3 thoughts on “Casual, Facebook Status Racism

    • I’m 20 and grew up in the “That is so gay” generation. To be honest, I used to say it when I was around 11 and then wondered why I was saying something was gay when I thought it was bad when I’ve never thought there was anything wrong with being same-sex attracted. So I stopped saying it. It’s an offensive, ignorant and overused phrase. Worse than that is seeing/hearing people say something is “Gay as AIDS”. That’s just plain horrible. Not to mention ignorant of how the HIV virus works.

  1. Stop being so politically correct, this stuff is funny 🙂 it is YOU the politically correct generation that are making it possible for someone to sue you if they break into YOUR house and hurt themselves – seriously, all you P.C cry babies need to harden up, and get on with life – you think using the word “Gay” or “Coon” etc. is bad – try living in the third world for a day. Jesus fuckin H christ on a stick! If you want people to be equal then stop being so sensitive to such terms, your sensitivity only gives these terms more power.

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