Chris Matthews Owns the Land, and the Women



No it isn’t.




Wait – the ‘coons’ look dodgy? You’re the shmuck hiding behind a fish..



Yeah, where they belong, while the men are out working hard (fishing).



But if it was a bunch of white guys still drinking at 9:30am – they’d be heroes, right?


8 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Owns the Land, and the Women

  1. I’m 100% sure he meant to spell “Carlisle” but can’t spell yet he’d be that very vocal group who’d be telling us non-Anglos that we can’t speak English properly.

    • I just find it funny how they hide behind computers, bet his never said anything like that to an Aboriginal person, guys like this would be useless, even in the army, my Aborignal mates laugh whenever guys like this make a squeak, they know its all talk and no action, Aboriginals have a great sense of humour, and they also follow through with what they say, bogans could learn alot from them

  2. Notice how the “coons” were simply dodgy “looking”…He’s basing his estimate of crime rates on how dodgy somebody looks not actually what they’re done. In that case his profile pic is a criminal act.

    • Maybe it was his mother who told my sister-in-law (after meeting my brother), “He seems nice. Be careful though, Arabs like to take in prostitutes.”

  3. This fool is just upset because he couldn’t afford a flagon, being Monday he had to wait till the end of the week for his government hand out. Oh well Chris looks like may as well get back on your push-bike and patrol those streets, if you are lucky you might find half a sandwich on your travels, and if luck is really on your side it might be white bread.

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