19 thoughts on “The Antibogan Just Makes Facts Up (Julie Coleman)

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it didn’t actually look to me as though she was saying theantibogan was lying, rather that they were showing a statistic in a way that supported their argument. She then shows the same statistic in a different way which supports her argument. I took the “who would you believe” line to refer to the representation of a fact in a (potentially) misleading manner, rather than saying that it was actually a lie.

    Her point being that Australia takes in more refugees per capita than any other country in the table.

    Have I missed something here?

  2. Julie is the queen of Facebook and it is not in her royal duties to make any sense. This would conflict with her life long obsession and struggle to be anti TheAntiBogan.

  3. Julie Coleman is a good, sound, voice of truth…and she’s better than the lot of you wrapped up into a giant ball and coated in sugar could ever amount to. Now, why do you lot futz around with statistics all of the time? One moment the majority population of Australia is (allegedly) immigrants or children of immigrants, and we can (allegedly) “do nothing about it”… while the next, Australians are being “paranoid” because there’s apparently so few migrants or refugees here. Why do you stop short with each set of statistics presented as though that’s it? As though time has frozen? Are there immigrants and refugees arriving in Australia each day? Are their populations then growing in number here? Well there, there’s the problem! The next problem is that leftists/multicultists like yourselves invite mass immigration and the intake of refugees! You WANT Australians to be marginalised, if not altogether eliminated! Don’t pretend your motives are any other than that. Don’t lie about what IS very obviously happening to Australia!

  4. One moment the majority population of Australia is (allegedly) immigrants or children of immigrants


    so few migrants or refugees here


    Don’t lie about what IS very obviously happening to Australia!

    strong dollar, amazing economic growth, no racial strife. SOUND THE GODDAMN ALARMS EVERYBODY. you idiot.

    • * face-palm!
      Scott doesn’t understand that non white people & Aboriginal people are also Australian.
      He is like the dictionary definition of “racist”.
      He just sees skin colour, that’s all he sees.
      All this culture/society bla bla bla is just words he uses to try and justify his bigotry..
      He is absolute loser so he is jealous with the world.

  5. Don’t you see skin colour?
    Aren’t you one of those who’d preach “diversity”?
    Aren’t you one of those who’d see an Australian TV show full of White Australian faces and complain that it’s “not diverse enough”?
    Aren’t you one of those advocating that Australia (and most likely all other White/Western nations) be made “diverse” through the wide introduction of different races?
    You’d be for our nations, our societies, being made “diverse” by way of having people of different skin colours live here?
    To the point at which we ourselves barely exist?

    No, it’s dumb as fuck mugs like yourself who ONLY see skin colour…and White is to be eliminated and a “rainbow” mosaic of Black, Brown, and Yellow, will be all hearts and flowers and blissed out peace in our place!
    No, it’s actually screw-ups like yourselves who ONLY reduce things to mere skin colour!
    Sucked in by bullshit, and knowing that any deeper look at racial differences will get people being REAL ‘bigots’!!!

    No, it’s twats like yourself who stop short at skin colour, and worship at the altar of “diversity”!

    If we Australians were pink with purple polka dots, then that’s what I’d be striving to maintain!
    We are White, however, and that is MAGNIFICENT!
    White people look magnificent, look beautiful, ad we have every possible right to preserve and our genetics!
    Beyond that though, being White is much deeper besides…and our intellect and spirit, our courage and character, our strength, imagination, and creativity, are what have made our race, our civilisation…and nations like Australia tha we have made…great!

    Jealous with the world? Cough, fucking, SPLUTTER!!!
    It’s the rest of the world who’re so jealous of US, that they both want to live in our countries AND see us eliminated or turned “brown”!!!
    Jealous? Fuck, you really are wrong!

    The differences between the races are myriad, and this acounts for the cultures that ach have created!

    Those of you preaching “diversity” also dread the real dfferences between the races and their cultures being examined…because you fear people knowing why the diversity of the world exists.

    From the physical, from our brilliant skin, through to our intellect and spirit, we are magnificent, and our culture eminates from that!

    Your own ignorance and arrogance actually expose your own brand of bigotry!
    There are very good reasons for the ‘bigotry’ of Whites who simply wish to protect our race and culture…there is NO justification for yours!

    • Snotty wheezed:

      “From the physical, from our brilliant skin, through to our intellect and spirit, we are magnificent, and our culture eminates from that!”

      Spoken by the bloke who probably squeezes his pimples and loves the white stuff which “emanates”.

      Brilliant skin LOL. You sound like a cosmetics ad. This is too funny… 😀 😀

    • ‘White people look magnificent, look beautiful’. You seem to have a warped sense of reality since Chris Merrett looks like a tub of butter who spends too much time in the sun.

      Must be time for your meds again!


      Snotty, not only you lied out right but you opened up your arse for some serious kicking 🙂

      Can someone please keep the ageing douche entertained? I got an assignment due on Monday, a bit busy 😦

    • Ahahahaha xDDD

      Please don’t stop, keep going. How much more shiz can you spew? Get your head out of your arse and took a good look around. The only one rambling on about skin colour is you :3

      Actually stay as you are for a while longer, I needed a good laugh :3

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