Caring, Friendly Australians

“Rohallah Gharibyar is his family’s only hope of escaping perpetual menace and frequent violence in Pakistan; better, he says, to drown trying to reach Australia than go back or wait indefinitely in Indonesia.”

When the situation is so dire in one’s home country that a person would risk dying to find safety, they are automatically assumed to be a terrorist or welfare cheat. Ignoring the fact that we have our own home-grown terrorists and welfare cheats, Darrin Hodges, Paul Murch, Stacy Goodwin, Matt ‘Mutation’, Andrew Hodgson and David Edmondson would like to see these desperate people drown. These people have been fleeing and coming to Australia for decades, and these bogan trash whingers still have comfortable-as-fuck lives, sitting in the safe warmth of their houses, smash-typing out their rage on their lovely broadband-connected computers.

13 thoughts on “Caring, Friendly Australians

  1. This has to be the most distressing of all of the posts that I’ve read here.

    The total lack of empathy… of regard for another’s life… for their circumstance… makes me ashamed to be a part of their human race.

    Darrin Hodges is the most slimy of the filth. Constantly saying “I’m not racist! It’s not racist to be anti-Muslim!”. Darrin.. you are anti-LIFE. You disgust me.

    You should start calling a spade a spade and refer to yourself as an anti-asylum-seeker. A fearmonger who prays on the weak for your own sick and twisted sense of power.

  2. If Darrin called himself anti-asylum seeker, he’d be selling himself too short. This is the guy who said that the murdered children in Otoya were “Later term abortions or early euthanasia” and “At the very least an elimination of the next generation of bigots”

    He literally hates everyone, except white, non-muslim, straight men, who agree with everything he says. And if they could avoid being Jewish too, that’d suit him fine.

    But before you get angry, remember this. Australia, despite its faults, cares. And a monster like Hodges who is incapable of caring for people means that not only will he never be elected, but all other political groups linked to him (Including APP and ADL) will never get widespread support.

    That’s the no-win position Hodges has put himself in. He’s either not noticed, and his party loses due to no one knows about it; or he gets noticed a lot, and his party loses because “It’s the party that supports the murder of children”

    The sad thing is, no one on the APP has realised this. They live in a delusion where they think the majority of Australians will think “Well, he’s an outspoken supporter ot Hitler, and Anders Breihvik, his party thinks child prostitutes who try and punish their rapists should be shot in the head….but I’ll look past that to vote for him”

      • Au contraire you are a Fascist and Fascists are angry impotent little men who simultaneously feel self-pitying deprivation and monstrous entitlement, leading them to a desire to dominate.

        • Yes, a conservative, who has said that those who disagree with him should be removed from any position of power.

          Free speech is not allowed in Cheapie’s world, unless it’s his own.

      • Hey Cheapie, just wanted a quick question. As you think it’s justified for Ander Breihvik to kill a lot of children because he thought no one was listening to him, and they disagreed with him politically, I was just wondering if you’d think it was okay for a left wing person to kill any children in your family if they feel like they’re not being heard?

        Or is it a case of “There is one law for Darrin Hodges, and one law for everyone else”

        Also-how are you actually defending Australia from terrorism, when your own party members are saying the most likely terrorist attack is to come from a Brehvik style gunman, angry at the government-not Islamic terrorism? And what is the real difference between the fundamentalist Islamic preachers, who preach death to the infidel, not minding if they kill children or leaders, and the APP, which preaches death to those who disagree with them, not caring if they kill children or leaders?

        In other words, Cheapie, you are a terrorist, and run a terrorist group. You regularly threaten the government of this land with terrorism, have stated that the murder of children would mean only an elimination of the new generation of your opponents, and want anyone who disagrees with you to be removed from any position of power. You are no different from an Islamic fundamentalist preacher-and are just as unwelcome in Australia.

        By the way, how exactly do you plan to win any elections, considering if people don’t know you, they won’t vote for you, and the more people vote for you, the more you’ll become the “Hitler supporting, Ander Breihvik supporting, child-killing advocate from the party that says its own members are more likely to be terrorists than the groups in society it hates”

        Do you really think the Australian people will look past all the hate filled shit you’ve spewed up over the years, and continue to spew? On the basis of what? What will win over Australia to vote for your abortion of a political party?

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