Jealous Old Homophobes

Does anyone care what ‘Paul Jones’ and ‘Allen Green’ think? Pathetic, hateful old cockheads, scared of stepping out of their front doors in case a gay man tries to hold their hand.

An interesting comment at the bottom from Andrew Watts by the way…

8 thoughts on “Jealous Old Homophobes

  1. Jack Vidgen is FOURTEEN years old. How pathetic do you have to be to hate on a kid?!

    No wonder the LGBT youth suicide levels in this country are so high. Shame, shame, shame.

  2. Lovely attitude. You have to wonder how they’d feel if any of their children were gay – and then committed suicide because of their lack of support.

    Here’s a whacky thought: as long as gay men aren’t fucking in your bed, why is it even any of your business?

    If you’re that insecure about your own sexuality that your sense of masculinity is threatened by perceived “homo” behaviour, I think you’re trying to overcompensate for something. It’s always these right-wing gay-bashers who end up like Ted Haggard – busted with a male escort and a bag of crack.

    • To penalise someone because of their sexual orientation is like what used to happen to us; to be penalised for something which we could do nothing (about) … our ethnicity, our race. I would find it quite unacceptable to condemn, persecute a minority that has already been persecuted.

      – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

  3. According to this genius having a black woman inside you is tantamount to having a prick inside you. That is so utterly latent that I can’t even begin to say how gay it is. He should be so lucky that some gorgeous, sensual, vivacious black woman would want to even talk to him. Or that a fire cracker hotter than hell black trans-sexual! What’s the problem mate? No imagination or no soul? Your life is going to be boring and very, very one dimensional.

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