9 thoughts on “Consequences of Gay Marriage

    • This isn’t a pro-Islam website. But we will defend unjustified criticism of Muslims. In fact, a lot of the Asians, Greeks, Italians and even some Indians and Sri Lankans defended here are quite possibly Catholic.. This is certainly not a pro-Catholicism website either.

    • Wait a sec, Chris, didn’t you earlier say that gay people should be killed? Or is this something that you’ve never said?

      If you want to kill gay people, why do you have a problem with Muslims being against gay marriage? Or is being against gay marriage only okay in Australia if you’re not a Muslim while doing it?

      Wouldn’t be the first double standard I see in the far right about laws. Did you know killing children is only a problem if you’re a Muslim doing it? Hell, if it’s children who disagree with you, it’s encouraged by the APP! And molesting children-only a problem if the child is white, and the paedophile is a Muslim. Otherwise it’s okay to shoot child abuse victims.

      So….just for all future records, the law of Australia as set by dickheads like Chris Merritt, and partiesl ike the APP, AFP, etc is the following:

      If you’re a Muslim, or don’t hate Muslims, nothing is legal.
      If you hate Muslims, all behaviour is succesful.

      Well, it would make court cases simpler. Downside is, it would send the entire country descending into chaos, where, no doubt, people like Chris Merritt, who are fairly unfit, not well liked, and pretty stupid (So, survival of the fittest would not include him) would be cooked for meat (Cannibalism being legal-as long as you’re white and hating Muslims while doing it). Nice Mr Merritt has, apparently, already prepared ovens for this occasions!

  1. Do Greeks support the Crows? Do fascists enjoy roast dinners? Do Lithuanians understand molecular fusion? Do Muslims support Gay marriage? All nonsensical, unrelated questions really.

  2. Liz Feldman said it best: “Personally, I am very excited about “gay marriage”, or as I like to call it, “marriage”. Because I had lunch this afternoon, I didn’t have “gay lunch”. And I parked my car, I didn’t “gay park” it.”

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