Because Rape Is Funny, Right?

Let’s all laugh about rape. How funny.

While we’re at it, let’s also laugh about war, murder, pedophilia and physical and verbal abuse because they’re all so edgy and fun.

12 thoughts on “Because Rape Is Funny, Right?

  1. no doubt the same geniuses that criticise islam for being sexist and demeaning to women. I haven’t face palmed so hard in ages!

  2. Hmmm it is obviously not a cool ‘joke’ but you’re not going to change people’s beliefs by picking on someone like this. There’s a million facebook entries such as this one and a million worse than this one. I’m not saying its irrelevant but there’s bigger, badder fish in the social networks’ sea than some misfit telling non-PC jokes.
    Rape, murder, pedophilia, etc, are by no means funny but a lot of dark humour is based around misfortune, personal difference and the negative aspects of life…’ll be reducing the average comedian’s material down to very little if you take away anything that is not politically correct.
    Having said that, if Lukian was on stage he have cabbages thrown at him for that one.

    • Lukian is a cabbage, and very quickly posted a link to a feminist comic on his wall after I called him out on this joke. He was very defensive and asserted his right to be non-‘PC’, which I’m guessing would include his creepy behaviour while drunk at parties.

  3. By saying “there are worse things than jokes about rape”, you’re trivialising the seriousness of rape. It’s not something that should be joked about. There’s a difference between being PC and just being in bad taste. The only people who think that rape, murder and paedophilia are ok to joke about are people who haven’t been affected by those things. It’s all very easy to shrug off when it hasn’t happened to you or someone that you care about, I’m sure.

    It’s not about changing someone’s beliefs – it’s about standing up and saying “hey, that’s not cool”.

    • There’s humour in all scenarios. Rape, war and murder are 99.99999999999% utterly wrong (yes, if you think hard enough there are extreme situations where violent crime could possibly be justified) but humour about dark, bad situations is not necessarily wrong in my book. For example, I don’t find the act of murder funny (particularly if it happened to someone I knew). However, I have heard some great jokes with homicide as a central theme and have laughed aloud. This doesn’t make me an advocate of homicide and you are correct that if I had been affected recently by it I would be much more sensitive about it – but should that stop everyone else from ever making jokes about the subject?
      Have you ever noticed how jokes about tragedy become more acceptable the further away that event becomes? When Diana died there was probably a grieving period of 2-3 weeks where it was totally unacceptable to make jokes about it. Now, there are not many people who would find it offensive. Less so with Marilyn Monroe’s death and even less with the assassination of arch Duke Ferdinand. I guess I am agreeing with tunatown that its easier to make light of bad situations when you are removed from them….but should humour always pander to people’s sensitivities? Just for the record, though …Lukian’s joke is not an example of ‘funny’ according to my humour barometer.

      • Murder has sometimes been the subject of mainstream humour. Hitchcock among others made a dark comedy about the problems of disposing of the body of a murder victim.

        Quite frankly, dreadful as murder is, the victims are no longer suffering once they are dead. They do not spend the rest of their lives suffering as do the victims of sexual violence, who are overwhelmingly women and girls, though boys and men are also raped. There is no “recovery” or “healing” from sexual violence despite what the fluff-brained New Agers say. The best “recovery” is swift and timely justice for victims and a culture which regards sexual violence towards the vulnerable as abhorrent and its perpetrators as vile pariahs to be shunned.

        Making jokes about rape will not provide that justice.

        We are always more interested in the rights and welfare of the victim. That is why rape jokes are unacceptable.

        • No problem with that at all – I guess I just see both sides of the story where humour is concerned (but NOT both sides of the actual offence, please note).

    • Tuna Town summed it up quite well I think.

      Reading on another post, TT had the guts to stand up and say that he/she has been a victim of this disgraceful crime.

      I would like to let TT know that I think it is very bloody brave to stand up like that.

      Keep strong matey, I sincerely hope you are doing well. As a brother of a rape victim, I have had an insight to this act of violence.

      Not about being ‘PC’, it’s called empathy and decency.


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