Things Bogots Like: Racism. Sexism. Misogyny. Hypocrisy.

Australian hip hop is an art form that Australians have every right to be proud of. The Herd, Katalyst, Drapht, 360, Resin Dogs, Bliss n Eso, Figgkid, Hilltop Hoods, Urthboy, The Last Kinection, Maya Jupiter, Phrase, Snob Scrilla, 1200 Techniques, True Live, TZU, Horrowshow, Pez and Koolism are all found within the libraries of several TAB admin and we have long appreciated the efforts of true Aussie MCs who have championed the rights of those misrepresented, under-appreciated and demonised.

On the other side of the coin, we have ‘AussieRapper Crusade’.

We first entered the world of “AussieRapper Crusade” when he posted the following (rather bizarre) rant:

(Note: Rough translation of Japanese to English = Think nothing of it. Today I chose this apron! ! ! Into the net. Thank you very much welcome here!)

Further investigation of this clown revealed a number of things…

Apparently, he’s a writter (sic) rapper executive at his own independant (sic) label. So successful, it doesn’t have a website.

But there’s much more to AussieRapper. Not only is he a rapper and writter (sic), a quick look at the pages he “likes” on Facebook show that his interest is not only extended to those who might write in Japanese. He also has a considerable interest in the ladies… albeit in that bitter, demeaning, sexist, abusive and violent kinda way.

Here is a selection of pages AussieRapper is a fan of…

All of which maybe (just maybe) has something to do with this:

Not content with having a go at the Japanese and joining in on some good old-fashioned misogyny, he also takes a swipe at the Victorian Police…

…and adds a dash of generic xenophobia to the mix…

So is there anyone he doesn’t hate? Well, yes…

Something tells us that Jesus is or would not be so proud of you, AussieCRapper. Just a thought.

Also thinking that maybe that you should have lingered a while longer on one of the pages you are a fan of… at least long enough to stop and think about how it might look slightly laughable alongside the others….

But of course, if you want to listen to AussieRapper’s hip hop tyoonz, or just have a gander at his pube-mustachioed self, you can check him out for yourselves on myspace.

21 thoughts on “Things Bogots Like: Racism. Sexism. Misogyny. Hypocrisy.

  1. Holy crap, it’s every lame stereotype imaginable rolled into one! Dude, stop pretending that you’re hardcore – any woman could bitchslap your ass up and down the street (and what’s more, I think you’d secretly like it).

  2. In his case, I’m sure “independent record label” is a euphemism for “I’m a no-talent assclown who’ll never be signed to an established label.”

  3. Being a bastard especially to women I can understand why he is single and why NO women would touch him, except with their fists in which this wannabe rapper would be on the ground crying.

  4. MMU, I want to challenge you on your “83% chance of being shit” statement. Do you have a source you can quote to back this up.

    I would have thought the actually likelyhood would be closer to 100%.

    • come on now sure the music’s not everyone’s cup of tea but there are many talented Aussie hip hop artists.

      in addition to myself I am quite sure there are many others in the Oz Hip Hop community who would be outraged by this moron’s behaviour.

      • Agreed Josh.
        Although most people would argue that all music brings people together (which I concede it does) it’s my opinion that the hiphop community is especially warm to all cultures. I think it stems from the roots of hiphop coming about in a time when the struggle for equal rights and whatnot was especially prominent in culturally diverse joints in NY.

        I’m also of the opinion that through hiphop music the black community liberated the n word and I think it’s quite an achievement. A real ‘fuck you’ to the rednecks who had used the term for so long to to hold them down. ‘You can’t have that word any more’ sort of thing. Just my opinion though, it’s not like I ever use the term. I don’t think it has much relevance in Aus.

        An MC named L-Fresh the Lion spoke at the ‘Give racism the finger’ conference and although I didn’t catch it as it was in SYD I’ve followed him since.

    • The percentage was in jest… obviously music is subjective.

      Apologies to anyone who has taken or is taking it seriously. There is no official TAB/MMU policy on what is good or bad in styles of music. 🙂

  5. I think it’s time people stopped judging a person’s music on the basis of their somewhat distasteful views. Yes, I myself do not agree with everything ARC has to say but his music does show promise. Rather than putting him down and putting in the boot, I think that we should all encourage and nurture his talent instead. This, hopefully, will allow him to garner the acclaim he deserves and so provide him with the sense of direction in life that he seems to be missing.

    • Warriortom if you spent time actually reading Aussierapper Facebook Groups instead of defending him, you would noticed he LOVES putting people especially down women and putting in the boot, and so WHY he does deserve ANYTHING?

  6. In ARC’s case it’s quite simple. Sure, he may not be everybody’s Cuppa-T. However, neither were WASP or Suicide. Nonetheless, both have enjoyed cult status and some degree of commercial success. From a marketing perspective ARC is a dream, as one is not trying to satisfy all and sundry with his music. Instead, the aim is to please a niche, and ARC has managed to do so singlehandedly by carving out said niche from the word go. All he needs now is a deal…

  7. His shitz bitchin’
    Rimes rimed 4 lynchin’
    Itz a krew-said
    An Ossie rapper
    Hizz duez paid
    Muthafukkers he’ll raid
    Get down
    get down
    get down
    Getz him laid.

    So, wotcha all reckon? Has I talent or wot?

  8. Ah don’t know Warriortom, speak to another rapper, but not Aussiewrapper as he has proven the only talent he has, is proving he is a idiot and loser by putting people down and putting the boot, which is not the way to get your music liked.

  9. Actually, your translation is almost correct.

    The first line reads:

    “No worries, cos I washed this apron today. I put it in the (washing) net. So, as always, thank you.”

    Where you screwed up is with the word 洗濯/選択。

    The first version means washing (as in clothes) and the second means “choose/select”. Both are read as “sentaku” but they use different kanji.

    Love the site by the way!

  10. Thanks for the video Warriortom, but apart from putting up here have you actually shown the video to those in the know?

    As common sense would show, putting up a video just here DOES NOTHING FOR YOU!!!!!

  11. Good to see he is a follower of jebus! lol.. This guy doesn’t deserve the attention.. He will most likely be proud of himself.. I’m encouraged that he seems to have trouble getting female attention.. Hopefully he wont breed…

  12. I suspect there may be some issues with how he was treated by his mother, hence the disdain for women. I also suspect he may be a latent homosexual. Either way, he’s right up the shallowest of the shallow end of the Skip-Hop talent pool, sans floaties. It’s a pity, because he looks as though he needs them.

  13. Warriortom this is my last reply and I have put it a simple way you understand:

    Can a member of the public say your video is great, if they are not in rap music?

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