Shove Your Papadums Where the Sun Don’t Shine Curry Munchers

Let’s ignore the fact that even though Eddie was parking in the wrong spot, ‘the Indians’ still went out of their way to maintain a level of politeness and friendliness. How was this level of humanity received? By scanning their note onto Facebook with a message – that he will continue to park his car in their spot, and letting his racist friends comment on how their ethnicity somehow influences them to be annoyed that he would do that.

14 thoughts on “Shove Your Papadums Where the Sun Don’t Shine Curry Munchers

    • Yesterday I moved into a townhouse in the Hills District. I have a people mover that won’t fit into my garage. so I have to use the second parking space allocated to my unit, that is positioned right in front of my door. Last night I arrived with a car full of groceries to find a car parked in this spot. I knocked on the door of the townhouse opposite me. A young, shirtless man opened the door. I introduced myself as his new neighbour in what I thought was a friendly tone. He glared at me and replied “What’s up?”. I was a bit thrown by the short reply but persisted as diplomatically as I could.
      “Do you know who owns the car parked across the driveway?”
      “It’s mine. What about it?”
      My car won’t fit in my garage. Could I park in that spot?” (note that I was asking him for permission to park in my own parking space. He has a 2nd spot too which he had parked his other car in and there are unallocated visitors spaces about 20m further down the driveway)
      He then started to turn back in to the house, muttering “you won’t fit that in there, it’s very tight”.
      I replied that I had parked the car in there a couple times the last few days. He grunted “give me a minute”, went inside and came back out with his keys, moved the car, then went back into his house without a word.

      He may have just woken up or been in the middle of something but I’ve seen the look often enough to know what it means. It left a sour taste in my mouth. I had actually planned to take my kids around with some Turkish sweets for each of the neighbours as we celebrated the Muslim festival of Eid this week. Now I’m worried about the reaction I’ll get from them.

      I’m happy to say the lady next door who came out to see what was going one was really nice. She introduced herself and wished me luck in my new place.

      • Don’t bother mate,
        Save the sweets.. let your kids enjoy it.
        One day they might have to go to school with the likes you’ve mentioned and it won’t be a pretty good experience. So yeah, protect them as much as you can 😦

        • Thanks MD but I think I will give him the sweets, anyway. I think to stoop to his level would be to let fear win over and I refuse to let that happen. Imagine if he cracks and we share a joke one day. Social revolutions start with the smallest of gestures.

  1. The owners of the parking space can’t win- if they left a rude note then that would be “proof” that migrants need to ‘learn their place or go back where they came from’. I thought the note was extremely polite!

  2. I’ll bet Rob-Dog or Rimjob couldn’t actually compose a message as coherently and are mad jealous of the carpark owner’s grasp on English. Racist fail.

    On a side note the new TAB layout is 100% better. Runs a lot smoother with chrome than the last where you couldn’t see some of the banners.

  3. Hang on..
    let’s do this slowly…
    1.So it’s not even Eddie’s pad…Eddie doesn’t live there & has no designated car space.

    2. Eddie was visiting Lea & I presume Lea has a parking space of her own and “The Indians” don’t interfere with it. (Eddie was a “visitor”)

    Q1. Doesn’t Eddie know from common knowledge that in Australian cities most apartment blocks don’t have parking spaces for visitors AT ALL!? if they did they usually have few unallocated spaces. (or is this different in Radelaide?)

    Q2. So what if the rightful owners of the car space were not Indian in the first place? There is nothing in that note to suggest the authors of the note belonged to any ethnic group, unless the “piece of paper smell like curry”(sic) all it suggests is that the authors were very polite & quite competent with the grasp of English language. (missing ‘?’ noted) What if the rightful owners were white???

    FYI, I’d leave the same kind of note – little less polite sans the smiley face & kisses.
    I also gather this isn’t the first time Eddie has done the dirt, he has been previously informed that it is in fact a private car space.

    Q3 To the “curry munchers” (sic) as Sara Rimington would address, Why the hell didn’t you slash the tires & key the vehicle??? That’s probably how I’d handle the situation after 2 strikes, the Radelaide Aussie way.

    IMHO I think it is time that Australia made a decision, we can’t have it & eat it at the same time. We need to pick one. If immigrants so very much mess up our lives and offend us? I think it is time that we made it clear to the government and pull out of the UN convention of human rights. Deport all non-white people and stop trading with non-white countries, namingly China. (I don’t know what we’ll do with indigenous people? May be we’ll ask Matt Wade)
    And after implementing the above, when Australia is all PURE WHITE AUSTRALIAN, I reckon our lives will be fan-bloody-tastic! or not?

    I will not bother listing the resulting consequences of above actions, but I think it is time that we found out the harder way and if that couldn’t wake us up I don’t know what will? 😦

  4. You can’t spell ‘pappadum’ without ‘dum’, which describes Eddie to a T. (I know, it’s usually spelled ‘dumb’, but I figure Eddie would be too retarded to notice)

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