The APDM hates women

The far right have always hated women. Of course they won’t come out and say that because they would then be even less successful than they already are at recruiting women, whom they desperately need in their minute groups, firstly to give others the illusion that these failed men are real men and socially adept, secondly to open the beers and most importantly to massage their poor shrivelled little…egos.

Take the so-called “Australian Patriots Defence Movement” for instance. It is a small anti-Muslim Facebook group with an even smaller number of followers “on the ground”. The APDM makes a great show of beating its little collection of puny chests and pretending that they are concerned about women’s rights. However we were able to obtain evidence of what they really think.

Misogynist drongos

Note the participants. Firstly, pin-up boy and self-styled legal expert Luke Jenkins . Luke has featured many times here at TAB, both for his unsavoury comments and the indignant squawks which ensue when he is featured. But he has no qualms about posting a photo up of a young mum whose only “crime” is to be an anti-racist Muslim.

Luke’s a real man isn’t he ladies? Wouldn’t you be proud to bring him home to Mum? Just tell her to hide the family pics.

Luke Jenkins

We have showcased  Wyatt Wharton and his fantasies before but now he has taken fairy tales to a new high…or low.

Wyatt Derp has taken exception to the fact that someone is Muslim. So imagining he has her contact details, this intellectual pygmy proposes to *gasp – give it to the admin of the junk page he has posted on

While Wyatt and his fellow cave-dwellers slowly chew that one over, an anti-racist, also female, whose anonymity we also respect succinctly points out what we all know:

“Wyatt you are full of shit”

Indeed, and in Wyatt’s case it emanates copiously from the rear end of a horse.

horse' s arse

Wart prepares to speak

Wyatt you are full of shit

Darren Bailey-Morris, goblin activist, then chimes in with his deep insights into the fair sex, obviously being refreshingly indifferent to his own distinct lack of eye appeal.

He is followed by Jayden Smedley who is apparently a female (??) but who enjoys a bit of a yarn with the lads, especially those with the intellectual leanings of Wart and his Posse of Pindicks.

Now pay attention ladies, here is Scott Hartley, giving us the benefits of his awesome sexual knowledge derived from almost 60 years spent in solo wanking. Note the position of the right hand. He must be dreaming.

scott hartley


He coyly lets on that he is in an “open relationship (translation – his missus can’t stand him so she lets him wander the streets off the leash while she goes and enjoys herself) probably hoping to get it on with Jayden or Wart or even Goblin.

But there’s more…

Facebook resident psycho Batty Burqa has helpfully posted yet another photograph stolen from a Facebook page in its relentless quest to prove that the unnamed anti-racist in the conversation  is a *gasp…moooooslem

ADL rubbish

This is accompanied by squeals of excitement from one Marcus Jenkins, who displays an intimate knowledge of dog testicles as well as conspicuous talents as a spy photographer. ASIO should sign him up, since he has the knack of staying clear of the camera lens himself while capturing the humble features of his fellow bigots “patriots” in loving detail – and tagging them wrongly.

Maybe ASIO already have.

Marcus is very bashful as befits someone who is so impaired he thinks a picture of a Welsh dragon represents Anglo-Saxon culture. Marcus likes to post at memorial sites for dead babies, a rather creepy activity for someone with no connection to either the deceased or to the real people grieving there.

And it turns out that Luke and Batty had the wrong person all the time in both cases. Plus by publishing hijacked photos of one woman to attempt to intimidate another that they have no problem having their misogyny (look it up boys!) paraded for the world to see.

We remind these clowns that a prominent journalist has just been found guilty of racism in court. It’s not the anti-racists who need to fear the law.

And the screenshots? Sorry fellas, they are on their way to the police.


Of course Wart has form on this sort of thing. Never mind that wherever he gets his info is totally wrong – maybe Marcus Jenkins, G-man?

Wart threat

33 thoughts on “The APDM hates women

  1. That’s the second time Scott Hartley has figured in my life in the past 24hrs… odd?!
    He is obviously a practitioner of the “side wank”, which to the APDM is considered a dark art.

  2. The anti bogan admin need to be saved from themselves… bet they want the carbon tax in cause the poofter politician greeny wants to screw Australia.


      • I have to disagree… that statement is too generalised and off the mark.

        It’s not that they “can’t be arsed”. Not all of them, anyways. I’m a member of a police family – and my step dad (sergeant) works tirelessly to try to eradicate both racism and domestic violence in particular. They aren’t given the means to do anything – and more often than not, the cases are thrown out of court anyways.

        Let’s hope the case against BOLT serves as a precedent.

  3. LOL @ ASIO,,, hAHAHAHAHA The last time they came up here,,, My 86 year old Mum hit one of them with her broom !! Do you really think those pathetic space cadets at asio bother us ?? hAHAHAHA bUT WE BOTHER THE shitter out of them LOL

    • So says the idiot who, after finding a lot of people not liking him on a facebook profile, returned as an irish man (and occasionally a woman), and a person who lived right nearby Chris who warned us of “How they’re going to come and kill you all, so better agree with everything they say just to be safe”

      And then, according to you, you pulled your children close and told them about the legendary story of “How I pretended to be different people on facebook” never realising that boasting about facebook arguements, no matter the politics, is pathetic.

      You are delusional. You are a crazy person. And I’m fairly confident that this $600,000 you say you have is actually in Merrit-Bucks you make out of toilet paper, which you’re trying to convince everyone is legal tender. Good luck with that.


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