Good Old Aussie Respect for Women: ‘Root or Boot?’

You really can’t win, being a woman in Australia.

If you’re ugly, you’re called ugly.

If you’re sexually conservative, you’re called a frigid feminist.

If you’re sexually active, you’re a slut.

If you cover up with a hijab or a burqa, you’re an ugly terrorist.

If you have non-Anglo origins, you’re trash.

If you get around with hardly any clothes on, your fair game for unwanted attention.

Hats off to all the men in this country that actually treat women with respect and DON’T engage in this BULLSHIT.

12 thoughts on “Good Old Aussie Respect for Women: ‘Root or Boot?’

  1. This one needs to go to the National Media. Normally I don’t like Today Tonight or ACA, but I can really see a use for one of their exposures. Let’s hope every single one of these ‘people’ gets exposed for the scum that they are.

  2. You left these ones out

    If a woman decides not to have children she is “unnatural” and “barren”

    If a woman decides to have children that gives their father the option of trading her in for a newer model – without children.

  3. A few more:

    -If she’s over 16 and a virgin and/or doesn’t have a boyfriend she’s ugly and undesirable.
    -If she’s pretty then she’s dumb.
    -If she’s curvy then she’s fat.
    -If she’s skinny she’s anorexic/bulimic
    -If she happens to be a lesbian it is because she couldn’t “get a boyfriend”
    -If she makes the first move she’s “desperate”

    (Not that there are no such misconceptions and things about men but I’m just pointing out a few more I hear about women given the topic)

  4. It’s amazing how they manage to be racist and sexist in one go (see Fletcher Morganti). Wait…isn’t ‘Morganti’ an Italian origin name? So, has he been spraying himself?

  5. The gang rape page really needs more exposure. Its members are nothing but sheer filth. Any chance of letting on to their employers?

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