but GLB can and often do have their genes passed down. IVF, sperm donation, the fact that bisexuals are attracted to (and may therefore have sex with) members of both sexes and people having biological nephews and nieces (meaning from same gene pool).

  4. No, APP, you’re right. My brother ‘chose’ to get chased by a gang of idiots with cricket bats calling him a fag. He ‘chose’ to lose his house to his ex-boyfriend because they weren’t considered defacto.

    Fucking fuckity fuck. That is all.

  5. The name “Australian Protectionist Party” should be changed. I was considering joining thinking that they would protect me from insular, hysterical xenophobes and conspiracy theorists.

    Imagine how stupid I would I have felt turning up to that meeting (assuming they have face-to-face meetings, not just Facebook discussions under fake identities).

  6. i have a great way to solve this gay marrige debate, and that is to do away with marrige completely, that way your not offending anyone by saying that only one group of people can, and then saying to a different group of people you cant, if you say no to everyone, no one then can bitch that one can and one cant. screw the lot of you, so to speak.

    If it s ok for one then its ok for everyone, if its not ok for one, then not ok for anyone

  7. I love how Harry goes the “Marriage is unnatural route”
    You know what Harry so is penicillin and pacemakers but are you going to draw opposition to those things too?

    He also really shows his ignorance by saying that there’s nothing loving or romantic about gays
    One of my gay work colleges told us how his boyfriend bought out a private box at the AFL for his birthday just the two of them,

    I also have friend who lives in the United States who is the daughter of a lesbian couple who have been together happily for 20 years,

    • Harry Grech is also a member of the pro-Anders Brehvik group, so I don’t think he should be considered an expert on love or romance.

      He probably wonders “Why won’t the women be impressed by my declaration that I’d murder 80 children for them? It gets me aroused!”

  8. Jodie and Anna have since been banned from the APP. Because the APP cannot and will not allow people to talk even semi positively about homosexuals (Semi-positively because one of those posters is against gay marriage, but entirely for gay civil unions).

    Posters who call for rape to be legalised, Julia Gillard to be raped and murdered, other female politicians to be sterilised, all politicians they disagree with to be hung, child sex abuse victims to be shot, the disabled to be executed, all non-whites to be exterminated, and children to be murdered….they’re allowed to stay in the group.

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