If People of Faith Commit a Crime, Do They Still Represent the Faith?

A self-professed Christian goes on a murderous rampage and kills nearly 100 people. Is he a True Christian? Does he still represent the faith?

According to a new study (PDF) from Brookings and the Public Religion Research Institute, 83% of Americans don’t think so. In fact, only 13% of people say that a self-identified Christian who commits a crime is still a Christian.

Meanwhile, if a group of self-identified Muslims fly a plane into a building, should they be considered True Muslims? 44% of Americans say yes.

How’s that for a double standard?

(via Joe. My. God.)


6 thoughts on “If People of Faith Commit a Crime, Do They Still Represent the Faith?

  1. interesting research, so if they consider a christian that Kills people regardless of the number is not christian, so what about soldiers that go off to war do they also consider then not to be christian?? , but being it was the government that sent them to war its ok to kill

    muslims being true muslims by killing christian, is not what I’ve read , but if thats the case what are they when they are killing there own people who are muslims..

    as far as the research goes think its lot bullshitt done by educated fools that have nothing better to do than sit around and play with themselfs ..

  2. I long for an unbiased press, however I think I will be waiting for a long time before I see this in the Telegraph….
    ” The offender was a described as a male in his early thirties, with white skin. English Anglo Saxon appearance, and from a christian background, and with strong ties in the Catholic community.”
    Oh well, we can dream….

    Also if this is the case, why do peodophile priests still stay on in the Catholic Church if they are no longer Catholic?

    • Of course they’re not Catholic! I was sitting in the Bailue Library some time last semester and someone had carved something like that on the tables about how if a priest molests children he really isn’t very priest like is he now? Nor is he a representative of the faith as a whole so why is it when some supposedly hairy Arab man with a footlong beard does something wrong the entire Muslim population is blamed??….I was like “that’s some good graffiti” so I carved “LIKE!!” next to it 🙂

      • Not Catholic… until they repeent, then they’re welcomed back with open arms.

        No need to get the authorities involved though. That might look bad.

  3. well well Zulu see your still the same, get real what pointless research about religion and what does it have to do with racism ?, so you still playing that old song about being educated and only educated people have opinion …. please find a new song really am tired hearing that song

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