Bogot Family Values

Bogots always like to assume a position of  defenders and upholders of “traditional family values”, whatever they are. For instance one of the bogots’ favourite Facebook groups political parties, the APP, has this phrase as part of its party policy.

APP policy

Most of the far right in fact espouse similar high-minded phrases when they struggle to wrap an inherent hatred against  women, gays and non-nuclear families into an attractive parcel. Their preferred model is definitely from a nostalgic past which most have never experienced and which was largely the product of advertising and propaganda.

Traditional family

However it doesn’t take long for the real them to come bubbling to the surface.

Blow job

Blowjob is very emotional about women in defence roles. They should be in the kitchen cooking his dinner, since he knows it is not a good idea to let ten-year-olds like him use electrical appliances unsupervised. We are still puzzled how anti-submarine crews, who presumably are at sea on warships, are going to get “raped by Muslims” or by anyone else for that matter. Statistically women are more at risk of being raped if they are at home, and their assailant is usually someone they know – like a partner, a boyfriend, a relative or an acquaintance.

We’d be taking our chances on anti-submarine patrol thanks.

Two bogot males discuss same-sex relationships. We suspect that happens a lot.

Andy Watts

Luke Harding obviously knows how to communicate with marsupials, as well as with God. Imagine, the Almighty is a prescient bilby with the power of speech!

One wonders why the CSIRO haven’t yet snapped Luke up.  However along comes Iskak who sets him straight on human anatomy – and we bet Iskak has spent a lot of time looking very carefully at men to come to his conclusions.

We always figured Andy Watts was…err…unique and now we know why. On his home planet, you get instant babies. McDonald’s should franchise this.

Watts burger

And we imagine Andy would be up there for first bite.

Now here we have Bec the neurologist – well maybe the differences in brain functions between Bec and normal humans are vast.

Bec Atkins

The last sentence is a complete mystery. Are they hugging trees perhaps? Talking to plants? We thought the bogots disapproved of that.

Now let’s eavesdrop on a nutzi group therapy session, where participants confess what we already had suspected.


So embracing hate politics leads to family breakdown.

And despite Marg’s last utterance (which sort of goes with the idea of a Fascist fast food franchise – you listening Andy Watts?) all we can say is – we told you so.

10 thoughts on “Bogot Family Values

  1. Great post.

    Just curious… I noticed on the “do you feature here” page, that Marg says: “I’m glad I have a few mmonths left to live so I don’t see Shariah Law here” – and that was back in November 2010….

    Can’t that woman keep a promise? geez.

    • Marg Lennon is a crazy woman. She has frequently told me she is both a man and a woman, at different points, and states she drives around in a burqa to avoid breathalysers and demands the right to throw bacon into public pools (because apparently non-Muslims need bacon in order to swim)

      I fully believe if you asked her why she’s still alive, she’d inform you she did die, then returned from her ashes akin to the phoenix.

  2. Other comments from the APP’s reasons why the majority of women will never vote for them, and talking about this more just makes it worse:

    KoranFlusher, who may be remembered here, has put forward the end of the world….again:
    “Next there will conscription for women too. It’s moral decay and it spells the end of Australia as a free nation or even a nation at all.”

    Because, allowing women the right to serve, will mean the Government will allow conscription (Which is widely hated in the community). Yep, totally see the connection.

    It took me a while to realise, then it hit me. KoranFlusher is angry because he wants conscription. Most of the APP does, because they see young people as out of control because they do such terrible things as not be racist, date non-whites, and generally not involve themselves on Protectionist issues (Look at their discussion on how to involve children:, pretty much summed up as “They should all be conscripted, then they will love us”).

    Bec Atkins, meanwhile, is now a biologist, among her many other skills:
    “Women are more likely to develop mental issues from trauma. Which is why men have primarily fought the wars till now. Also, women are better in the kitchen – the traditional roles were men hunting and women gathering, and not much has changed today – every male i know can’t find stuff in the cupboard or fridge because it’s not moving (hunter instinct). ”

    Yep, all you men out there, you are completely lost in the kitchen! Half the contestants on masterchef (Even junior), over half the celebrity chefs in the world….you are all secretly women! Stop pretending to be men!

    Shockingly, I was going to make dinner tongiht for my fiance. It was going to be Singapore Noodles with prawns. It was going to be nice. But apparently it’s impossible for me to find stuff in my own kitchen, without losing my penis.

    More surprisingly, she seems to think that men would be more comfortable in the kitchen, if it was moving. I don’t know about you, but if my kitchen started moving by itself, I would freak right the fuck out!

    Then there’s Claire Khaw, a female politician, who ran with the BNP, and was kicked out of the BNP for saying intellecutally disabled children should be dropped on their head at birth, because apparently they have some standards. Still frequently posts uncontested on the APP webpage, because apparently the APP does not. She frequently calls women prostitutes, and is a crazy person (See more of her craziness on including her call for the reintroduction of slavery, and turning the UK into a one party state, and proposal to major CEO). She, unsurprisingly states this as:
    “The Decline and Fall of Western civilisation caused by the Pornocracy of Feminism AKA too many sluts sucking too many dicks producing too many dickhead politicians and voters”

    But she says this about everything.

  3. Another ripper TAB. I’m gunna have a much brighter day knowing that Lennon and ‘Trina’ have been cast out of their families for being bogots.

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