Schoolboy was beaten ‘for being a Muslim’

Rachel Olding, Saffron Howden
September 23, 2011

Hamid Mamozai

Assaulted ... Hamid Mamozai. Photo: Channel Ten

A SCHOOLBOY from Sydney’s north was brutally bashed and verbally abused by more than 20 students for being Muslim, the boy has claimed.

Hamid Mamozai, 15, was allegedly hit up to a dozen times by two fellow students at Asquith Boys’ High School on Wednesday as several more cheered and hurled racial abuse from the sidelines.

”[They were saying] hit him more, hit him more, he deserves it, you terrorists, go back to where you came from, go blow something up,” Hamid told Channel 10.

He said he was kneed in the face four of five times and hit up to 15 times in the face.

Hamid was taken to hospital unconscious and with internal bleeding but suffered no serious injuries.

Najia, Hamid’s sister, said he had been subjected to racial abuse at the school for up to two years and was ”emotionally and mentally sick” because of it.

”The boy is scared … he doesn’t get out of the house,” she said.

His mother, Hosna, who fled war-torn Afghanistan 20 years ago, said she had repeatedly complained to the school to no effect.

”I just want to know why this is happening, why the principal doesn’t care that students are being bullied, why don’t they stop it? I want other parents to know why this is happening,” she said.

Asquith Boys’ High declined to comment last night.

In response to inquiries from the Herald, a spokesman for the Department of Education said one student had been suspended for 20 days and the police had been informed.

Teachers provided immediate assistance to Hamid and called his family and an ambulance when the incident occurred, the spokesman said.

Hamid and his family have been offered counselling and the school has arranged to meet with Mrs Mamozai this morning.

”Racism is not tolerated by Asquith Boys’ High School, which disciplines students engaged in such behaviour and supports students subjected to it,” the spokesman said.

”Disciplinary action has been taken against students who have previously used racist language to the injured student. Due to the police investigation, it is inappropriate to comment further on the incident at this stage.”


16 thoughts on “Schoolboy was beaten ‘for being a Muslim’

  1. And when are you children going to learn that Islam isn’t a race ? Don’t you understand how babies are made?? That’s cool,,, it’s friday,,, wait til one of your mum’s underage boyfriends pops in after community work to use your mother as a walking public toilet and ask him,,, either that,,, or you could always commit suicide protesting against the colour of The dali lama’s latest designer robe ??? Either / Or could work,,, and I see your active jew/muslim/commy moderation(censorship) of my comments is active,,, you won’t be able to censor us at our little debate young lady,,, it’s coming,,, like it or not,,, logic and reason your way out of that one young MUSLIM lady,,, i hope you and your family like communal living,,,, because as soon as hings kick off properly withing the next few months in Syria, Iran, pakistan etc,, it’s off to our happy camps for you,,, who knows ? One day you might get your wish to give something back to the greeny nature spirits when you are recycled yourselves as fertilizer,,, forgive us though for not eating produce we grow using your bodies though,,, ewwwww as if !!!! LOL

  2. You get it from both ends in this situation though, I have a mate who is very white who went to Birrong Boy’s High and copped the same thing.

    I think it’s just kids in general who are jerks, they’re also all racist it seems, from what I remember of high school in Western Australia…

  3. Argh. Asquith is not far from where I went to school. I used to call myself Muslim because much of my family is Muslim (I’m actually non-religious/non-theistic) and the worst I got was:
    -Kid 1: (To me) “Hey. What are you doing?”
    -Kid 2: “Probably making a bomb.”

    Mostly people at my high school were all bark and very little bite. Bark is bad too but this is just awful.

  4. Now can anybody imagine just how much outrage, media attention and demands for “Justice” there would be if a white Christian Australian boy got bashed by a pack of Muslims?

  5. The parents of these thugs need to be held accountable, probably more so than the ‘kids’ themselves.

    Racism is taught, in this case, I would say by their parents. The 15 year old school kids would have been about 5 during the 9/11 attacks. So it would be 10 years of hearing Mum and Dad carry on about the terrorists and Muslims.

    The kids should indeed be punished for their gutless actions, I would also like to see the parents of these thugs be put in the spotlight too.


      • Yeah! 🙂 I was being sarcastic 😉

        Oh! btw what the hell is “reverse racism”? IMHO there shouldn’t be such a thing, it is almost as if “racism” somehow is acceptable & it’s reverse isn’t.
        There is no “forward racism”. “reverse racism” or “side ways racism”. Racism is RACISM!!!! who ever the f*ck it is directed at.
        It is almost implied that white people are never subjected to racism??? wtf???
        My question is How can a program like Today tonight be on air in 2011??? with their deliberate fear mongering and xenophobia??? 😦

  6. I wouldn’t always Blame the parents.
    Remember there is such a thing made up by media and governments with a term they use against Islam – Islamophobia
    I have my own opinions of Nationalism and multiculturalism.
    I believe it is wrong to do something like this. And being ganged up on is a horrible thing to be victim to, especiialy when there is over 20 people physically attacking you.
    Schools nowadays can’t do much without proof.. Trust me :\
    But who am I? Some Teenage Girl
    Anyway.. Also these days, parent’s can’t do anything to punish their teenage children either..

    It isnt just one way of influencing, its multiple and why children have these sorts of views

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