A Local Shop for Local People

Meet Jochen Pfleuger. Jochen likes dogs but hates his fellow man – or more specifically Muslims. He even belongs to an impressive array of anti-Muslim hate-groups, unusual for someone who is a graduate of a prestigious German university, part of whose mission statement reads:

Sie wendet sich gegen jede Form von Diskriminierung, Intoleranz und kultureller Selbstüberhöhung*

Jochen Pfleuger

Jochen is a businessman. He must be aiming for the Toowoomba Businessman of the Year by the welcoming look of his business premises.

Not sure how many burqa-wearers you get in Toowoomba. We’d guess zero – which means there’s a whole lot of paranoia and prejudice going on here. Especially from someone who is an immigrant himself and presumably came to Australia seeking a better life.

* (“It fights every kind of discrimination, intolerance and cultural hubris”)

Royston Vasey on the Darling Downs

11 thoughts on “A Local Shop for Local People

  1. Toowoomba does have its share of immigrants including Muslims, but I’d reckon you could count the amount of burqa wearers on one hand with fingers to spare….only an incredibly tiny percentage of Muslim women wear burqas.

  2. This post is a lot of crap, and I could have you in court about it. I never said I hate Muslims, the sign was done on recommendation of a security company. Apart from that I am not a business man, I just work in that place!

    • Took your time didn’t you old man.

      An Islamophobic sign = hatred of Muslims.

      Membership of anti-Muslim groups like the ADL and APDM (now mercifully extinct) = hatred of Muslims

      Prove otherwise.

      A Queensland security company? What a joke (see last nights edition of 7:30)

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