‘why not.. just not drink then?’

Keith Pennicuik for Prime Minister. He has ignored the very real challenges of addiction and come up with a solution to the social/economic issues surrounding the Indigenous people of the Northern Territory.

Now, here’s a completely non-related photo of a good footballing friend of mine:

One thought on “‘why not.. just not drink then?’

  1. I once spent six months living in a remote town in the north. This particular town has a population of about 1000, of which 80% of the population is Indigenous. I myself did some very hard drinking there, mainly out of boredom. And yes, lots of the Indigenous drank too. But, in all honesty, the whites in this particular town drink a Hell of a lot more than the Indigenous. Yes, the Indigenous would get pissed for two or three days straight once a fortnight. However, most whites there (Including myself when I lived there) would get pissed every night (drinking 2 litres of wine or a bottle of spirits per night not being entirely unusual). Talking to others who have lived in similar communities this pattern of white vs Indigenous drinking is not unusual in remote/regional Australia. Also, the town I lived in has been trying to get some strict alcohol bans put in place. This measure has got all the support of the Indigenous. The only people opposing it are, wait for it… white.

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