More Things Bogots Say

We received a good reception for our last post on this topic so we thought we’d increase the lulz and give you some more.

Dumb Linda

We actually agree with the notion that many media outlets are corrupt but we’ve seen what passes for news with Linda and wonder where she gets it from. Tea leaves? Or tea bags?

Tea Baggy

Marg stalker

Serial stalker Marg is obviously craving male company – this is one of three younger men we know of that she’s set her rather seedy-looking cap for. We don’t blame the “concrete purer” (sic) for not wanting to respond to someone who still wets her pants.

Dumb Musky

How does one go about suppressing discussion with Political Correctness? Is that some new sort of gag?  Then the self-appointed Warrior Poet of the rabble right inserts a thought bubble followed by a laugh. Weird.

Dumb Neville

From “Neville Bartos” , epidemiology  expert to the far right.

OMG protect us against the Dreaded Pluage!  Get the fridge magnets! And where is this new country called Sri Lanka Iran? Must let the UN know. Are you allowed to have country names with three words? Wherever the same (sic) you come from?

Nick the political expert

Ah Nick, astute veteran political commentator. Firstly, he breaks the startling news that our PM was sworn in by “the UN”. Obviously according to Nick that august body is one to be regarded with apprehension.

Simulating with the enemy sounds like fun – Marg might be interested especially if you get to wear a gag (see Musky’s comment)

Dumb Samantha

Well Samantha you are certainly not a spelling “genious” (sic). We are far more humble about our computer expertise but we are fairly sure that when a page is hacked it doesn’t turn around and put the hard word on us.

Err… Sparta came and went a long time before Islam. Sparta didn’t have much to do with the 100 Years’ War or the Spanish Armada either. Don’t these fake profiles ever read?

8 thoughts on “More Things Bogots Say

  1. Hey Neville, Sammy and Nicky who are the enemy then, that made you be a complete F**k up at spelling and grammar?

    And Marg, your village called, they are missing an idiot and they said you are not welcome back as they don’t want the village being brought down to your level and that of your boyfriends like Neville, Sammy and Nicky.

  2. I really want to be a nerd about the Sparta reference. Sparta was destroyed by Athens (and itself) which in turn was conquered by Rome. The Roman empire ended which started the Christian ‘Dark Ages’ and the rise of Islam as the major movers and shakers. So technically… Yeah, Sparta did take ‘this Muslim shit’.

    Sorry but that comment made me break into hysterics.

    • And to add to your lovely nerdiness Jess I’m sure if our friend up there knew about what Spartan men regularly got up to with each other and young boys he’d be far less impressed with them. 😉

  3. I do so love it when conspiracy theories about the UN and multiculturalism are brought in and portrayed as truth. The poor fools try so hard its almost adorable.

  4. ..and I know of a totally different place called Sri Lanka, no where near Iran though.
    about 4500km (5.5hrs air travel) away and nothing like Iran either.
    Doesn’t have desert weather, oil reserves, doesn’t share a border with Iraq & has a democratic model based government etc. Also 70% of the population are Buddhists, the passive ‘don’t care’ type & No religious fundies… 🙂
    Women don’t wear burquas, people don’t care if the meat is halal or kosher?

    They all have one thing in common though, they’re all NOT white people 🙂
    So to Neville, they’re all the same and we all know what Neville & his ilk’s problem is?

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