26 thoughts on “I Am Not A Nazi. I’m Just A Nazi.

  1. Only the nazis that were around in the 40’s were nazis? I remember hearing the same crap from marmiteman4 on youtube, lol. Nothing sadder than nazis who pretend that they’re not nazis while acting exactly like nazis…

  2. By “caregiver” I gather he looks after old people? Or people with disabilities?

    Do you really want a Nazi looking after your grandparents or aged parents or a relative with a disability?

  3. Oh for god’s sake… dude, learn to differentiate between “we’re”, “were” and “where”. I refuse to listen to rants from “nationalist” fucktards who can’t even communicate properly in their own language.

    See, you bogans are not as educated as you think.

  4. This man is…confusing. I think it’s pretty reasonable for people to think you’re a Nazi when you have a Nazi flag on your shirt douchebag…Oh sorry, I must respect my elders…Mr Douchebag.

  5. Sam – I 100% agree. Reading this just reinforced the fact that racist/bogan/bigots can’t spell to save themselves. For Gods sake he even tries to use “we’re” twice in a sentence and spells it wrong both times!

  6. So he’s a patriotic Aussie is he? Well, I’m pretty sure that any Australian WW2 veteran who fought in Europe or the Middle East would be somewhat disgusted by this chap.

  7. He associates with an organisation which basis its core beliefs around the pseudo-science of racial/blood purity; yet he admits that he is half indigenous.

    Does this mean he’ll show himself to the gas-chamber door?

  8. I also wish that these idiots would stop polluting the Eureka Stockade flag as well. It was a nation defining act of rebellion against oppression and a cry for a fair go. Yet these racist fucktards are demeaning it to a symbol of oppression.

  9. in the end, this man could be a genuine buddhist? wearing the swastika signifying the heart of buddha? … you know, just putting it out there 😀

    somehow, looking through his photos, he may be a very confused man himself. He may not himself be a Nazi, but I think someone wishes they were born in a different era…

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