Morons Catch Onto Latest Hoax Chain Email

Nothing like a stupid chain email to fire up the unintelligent morons, right?

It seems that people are only too happy to forward on complete rubbish without checking the validity of such preposterous claims of mass bannings of Christmas celebrations and our National Anthem – and it is just further proof that the kind of people who hold misconceptions and unjustified hatred are the kind of people for whom evidence, statistics and counter-arguments are irrelevant and ignored.

Christmas isn’t banned in schools, and neither is singing the National Anthem. I don’t know which ‘they’ these morons are referring to, but it doesn’t even matter.

6 thoughts on “Morons Catch Onto Latest Hoax Chain Email

  1. Even the most Islamic school in Australia sings Advance Australia Fair every morning –

    The last round of this a few weeks ago was a badly mangled version of the American Pledge of Allegiance, complete with “hand over heart”. The thing that got me was that the opening line was “Personally I don’t care if I offend anyone”, but I contacted a lot of these people and they were pretty shocked, frightened even, that strangers could see their Facebook status. Brave indeed. And as if anyone is going to be offended by saying you love your country.

    Bogans are going to be the ruin of this country.

    • Everyone in Australia felt proud in 2000 when Cathy Freeman ran her victory lap holding the national and Aboriginal flags.

      Fast forward to 2011. The flag along with other national symbols has been so trashed by ultra-nationalists and white supremacists to the extent that even a spontaneous eruption of pride in our athletes has the foul odour of racism, jingoism and aggressive nationalism about it.

    • Research is a dirty word to them. It’s conducted by “academics” and “elites” who have no idea what “The Real World” is like.
      And they don’t look favourably on anything that shatters their notions of victimhood, if they can’t blame all their problems on ‘others’ then they might have to start taking responsibility for their lives themselves, which as we all know, would cause the world to implode.

  2. One of my friends on Facebook had raised the question (not post this status), and I asked to know what schools were they so I could park out side and blast the national anthem in the morning.
    That put it to rest 🙂

  3. Haha, I think I sent this one in :D. One fo my ‘friends’ posted this shit so I went and used the search feature and found every instance that someone had posted it on a public wall/profile. It’s so sad how people latch onto hysteria so easily.

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