Nourishment Nazi-style

Sometimes moronic stupidity takes a while to announce itself whenever the bogots set up a group. Initially they might even pretend to be “concerned citizens” actually believing they are worrying about a current issue. They may even fool normal people into actually going over and debating with them.

But sooner or later their true selves emerge.

Take this silly group called “We Hate Muslims “   Petition to Ban Halal Products in Australia for instance. Not content with ramping up the fear factor using lurid tales of evil conspiracies to restrict the bogot from his/her favourite tucker, or worse still pretending to be concerned with issues of animal cruelty, they have now come out of the closet with what they are really on about.

halal idiots
A flourish of swastikas announces a procession of morons unmatched on few other Facebook pages. Brad Draugr Herman shows us his cunning linguistic skills with a couple of wedges of bad German with the admin waddling to catch up.

Here’s Brad ladies. He tells us he’s a bong maker.

Brad Herman

He likes walks on the beach, small furry creatures, interesting green plants, death metal, dead bass players and cheap goon. No overt signs of any nutzi inclinations but that herbal stuff will give you paranoid fantasies all the time. And also make you write bad German.

Now Josh Coghlan displays no such ambiguity (and considerably fewer language skills) as he barks “88” before resuming his torture of the budgie. Josh likes quiet walks by the lake, big throbbing boats, wet fishy things and Nazis.

Josh Coughlan

Someone better tell him quick that seafood is halal before he tucks into his next nosh-up at Belmont 16 Footers.

We’ll spare you a photo of Sean Blanch from Windale because we suspect he is either about 12 or he is somewhat impaired. Or both.

He rounds off the discussion with a heartfelt Sieg Heil and the breathtaking information that he has a “swasticka” (sic) on his back.

The Jewish community in the Newcastle area is small but active. So we’d strongly advise Sean not to take his shirt off anywhere public – or anywhere near any Poles, Ukrainians or Greeks, all of whom have fairly large communities in the area and all of whom would have lost at least one relative to the Nazis.

Now we come to the real nutzi in the woodpile. “Pasta Raz”. “Pasta” doesn’t like anything very much except Nazism but he does manage to get around spreading the message. For instance he fancies himself as a political philosopher as he declaims on yet another anti-Muslim group’s Wall.

Pasta Raz

He is so excited by his own rhetoric that he later expands on his argument as he gives advice along with his version of economic history to the anti-Muslim admin.

Unlike “Pasta” we have a fairly good understanding of what Hitler and the Holocaust was all about. And we offer the following advice for all those wannabe Nazis and other morons who think the grisly artifacts of Nazism are a source of humour.

Follow your leader

18 thoughts on “Nourishment Nazi-style

  1. It’s really hard to fight to temptation to become a psychopath and wipe out all these revolting people.
    Is there anything that can actually be done via Facebook besides the lame old “Report page” trick that seems to do absolutely nothing?

  2. Joshua nice photo of a girlfriend that never got away? Brad we can see you don’t smoke your hair? Then again nice Bong Smoking look. Sean and you got a yellow shirt, that mummy gave you?

  3. Nikki. If you genuinely suspect these people of having broken the law, The Racial Discrimination Act of 1975 for instance, which includes the incitement to violence or hate against a group based on ethnicity or religion etc, then report them to ASIO, ASIS or the AFP. These governmental organisations take a strong interest in homegrown terrorism, especially ever since what happened in Norway earlier this year. Simply reporting them does little; they create a new profile and start again. To really attack these people, report them to the authorities.

  4. I actually do have a problem with the animal cruelty aspects of Halal slaughtering. Though I know little more about it than what can be gathered from a short consultation with professor Google. Anyone here think it is OK to slit a conscious animal’s throat when we have far, far superior methods? Because it isn’t. I am a big supporter of religious tolerance, though not necessarily universal acceptance and rarely celebration.

      • So the “REAL” issue isn’t “animal welfare” then?
        “animal welfare” is just an ‘excuse’ a ‘reason’ to legitimise……… errrr errr..errrrr..
        “I don’t like your skin colour”??? 🙂

    • I agree. I still stand by my opinion though. I am from the country and have seen good slaughters and bad, with or without the influence of religion. Killing is usually gruesome, but that doesn’t bother me if it is for the right purposes and is done humanely.

      • in any case the animal cruelty side is a totally other argument and issue. these groups just use that as a front.

        anyone esle find it funny when ‘pasta’ said that they shouldn’t promote national socialism? which was the central ideology of the Nazi party?

      • Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t Halal slaughter carried out WITH stunning? It’s Kosher slaughter that doesn’t allow for stunning… right?

  5. I’m no expert in German, but having lived there part-time for six months, I think I am a bit more qualified than Brad here to comment on it.

    Hören – to hear
    Gehört – past participle ‘heard’
    Gehören – past participle ‘heard’, however this isn’t correct as you would use the former word form.

    So when he’s saying »Alle Juden und alle Muslime gehören in der Gaskammern von Auschwitz«, it doesn’t actually make much sense. First of all, you don’t “heard” (I think he meant to say ‘herd’ but I’m sure it was lost in translation) “all Jews and Muslims in the gas chambers from Auschwitz” – this is literally what the German translates into.

  6. You’ve missed the best bit of this page where they show disgust at the sale of “Halal Watermelon Pieces” (some sort of lolly from the looks of it).

    One of the comments; “Like you, I am opposed to the inhumane slaughter of watermelon pieces.”

  7. this +1

    For an example of a country destroyed by sectarianism look at Northern Ireland. Why anyone would want to deliberately create a situation like that is beyond me.
    But then, most of the hate and bile spewed forth by these cretins is beyond me. It seems I was born without the ignoramus gene.

  8. As someone fluent in both written and spoken german, allow me to say that Brad’s German is shit and nowhere near worthy of one claiming membership of the “Aryan” race. Now, I’ve looked at Brad’s FB page and, lo and behold, he’s a fan of Cliff Burton’s!!!! Sadly deceased former bassist for Metallica. Knowing also a fair bit about Cliff Burton’s views and all, I confidently can state that Cliff would be more likely to spit on someone such as Brad than ever take the time to talk to him. Cliff was a very liberal and open-minded hippy.

  9. Why do these morons insist on thinking that the Eureka flag is indicative of their nazi bullshit? If they were anything other than ignorant losers they would know the history of this (failed) rebellion led by an Irishman was written by an Italian and the men who swore fealty to the flag originally were gold miners or in other words Europeans, Chinese, Africans and yes. Muslims together forming a virtual multicultural showcase. The Eureka flag does represent a struggle, but it is not the pathetic nazi struggle or even some purely Anglo epic of resistance. It represents a very human and racially inclusive fight against a corrupt regime, in other words the Eureka flag pretty much represents Australia’s strongest ANTI-NAZI movement in peace time. Laugh at these drug addled morons because they are too fat, stoned and stupid for any other response..

  10. What harm does it do them if people choose to eat halal products?

    I’ve eaten halal cheese, I’m not muslim and it makes no difference to me.

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