74 thoughts on “All Muslims Gassed by the End of 2014

  1. Isn’t this the guy who contrived a story about the long lost strand of the Aryan race who were short, stupid and fat with brown hair/eyes?

    What a struggler.

  2. “Billyhill”? Like, hillbilly? Seems an appropriate stereotype for him to label himself with. I wonder if Chrissy-face here knows that about 1/3 of Muslims in Australia are native born. I also wonder if he knows that most people in Iran are considered to be Aryans (*gasp*! Middle-Easterners!). I also wonder if he knows that the keffiyeh (“Towel, “rag”) is a regional, not a religious, item of clothing.

  3. Two things Saba. Firstly, yes indeed, most – or many – of the people of Iran are…Iranians, are Aryans! They also fought tooth and nail to prevent the Arab/Muslim invasion and conquest centuries ago! Most of the population of Iran now though really are Arabs, or some mixture of Iranian and Arab, or Iranian and Mongol. That all actually goes right against your evident support for endless immigration and “multiculturalism” for Australia. Secondly, how is it that there are enough Muslims in Australia now to be able to be divided up into thirds? What you’ve said is quite disengenuous, for that is entirely the intention of those engineering mass immigration and multi-culturalism…that incomming groups, of other races and their cultures will have “native born” children here. In this particular instance the Muslims…and boy, will they have children! Thus it’s presumed this will become a situation that, as some people keep saying, we “can’t do anything about”. Well, we can, there’s not enough being born here yet for us to not be able to take our society back and ensure our safe future. What you’re actually illustrating…is what the PROBLEM is! I’ve never understood why liberals/multicultists like to coldly state a circumstance or problem – as is – as though that’s it, that will be the end of all discourse on the matter. It’s also remarkable that liberals/multicultists so enjoy proclaiming whatever statistical amounts (it seems to alter quite drastically according to the argument) of the population are foreigners (you know what I mean!), as thought that’s it…end of story…but the fact that we Australians were 99% of the population of OUR OWN country until very recently throws such people into fits, and is something that they just have to see “changed”! Well, pointing out how many people of alien races and clashing cultures are now being born here is NOT the be all and end all, Saba, ad we Australians still have a very viable window to stop that, to stop it worsening, and to get things right again.

    • Hey Scott. Why is it you never criticise any person on the far right? Here you’ve got a poster saying he wants to murder, and indeed, has started murdering, all Muslims in Australia. Yet you’re the one defending some of his beliefs.

      I’m not asking you to say “I am changing all my views because he is a crazy person” but you could at least say “This is a horrible human being, and I don’t agree with gassing people”

      Unless you do agree with him, of course.

    • WRONG again Snotty. “Aryan” is an old and obsolete language description which has now been replaced by the term “Indo-European”. Indo-European languages are spoken by a whole range of people – nothing to do with “race”.

      Then again I’d expect you to rely on old and obsolete terminology and concepts. Also ancient Persia wasn’t above invading other lands and creating an empire itself. Heard of the Achaeminid Empire which long pre-dated Islam?

      If you actually pick up a genuine history book and read it (as distinct from trawling neo-Nazi and conspiracy websites between bouts of Asian porn) you will also find that Persia has been invaded many times over its history and managed to absorb the invaders as it did with the Islamic conquerors of the 7th century.

      Islam is a religion followed by a whole range of different people across the world, as is Christianity. And we struggle to see the relevance of the coming of Islam to Persia and modern multiculturalism in Australia.

    • I stopped reading when you started having a go at my comment about 1/3. My point was Chris Merrett talks as if being Muslim is somehow other to Australianism which it is not. It is the same as being a Christian and has nothing to do with whether you’re Australian or not. My point was that Muslims in Australia are in fact Australian and a 1/3 of them have been all their lives.

      And as mindmadeup pointed out, Aryan is an old fashioned word which basically means nothing. My point was white supremacists/Neo-Nazis who claim “pure Aryanism” don’t look kindly upon Middle Easterners and yet, apparently Iranians are mainly “Aryans” (whatever that’s actually meant to mean).

    • Scott, I have to ask you a question and I ask this genuinely. Do know, or have you ever met any Muslim people?

      The reason I ask is that your comments above seem to generalise that all Muslims are unable to integrate into (your version of) Australian culture and their presence will only serve to undermine the lifestyle we all love. As a white, fifth generation Australian with many Muslim friends I can only impress on you how wrong you are.

      My friends have their children in Auskick, host a great BBQ, warmly welcome people of all races and religions into their house and, most importantly, work hard to contribute to this country we all love.

    • scott if you can’t read replies you do know that it means you automatically lose right? oh and every australian citizen is an ‘aussie’ regardless of ethnicity or religion.

    • I see Scott LOVES to claims something facts or thrown % around, but not actually provided evidence especially on the facts or %, WHY?

      “but the fact that we Australians were 99% of the population of OUR OWN country until very recently throws such people into fits”

      But then again again why do people like Scott thinks it is “OUR OWN country” who made him and others with similar way of thinking in charge?

  4. I am actually surprised..
    Sometimes I love reading stuff like this.
    Damn Neo-Nazi’s and their white supremacy theories. 😀
    I am not against muslims and i am also not on their side.
    As i have been told and Learned, from a range of people, Islam is not just a religion, its also a way of life, and political governance-hence the way of Shari’ah Law, which is indeed a way to govern peoples lives. I remember reading about east London how that was declared as a Shari’ah Law zone. As i have stated I am not against any religion or way of life, but Being born and raised in Australia, we are taught the term of Islamophobia, and unfortunately i have received some of it. I am scared of Australia becoming a shar’iah law zone, and not being able to live in a mans world.

    Most Muslims are harmless, to my knowledge and experiences.
    There are a few extremists that is quite scary, but even Christianity has extremists.
    Not everyone can adapt and be assimilated into “Australian” culture and way of life. To me.. We dont have One permanent way of life, one permanent religion, One permanent government or anything else, as we are a country filled with many religions, races, and ways of life.

    But we are all here, and we all love this country as one.
    Muslims gassed By the end of 2014 ? Seriously? as i see not a lot of people are nationalistic, besides maybe members of the armed forces, i am somewhat nationalistic but i also embrace multiculturalism, ok im in between.
    Im sure that this statement and if it is enforced, it will be met with quite a lot of resistance, now that the census has been completed, we have a lot more muslims and other religions in Australia then ever before

    And yer Aryan is quite an old term which these days arabs and iranians are more Aryan than anyone else really, it was just made popular by someone who thought of it one way but meant something entirely different.. almost.

    Ok i am definitely going off topic.. I will stop before you all get bored with a Teenage mind

  5. oh by the way,,, still waiting to be arrested,,, 145 Wood’s Point-Jamieson Road, Wood’s Point,,, the local copper is Sgt Craig Moss,,,, get on the job and get me arrested asap lol

  6. And Yeah,,, I know a Muslim,,, my nephew, Daniel is a raghead convert,, and our entire family,, including his parents,, brothers,, sisters,, grandparents ,, the lot,, have totally disowned the filthy little traitor,, thankfully he has aligned himself with the Wannabi school of ragheadism,, most suicide bombers are wannabi,, so of course we’re all hoping he blows himself up,,, his father has an explosives license and has offered to give him some c4 especcially for his day of martyrdom,,, of course he no longer lives up here anympre,,, no sand nigger ever will live up here,,, not for more than a day or 3 at most,,, the filthy litte monkey rooter had to move to La Kemba (of course) gotta love that raghead habit of “enclaving”,,, much easier to rpound them up to transport them to their new accomodation at HMAS Cerberus Naval Depot in Victoria,,, go take a look,,,, they’ve rebuilt the train tracks that were last used to inter japanese and italians in ww2,,, thankfully the accommodation units have been updated since then,, so any victorian camel jockeys,,, I hope you like salt air LOL

    • Your posts really become more demented each time you make an appearance.

      If that story is true about your nephew then good luck to him. We doubt very much he would be a Wahabbist. He might have just broken a toxic family cycle.

    • I actually know Daniel and he’s not actually a Muslim. That’s just a story he made up so his missing-link family stopped bothering him with their paranoid, “me against the world” rubbish.

    • “so of course we’re all hoping he blows himself up,,, his father has an explosives license and has offered to give him some c4 especcially for his day of martyrdom,,,”

      So you want him to blow himself up? And want to support him to do it? You want to support terrorism? No matter who he kills in the process? I bet you wouldn’t mind if your daughter gets blown up along with him, just cause as much destruction as you like, and to hell with the consequences.

      Merrit-you will die alone. No one will come to your funeral. You are a sad old delusional man. And you know how I now this?

      Because you’re the type of sad man who says “I want to record all evidence of me arguing with people online to show the future generations!” That’s how sad you are.

    • Nice rant Chrissi – marginally more entertaining if less illogical than usual. Keep up the illiteracy and stay clear of those bad-arse full stops.

    • Daniel is not an outcast from him family, far from it ….. they admire & respect his resolve in support of his beliefs. We all know who the outcast is, don’t we?

      • Not an outcast? Is that why only two, both commy filth females went to his wedding last year? LOL most of them didn’t even know he was “married” (for want of a better word) until I told them. He kept that well hidden from some of them, particularly the older ones, didn’t he? I wonder why ? LOL

        • as distinct from the other 40 that won’t have anything to do with him, as distinct from his fat arsed sister who is posting on this thread. LOL

        • “…so his missing-link family stopped bothering him with their paranoid, “me against the world” rubbish.”

          So how many of your family are actually also impaired nutzi zombies Stalker? Or do you have them terrified into silence?

    • And I hope Chris gets back into the world of reality and stop living in his own world of these wild dreams based on watching Today Tonight and having Paranoid personality disorder.

      But with someone like Chris with much BS and abuse in the family, I can see why many in the family disowned him.

    • You are a retarded redneck. My grandfather caught to keep Australia a nice place and from ppl like you. Daniel is a dear friend of mine. If you ever ever ever threaten him, his mum or dad, Emma or his wife again you will deal with me. I know who and where you come from and I know you are due in court soon. What kind of grown man such as yourself lives with his mum ans sponges of her? Daniel and his wife are very close to me and my family. He is not a wahabi he is a moderate Muslim. Buy he does have lot of his friends who are not as tolerant as he or I. So be carefull. Mr. Warragul. No more threats you old man who make text andbe threats bring blood honour you clown you have a few bald headed redneck online tough guys Daniel has thousand. Globally. And hundreds locally. Watch it tough Guy go back to mummy stop making e threats Mr redneck. Warragul is only half an hour drive for me. I go there every week. Everyone’s tough behind a key key board and telephone. We will see

  7. well if you know where I live,, for god’s sake go to the ” authorities” and have me arrested !!!! Put your money where your mouth is,,, have me arrested PLEASE I beg of you LOL

  8. Well done GUYS !!! Thank you from the bottom of my far right wing heart. His parents and grandparents just read this,,, you have wrecked Daniel,, and he’s gonna hate you for it,,, like I said,, thanks

  9. hahahaha If any of you actually know my former nephew,,,, 2 things,,,, firstly he is being written out of 2 wills,,, so you lot ranting about him just cost him roughly $600,000 in lost property and cash inheritance,,, wonder if Mohammed The Kid Fucking Pedophile Prophet will make up the shortfall ? LOL well done guys,,, I hear young Daniel is a bit annoyed with you all,,, LOL

    • How about you just cash in your gold nuggets and stop your whinging about all that is wrong in the world, according to you.
      It really is tiresome listening to someone who thinks they are untouchable and completely financially independent complaining about how those less fortunate are given assistance in society.

  10. and of course his loss is an extra $200 k each for myself and my kids !!! Thanks Anti Bogan,,, do you lot take donations ?? hahahaha

      • lol @ the tax office,,, stop talking shit and do something about me will you ? I’m getting bored with all these silly dobbing threats when in all thee years not one has ever had the courage to actually follow through,,, surely you could get me pinched in light of the Bolt Descision,,, ? PS: The decision was just what the doctor ordered,,, we’re delighted,,, as is Andrew.

        • You know, the amount you call out for people to pay attention to you, you’d think you were a thirteen year old boy, living in his parent’s basement, feeling very very lonely.

          However, we know you’re not thirteen, at least physically. I think the rest is still true.

          The fact you like to make us think you’re threatening to most people makes me believe you’ve been abused-maybe by family members, maybe physically by work colleagues. Either way, you’ve been made to feel weak. So you make up this imaginary world where you’re a part of a incredibly strong conspiracy to kill everyone, even reaching the police.

          And you desperately want the police to arrest you. Then you can become a martyr, without ever doing anything. Maybe the other guys will stop beating you up now, they’ll think you’re a tough guy. Maybe your kids will respect you. Maybe you’ll start respecting yourself.

          Dude-you’ don’t want to go to prison. You’re the type of tough talking, fight starting, but actually quite weak man that will a) Cause a lot of fights, and get a lot of people to hate him, b) be unable to build allies to support him, and c) be unable to defend himself when other inmates want to attack you, or abuse you. Meanwhile your children will visit you less and less and you become more and more disfigured, and they find they don’t need or want you in their life anymore.

          You say you’re a parent. Go look after your kids. That’s the only way you can come out of this on top. You will not start a revolution. You will not cause a genocide. Your future is either dying in your own filth, or dying in your own filth with loving family members surrounding you. That’s it. Choose now.

        • you are delighted that he got nicked for not doing his research, and breaking anti discrimination laws? The whole free speech thing the racist right is going on about is a load of BS. The decision was based on the fact that Bolt got found out lying in his opinion pieces. Nothing to do with free speech.

  11. Merrett, you seem to be hating on the Muslims feller.

    Why don’t you join the Army?

    You can then actually fight real terrorists, with guns.

    Apparently you are now all fit and hard, so off you go to the recruiting office big feller.



  12. Well, from Greg Lou…a relatively civil response! That’s nice, but also rather disingenuous in it’s own way.
    For starters, Greg, THAT’S all Australia is reduced to now? Auskick and barbecues?!
    There’s far more to us, and to our society, than that. Those are pastimes that we have long enjoyed. They’re not who and what we are, and people coming here to partake in them does not make those pople into us.
    Now then, I’ve met several Muslims (though really there should not actually BE Muslims in our country for us to “have” to get to “know” so as to excuse them being here, get it?) in my time, and I actually stand upon an enormous amount of knowledge about both Muslims and Islam. More so, I would safely hazard a guess, than they themselves might have about Islam…and DEFINITELY more than those friends of yours would want you to know!

    The crucial point though, the crucial factor, is that this is NOT merely about knowledge about something from afar. These people are in our society, and more are arriving all of the time, whether any of us know anything about it or not. In fact, it is in the interests of those engineering or benefitting from this that the wider Australian population DON’T know anything!

    This is NOT some intellectual pursuit! This is not some academic discourse on history or theology. These people are HERE, they are ‘covertly’ fulfilling an age-old ambition to conquer the West! That they are here now, in our country, entirely alters the dynamic of discussion.

    Make no mistake, my interractions with Muslims are many and varied. As I stated previously though, it’s not right in the first place that there are people of other races and their clashing cultures in our country to “have” to get to know as ‘friends’.
    My personal library on the myriad aspects of Islam runs into several hundred volumes. My knowledge is deep and extensive.

    Those “friends” of yours here now may go and play football and have the occasional BBQ…so what? You say they welcome anyone into their home now? Maybe. What are their intentions for the future though? What happens as so many of them arrive here, and so many children are born to them…that you cannot be friends with all of them…and they don’t care either way if you are or aren’t? What of those coming here or growing here and their ambitions and intentions? What happens as these foreign populations and divisive cultures grow in number?
    Well, those of us who know history KNOW how this has gone before. How it always goes.

    No foreign people and no foreign groups take precedent over Australians cherishing and helping themselves and their own.
    You may be “friends” wih these people, but believe me they’re the ones having the laugh!
    It’s irrelevant if these people mess around with football or have barbecues. I can’t express how much it insults me that that is what were reduced to now.
    Also, this notion that anyone who becomes a “citizen” now, owing to the machinaions of treacherous elites here, is now the “same” as us, is insulting.
    Insulting to us, and utter nonsense…because these people know what being a ‘citizen’ gets them, but they NEVER consider us to be the “same” as them! Mark my words.

    Indeed, Greg Lou, as I say, my knowledge of Muslims and of Islam is deep and wide-ranging…and I DO NOT want Muslims growing in number here even more so because of that!

    On one hand Greg, thanks for the more polite response. It makes for a welcome change from the usual spite that is rudely spat out by the ‘Antibogan’ scumbags. However, you need to wake up both to what is happening now…and what will happen in the future if sound measures are not taken again now, to protect ourselves!

    • Hey Scott-you didn’t answer me last time. So I’ll repeat myself for your benefit:

      Why is it you never criticise any person on the far right? Here you’ve got a poster saying he wants to murder, and indeed, has started murdering, all Muslims in Australia. Yet you’re the one defending some of his beliefs.

      I’m not asking you to say “I am changing all my views because he is a crazy person” but you could at least say “This is a horrible human being, and I don’t agree with gassing people”

      Unless you do agree with him, of course.

    • Scott,

      Thanks for taking the time to allow me to have a greater understanding of you concerns.

      The references to Auskick and BBQs were simply examples of some of the many things that Muslim and non-Muslim Australians have in common. The standard “bogot” position tends to be that the two “cultures” are incompatable so I merely provided two examples where they are. Perhaps I underestimated the depth of your position.

      I’d be interested to hear how you define Australian culture.

      If you’ll allow me to be frank, your concerns seem to be predicated by an overwhelming fear that Muslims are trying to take over this country – something you appear to have read extensively (despite not providing any references). To be honest, despite your obvious and very real concern your position on this issue makes you sound like a conspiracy theorist.

      You remind me of my dad who claimed to be an expert on theology because he’d read over 20 books on atheism. Hardly balanced research.

      Given the lack of actual evidence you have referenced, it is difficult for me, or anyone else, anyone to actually rebuff any of your claims and I’m sure that any evidence to the contrary would simply be dismissed as leftist propoganda anyway. Maybe you could extend your research to the “yellow peril” debate of the post war era and see if you can draw any parallels between that and yours. I’m sure you love dim sims.

      All the best.

    • Scott “personal library on the myriad aspects of Islam runs into several hundred volumes” and his “knowledge is deep and extensive” and his “knowledge of Muslims and of Islam is deep and wide-ranging” clearly comes from Anti-Muslims and Anti-Islams people and groups who uses the media as their sources of (mis)information?

      PS Calling someone scumbags? Now if this not the usual spite that is rudely spat by those facing reality, then what would Scott call it?

      • Or, you know. They’re simply all lies – Chris has become totally famous as a lair…And his fame is growing.

        He’ll very soon be scared to poke his head out in public anywhere…Or maybe not, a normal person would be…But this is a special kind of idiot.

  13. Oh my God Scott, your ideas are so disorganised that I can’t give you any merit for your arguments. All I can gather is that you are paranoid to the point of disillusionment.

    There are a few points i would like to make please (and I will try to use the same structure of thinking as you).

    1. Your insistence that Australia pay allegiance and sovereignty exclusively to ‘superior’ human beings based on colour, religion etc is both outdated and dangerous. You only have to look at the worlds history to ascertain that (Apartheid, Hitler). Surely this is not what you want for Australia! Though you don’t go on to explain anything, the logistics of what you propose threatens a repeat of these events in every respect.

    Secondly, ask yourself if it is normal to question the intention of everybody who chooses to talk to you. Why would you ask “What are their intentions for the future?” from a friend at a BBQ?! I’m visiting a friend from uni next week and she’s from Ireland and she’s Catholic. Does that mean I have to question what she might do to us as a nation in the future because of what a very few have done in the UK in the past? Does that mean I should be guarded in my religious views in case she doesn’t approve or maybe she will use it as a justification for what ‘might’ happen? Of course not! Because it’s not logical and because it’s paranoia at it’s worst! Is this really how your mind works?! How crippling to be you!

    D. Your rambling lacks any FACTUAL information Scott. There are so many examples to choose from but here’s a random one:

    “These people are HERE, they are ‘covertly’ fulfilling an age-old ambition to conquer the West! That they are here now, in our country, entirely alters the dynamic of discussion.”

    Where are the facts Scott!? Because to me it looks like your just making up stories to convince yourself of your own lies! Firstly because you refer to ‘an age-old ambition’ which you don’t source (is it conjured up in your own mind maybe?) and secondly because you don’t go on to explain HOW dynamics have altered as a result of ‘their’ presence ‘in our country’.

    … “my knowledge of Muslims and of Islam is deep and wide-ranging…and I DO NOT want Muslims growing in number here even more so because of that!”

    So, according to this, you don’t want the Muslim population to grow because your knowledge of them is deep and wide-ranging?! LOL!

    iv. I’ll give you some advice Scott, instead of acting like a bull in a china shop with your ramblings, take the time to source your ideas. Evidence carries weight and so far in ALL of your posts that I have read, I have yet to see ONE credible source to backup your maniacal opinions. You are old enough to know how to P.E.E by now!

    P = Make a POINT that supports your argument
    E = EVIDENCE your point from a credible source
    E = EXPLAIN your evidence in relation the point you make

    (Now this is only used if you’ve been a REALLY good boy and done all your homework)

    D = DEVELOP your argument.

  14. Chris Merrett has never lived in Woods Point Victoria. In recent times *Hastings *Prison *Neerim South * Warragul and with his elderly mother who he totally terrorised

  15. Anyone can be an internet tough Guy or telephone /text tough Guy. Firstly all your facts are wrong Daniels family love him and have not cast him outnumber also I know a few “rag heads ” that live in warragul, traffalgar,Moe, morewell ” and have done so for years. Daniel and his wife are dear friends of mine. And he is not a wannabi. Sect Muslim. Actually it is Wahhabi and he is neither.bruised just shows your ignorance. Daniel has learnedbhis Islam underbmme for a while now. Oh wait this must make me a rag head also. Just a shame my family both sides came out on the 2nd fleet. Now let me ask you…. how many generation Australian are you Mr white power? I was at his wedding intact I organized. A large part of it, so you also got these facts wrong also. You are a clown. You and your hate mongering online white power heroes are few Daniels belongs to a true brotherhood a famiily of over 500 million, thousands nationally and state and hundreds locally, so he carefully who you make threats to. We know you and I know when you are due in court soon. Anyway what kind of grown man lives with, sponges off and terrorized his own mother? You are a convict who shamed his mother and family by going to prison. Daniel shows true respect to his family due to his religious conviction which has made him a better person.. I know your type you feel tough typing hate messages you probably even Jack off when you do it and get hard sending text thteatst to woman. This is usually because people like you are usually 90% sexually in adequate & sexually diss functional. Maybe from your time being raped in prison. Lol also you are ignorant as it is known fact that hitler had a passion for Islam especially Sufism. He revived this from thee Turkish forces. See yo Neo Nazir clown only study the hate of the nazi party and not the rest of it. I know this as I)-” used to he hammer skin until. The idiocy of it all prevailed. And I matured and grew up which obviously you have never done and I beganbto give to people and not hate. Hate consumes the soul and heart and is easier to give. Daniel is a good man and as a Muslim I have seen him grow into a better man. You claim he wants to blow things up, may you should blow yourself up, instead of listening to screwdriver, howabout you put a screwdriver in your nose and bang your head on a table, you are not bound for glory you a bound for hell. You don’t need Dr Martin shoes you just need a bloody doctor (a head doctor) .you don’t. Need braces tyebonly braces you will need are the ones for your knees and teeth after they get kicked in for threatening my friend and brother danielnas I saidbhis brotherhood is a lot bigger than yours. In fact II think anything and everything is bigger than yours

    • Have just received information from [NAME REDACTED]side of the fence. This post is a total fiction from start to finish. Believe it if you like. But I assure you, not only is it a fabrication penned by a total stranger, it has caused a lot of distress to [NAME REDACTED] himself. Congratulations. LOL

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