We Were Nearly 100% :-(

genocide |ˈjenəˌsīd|
the deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

Australian population 1901: 3.5 million
Australian born 1901: 2,695,000

Australian population 1911: 4.5 million
 Australian born 1911: 3,690,000

Australian population 1921: 5.5 million
 Australian born 1921: 4,620,000

Australian population 1933: 6.5 million
 Australian born 1933: 5,655,000

Australian population 1947: 8 million
 Australian born 1947: 7,200,000

Australian population 1961: 11 million
 Australian born 1961: 9,020,000

Australian population 1966: 12 million
 Australian born 1966: 9,720,000

Australian population 1971: 13 million
 Australian born 1971: 10,400,000

Australian population 1976: 14 million
 Australian born 1976: 11,200,000

Australian population 1986: 16 million
 Australian born 1986: 12,480,000

Australian population 1991: 17 million
 Australian born 1991: 12,920,000

Australian population 1996: 18 million
 Australian born 1996: 13,320,000

Australian population 2001: 20 million
 Australian born 2001: 14,400,000

Australian population 2006: 21 million
 Australian born 2006: 14,910,000

Darrylfiscus Rocklobsterus aka ‘Shocka—–‘ believes that ‘Australians’ are being killed off.

A few questions arise:

1. When D-train said ‘we would have been close to 100%’, was he speaking about white Australians, or merely ‘Australian-born’ Australians, who could have been the non-white children of non-white migrants?
2. How do we recognise an ‘Australian-born’ in the street? I’ve got an Asian background, and I was born here, as were my parents.
3. Which aspects of our culture/history have been eroded by the increasing intake of migrants?

Life must be really scary when you can’t leave your house for fear of running into someone *shock horror* born outside of Australia..!

11 thoughts on “We Were Nearly 100% :-(

  1. Is Shonk counting Indigenous people in his figures? Probably not. Only white people count in his world.

    In fact people who think as he does were quite enthusiastic about wiping out Indigenous Australians, either by outright genocide (Tasmania), by murder (various massacres often disguised as “police actions”) or by natural attrition from introduced diseases and forced assimilation.

  2. Indigenous Australians weren’t even counted as people in the census until 1967. They were considered fauna.

    I love/hate when people are surprised when I tell them I’m from Sydney. I wouldn’t have thought it was that difficult to understand. My brown, Middle-Eastern parents moved to Sydney, had sex and I was conceived and nine months later I was born in a Sydney hospital and have been here even since. Simple. I can forgive innocent ignorance but seriously, it’s not like there’s some force field around the country that prevents dark skinned people being born in this land/nation. It’s like people finding it so hard to believe Obama was born in the USA.

  3. He’s telling the truth, and you bastards damn well know it! When it comes to pinning “blame” on people for creating a civilised sovereign nation here, and for providing the society namd Australia that each of you have greedily taken for granted each instant of your lives, you’re more than eager to acknowledge just who and what an Australian is. Then, as like slippery slimey eels you twist and writh around, when you change tact to suit your agenda…hey presto we somehow don’t atually exist and what is happening now somehow isn’t! Well, you pigs DO put your hand up to be counted with supporting – even urging on – the genocide of Australians (and we all know EXACTLY who that is!) and there’s no way you can lie your way out of that, no way you can squirm around and deny that. Thankfully, there is a growing groundswell of people who are becoming more aware of all this! You cannot deny what is going on in Australia now, because the rest of the time you actively encourage it! Those of us who are aware though, are raising a voice and taking a stance against this genocide!

    • Scott, go take your meds then read this:


      noun /ˈjenəˌsīd/ 
      genocides, plural

      The deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation

      then ask yourself (or preferably someone else with brains) who has been killing Australians.

      • I think Scott is referring to a metaphoric genocide where, rather than literally being killed, white people are forced to coexist with non-white people.

        What’s being systematically eliminated is a white person’s inalienable right to only have to look at other white people*.

        * – White skinned Muslims are perfectly acceptable**.
        ** – Unless they’re wearing a burqa***.
        *** – In which case they will most likey be robbing banks.

    • *named

      you’re committing genocide against the English language, scotty. also, the Socialist Alternative called and they want their exclamation marks back pls. kthxbai.

    • ROFLMFAO!!!
      I came across this gem on facebook, someone has taken Scott to task and he thinks it’s an anti-bogan lol.
      Hey Scott, so you have told John that you’re not a virgin, so when did you get laid? who was it? c’mon Scott tell us details 🙂

      And here is my tax money at work, the intellectual heavy weight, historian linguist etc etc hard at work.


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