Nazi Links to Australia First Party?? Nahhh… Really?

A Nazi supporter opposing immigration and refugee rights? Should we be surprised? Should we be surprised that he supports and is a part of the Australia First Party?




The Australia First Party and Robbie Brennan. All the intelligence, insight and creativity of a beaten egg.

7 thoughts on “Nazi Links to Australia First Party?? Nahhh… Really?

  1. Hilarious profile pic… I think he resorted to drawing the moustache on with a marker pen because he couldn’t grow one. Having said that he should probably leave it on because it detracts from how ugly a tool he is.

    I went trawling for his Facebook profile. I think he rebirthed it about a week ago with tighter privacy settings and less incriminating evidence. Maybe he’s job-hunting now…

    • Oh yes, real little charmers that quartet – Jim Saleam, Ross “The Skull” May (who is still alive but now somewhat more impaired than he was when that was taken) and two other losers.

  2. Lol so Robbie and some lads are meeting up at the School of Arts to try to get a UN treaty scrapped. He’s probably better off staying home painting his Warcraft figurines. Tool

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