The Hamster Wheel V Muslamic Burqa Rayguns

We love The Chaser here at TAB so we were very pleased to see their new show The Hamster Wheel.

In one of their latest episodes they have taken on the vexed question of the burqa, a question which seems to really worry about half a dozen extremely odd people and which is a convenient way for A Current Affair 60 Minutes Today Tonight to fill up some air time (and presumably keep the viewers and sponsors of A Current Affair 60 Minutes TDT happy with some gratuitous minority-bashing).

Internet fashion guru Kye Keating apparently took time out of his busy schedule of creating and keeping up with dodgy Facebook groups to give his considered opinion to TDT on an article of clothing worn by a handful of observant adherents to a minority religious group . We find that Kye has no job or study plans we can immediately discern but he does have a snappy line in emo hairdos and a refreshingly charisma-free media presence.

Batty burqa site

We forecast a great future for Kye doing something or other especially with head-shots like this.

Kye Keating

Kye gets his bliss on

In other highlights, media whore and self-appointed mad  Mahdi to the unshriven Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon was also happy to lend his presence to the proceedings. Perhaps he and Kye can get together and exchange hair and makeup tips?

Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon

Ibby struts his stuff

And The Hamster Wheel has some handy hints for media eager to get on the batty burqa circuit.


Move over pet rocks and Rubik’s cubes, TAB foresees some great pointless merchandising opportunities. With dynamos like Kye and spruikers like Ibby, you can’t miss!

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15 thoughts on “The Hamster Wheel V Muslamic Burqa Rayguns

  1. I saw the idiot behind Ban The Burqa Day on The Hamster Wheel (even those he wanted to remain anonymous) and I would say, the day was not based on facts, but taking something illegally?

    But why do you want to ban the burqa where this idiot claim it well hide your identity and able you to commit crime without evidence, when the things he wanted people to wear on the day like sunglasses, hats and helmets are in FACT used in crime to hide your identity?

  2. Well, OBVIOUSLY the culprits behind the ‘Antibogan’ are going to love the pathetic bunch of rats that make up The Chaser!
    They’re a similar lot of obnoxious, snide, arrogant, ignorant, university “educated” liberals and left-wingers, who mock and hate Australians and ridicule everything about Australia!
    Of course you’re just going to just LOVE your comrades and chime in with supporting their loathing of Australians and attacks upon Australia, no matter what that entails. No surprises here!
    The point ought to be the ISSUE, and why now has such drastic social engineering been instigated that brings these dangers into Australia and such concerns upon Australians…and why such “debates” have to be aroused in Australia! Not that much of a debate is being allowed.
    Obviously, evasion and deflection are key tactics of both The Chaser crew and the ‘Antibogans’ …and a clear inspection and analysis of HOW Australian society has become so violated and compromised, and what is behind this, will never be entered into.
    Well, at least not from you lot.
    Some of us though, still have our wits about us!

    • Scott-have you ever had a joke in your life? I’m really glad you’re not the director of anyprogram-it’d be as dull as dog shit.

      But, I’ll let you have your say….please tell me what dangers the less than 1% of Australia’s Muslim population (itself 1.7% of the Australian population of a whole) which wear burqas are bringing to Australia. Please tell me the terrible threats the 0.01% of the Australian population is doing to us.

      With specific examples please!

      While you’re at it, you can bring up specific examples of the Chaser OR the Antibogan “Hating Australia”. While you’re at it, you can explain why you don’t believe the Australian tradition of not taking things too seriously, knocking down tall poppies, and having a laugh about everything, is not actually a part of Australian culture at all, as you object to it for some reason.

      By the way, you seem to have a problem with people educated at Universities. Do you maintain this objection to doctors, nurses and other health professionals?

    • By the way, Scotty, I’ve asked you this a few times before, but you never seem to answer.

      Why don’t you criticise some members of the far right? You’ve seen a lot of posters here, and some of them say terrible things, inhumane things, illegal and immoral things. Yet you’re always there supporting them.

      If the poster is a Nazi, Scotty doesn’t mind.
      If the poster says that Jews and Muslims should be gassed to death or burnt in ovens, Scott will be there to defend them against the evil antibogan.

      I’m not asking you to completely change your opinion, or your criticism, or in fact change at all. You can say “Listen, what this guy is saying is wrong, we shouldn’t gas people but….” or “I hate Nazis but….” and then keep your original opinion, but in a way that shows you think Nazism or murder is wrong.

      I’m just trying to find some common ground with another human being, and I hope that you can join me is saying “Nazism is wrong” and “We shouldn’t kill non-white, Jewish and/or Muslim migrants…or in fact, kill anyone”

      Can you do this? Or is it a case that you support Nazism, and don’t mind a poster saying he wants to burn all brown people in an oven?

        • Scott has never had a “life”..

          His life IS a joke.

          He truly believes that white people have a “super-gene”

          Scott is allergic to proof/evidence..never provides them, doesn’t comprehend them.

          There is no honour in finding common ground with Scott, I’d be ashamed if I did .

          Scott is a hate filled man, hate resulting from jealousy, ex: hate the educated.

        ..this can go on 😐

    • “who mock and hate Australians and ridicule everything about Australia!”

      That’s not true Snotty, they mock and hate bigots and ridicule everything about narrow minded fools.

      Thats why non-racist, non-xenophobic, non-bigoted ” university “educated” liberals and left-wingers” like us like them.

      It’s always hilarious when idiots use education as an insult. It just proves how insular and sheltered they are.

    • I hate it when Scott refers to his BULL SHIT! as “All Australians” 😐

      That’s offensive, I personally take offense to that, I’m not a moron & no one I associate with either 😦

    • Sorry Scott grooming your obnoxious, snide, arrogant, ignorant, non-educated right-wingers based your rants on watching Today Tonight is NOT talking on behalf of Australians.

    • Not as funny as Two And A Half Men, eh Scotty boy?

      For the rest of us, I’m just glad The Chaser are back and doing what needs to be done.

  3. I read this article because I think muslim women bear the brunt of male insecurity. Basically it should be a womans right to make her own decisions about her life and in a secular society those rigths are upheld in our Australian laws. It seemed to me that the men who made comments here sounded hysterical – on both “sides”. Leave women alone!!!!!

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