15 thoughts on “Matt Cousins: Racist, Sexist Hunter

  1. Hey Matt did you put the boar in your photo as your partner on your census as you are made for each? But your sex life must be boring? Get it? No flies on you, but your boar might have a few, maybe you can borrow some?

  2. Please – any guy who feels the need to dish out jokes about “fat ugly chicks” whilst looking like a complete nosepick himself is kidding himself. This dude WISHES he were in a position to turn down a woman, any woman. His “mighty hunter” schtick is just a front to compensate for the fact that he can’t get laid, let alone maintain an erection.

  3. that is bloody and discusting from such a young man that is so un australian its not funny he must be the kind that picks up people with pink eye and no teeth. he must use kurr bread dogs and mix breed crap to catch his sows. what a no hoper.

  4. Get a life you useless people you are the boring people that sit at home addicted to the internet and have no life what so ever good luck with the rest of your life!!!!!! I no Matty and he contributes to Australia just as much as any other Aussie not like u useless people sitting behind a computer seriously get a real life your dying in front of a computer I hope it comes fast

    • Slow aren’t you?

      Our taxes support oxygen thieves like you and your beloved Matty. And it’s “know” not “no”.

      Maybe you should have paid attention at school instead of stroking your knob under the desk?

      • Is that right bud well I’m pretty sure we pay our fair share of taxes!! We both most likely pay more than you do!!!!! So you think you no somebody by reading there Facebook page well those jokes and those photos were never for you or your friends so it’s simple if u don’t like it don’t look at it!!! It’s that easy but people like you have nothing better to do with your time do you

    • Hi Josh, welcome to the site.

      Now, you’ve told us how Matty contributes so much to Australia-I’d love to hear how exactly he’s contributed to this great country of ours. I mean, at the very least, by you telling us all the great things he’s done, we can learn from his example.

      I look forward to your response.

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